Slamming My Car Door Shut English Literature Essay

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Standing before the door to my apartment, key in hand, I take another look around. I am the only person in the long corridor. Shaking my head, I chide myself for being so foolish. I quickly open the door and make my way inside.

I kick off my shoes and hang up my coat; the chilly tile floor soothes my stocking feet as I make my way through the darkened apartment. I place my purse on the kitchen table and reach into the cupboard for a glass.

A strong arm wraps itself around my neck as the glass drops from my startled hands. I feel a heavy weight press down on my body, pushing me hard against the counter. There is a chill in the air matching the cold sensation of fear growing in my belly. I feel warm breath along the side of my face as the intruder presses his face close.

"Stay silent and do as I say," a rough voice whispers in my ear,"I don't want to hurt you."

My heart races in my chest as I try to fight my rising panic. Unable to find my own voice, I quickly nod my understanding. His tight grip on my neck loosens and the weight pinning me to the counter slowly abates.

I take several deep breaths try to still my racing mind. My knuckles are white as I keep a tight grip on the counter, steadying myself. My knees are shaking so hard I fear I will falter if I let go. I can feel his physical presence as my entire world shrinks; it's just me and this intruder and my small apartment.

"I want you to turn around slowly," he says.

I squeeze my eyes shut and take a deep breath. The cold feeling of fear spreads throughout my belly. Ever so slowly I begin to turn towards the sound of the intruder's voice.

"Open your eyes and look at me," he commands.

I can make out little more than his outline in the shadowed apartment. His clothing is non-descript; dark jeans and a tight sweater that shows off a strong, lean build. His tall body towers over mine.

His eyes are like deep pools of midnight and I find myself unable to break my gaze. Heart fluttering against my ribs like a caged bird; I can feel his hungry eyes drinking up the sight of my body.

"Take anything you want, please. I have money and jewellery, anything you want. Just take it and go," I beg, "Don't hurt me."

I gasp as he steps forward, grabbing me and pressing my body hard against the kitchen wall. Our legs are intertwined as his hips press against mine. The smell of him floods my nostrils as my head is pressed tightly to his chest.

"I thought I told you to stay quiet," he growls.

"I'm sorry," I whisper, terrified.

"I'll be taking exactly what I want; you don't need to worry about that. The thing is, what I want is you," he explains, "Now, because you disobeyed me, I'm going to have to teach you a lesson. You need to learn to listen when I give you an order."

I'm numb with fear as he grabs my upper arm and begins to drag me through the apartment.

"Keep silent and head towards the living room," he orders, "If you try to run or make any noise I will hurt you. Do you understand?"

I can only nod in silence and lead him through the apartment. Roughly, he pushes against the couch. Stepping up behind me, he starts to grope my body with his strong hands. Roughly pawing at my breasts and kissing my neck, he begins to slide his hands down my skirt grabbing at my hips and rubbing my crotch.

Suddenly, his hands are gone. I turn and find him sitting on a chair in the corner of the room.

"I want you to take off your shirt," he commands, "quickly."

My fingers work automatically as I unbutton my blouse. I let it fall to the floor and felt his eyes drink up the sight of my breasts as they strained against my bra with each quick breath. My bra follows, exposing my small, round breasts to this intruder.

Looking towards the intruder I can see a sadistic smile on his face. He has me in his complete control and he knows it.

"Your skirts next," he tells me, "unzip it and step towards me."

I do as he orders and step forwards, letting my skirt drop. I stand before him braless, in my frilly panties and thigh high stockings. He looks pleased as he stands up and makes his way towards me.

I gasp when he takes my hands and holds my wrists together. Pulling a thick cord from his pants pocket he binds my wrists tightly behind my back. Tears begin to fill my eyes, burning as they roll down my cheeks.

I can't help but stare as he removed his shirt, his well-muscled chest rippling in the shadows. He unbuckles his belt and drops his pants and underwear. He moves slowly and with complete confidence. Nobody knows he is here and he can keep me here as long as wants.

He begins to give me instructions, "Get on the couch and bend over. Lift your ass in the air and press your cheek to the cushion. I want to see your face when I'm punishing you."

I feel his presence behind me as I wait for the blows to land. He slaps my ass hard with his open palm. The pain shocks me. It stings and I struggle not to cry out. Slap after slap rains down across my ass. From one cheek to the next he continues to strike my ass.

Tears flow freely and my body involuntarily tries to move to avoid the pain. He stops to pull my ass back into position whenever I squirm and tells me that each time I force him to stop I will get two more blows as punishment.

I close my eyes. I know he loves every moment of this. I won't let him see the fear in my eyes and give him the satisfaction he craves. I am afraid to move or to make any noise lest I risk angering him. Eventually his hands stop and he steps back.

"Good girl," he tells me in an emotionless voice, "I'm sure you want me to stop but we are just getting started."

I can hear him behind me as picks his jeans up from the floor and begin pulling his belt free. The black leather belt is about an inch thick, with in a small silver buckle on the end. My ass is red and sore I don't know if I can take any more punishment.

Pain blossoms and spreads throughout my body as the hard leather whips my ass. A half-dozen lashes strike my burning backside and he begins to strike my upper thighs. I'm close to breaking. I'm about to cry out when suddenly the lashes stop. My thighs and ass are throbbing in pain and I feel like I'm going to collapse.

"Get on your knees," he commands, "I want you to suck my cock."

I can't move. The pain in my backside is beyond anything I've ever felt. I lay on the couch, hesitant. I saw his large, throbbing cock when he first undressed. I have never seen a dick so big and wonder if I can even fit it in my mouth.

"When I give you an order you obey," he says as he grabs my hair and forces me to the floor.

Pulling me to my knees he warns me, "Don't ever make me repeat myself."

I suppress a cry and nod as he wrenches my head towards his member. Tears continue to fill my eyes as I slowly guide my mouth towards his cock.

I engulf the tip of his thick cock and expertly begin to suck and work my tongue along the ridges of head.

As I work my way down the entire length I snake my tongue around the shaft. I nearly gag as he forced my head down to engulf his entire member.

Saliva flows down the corners of my mouth coating the base of his cock. I start to panic; my throat is blocked by his massive rod and I can hardly breathe. Just when I think I'm going to pass out the pressure on my head lets up and I pull my head back.

Gasping for breath I pull my mouth from his cock. Not wanting to stop and risk angering him further I move my mouth towards his testicles. I suck his balls one at a time, licking them, rolling them with my tongue.

I can feel his balls begin to pulse wildly as his scrotum tightens. He's about to cum.

He grunts and yanks my hair, pulling my head up towards his shaft. I catch the first shot of cum as it flies out of his cock. It hits the corner of my mouth, splashes across my cheek and down my chin. Six more pulses of thick cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed every drop.

"Good girl," he says to me as he wipes my face with his rough fingers, "now get up. I want you to back on the couch."

I try to comply with his orders. I struggle to stand but my bound hands are making it hard to keep my balance and I begin to fall. His strong hands grab my arms roughly and lift me up off the floor, quickly throwing me down to the couch. He eagerly peels off my panties and throws them across the room.

I see the pleasure in his eyes. He is getting off on my complete and utter humiliation at his hands. I'm shocked when he kneels between my legs and his mouth finds my exposed pussy. As his tongue finds my pussy lips my body begins to betray me.

I moan as his wet tongue finds the entrance to my cunt and begins to work its way along the length of my slit. My clit throbs and as his tongue and lips on my clit, gently taking it into his mouth and sucking on it.

"Feels good, doesn't it, bitch," he says, "You'll feel even better when I have my cock in your tight pussy."

I shudder involuntarily at the thought. The idea of his huge cock inside me is frightening and a bit enticing. I have never had such a large dick inside of me and my thoughts betrayed me as I began to imagine how it might feel to be filled so completely.

He continues to lick my throbbing pussy with vigor and I feel his tongue inside of my tight tunnel before he climbs on top of me. He places the tip of his cock between my pouting lips and pushes it inside.

I gasp as this invading member stretches me to my limit. My body reacts as his dick pushes deeper and deeper. My hips begin to push back with his thrusting, bucking hard as he proceeds to pound away at my pussy.

Pleasure builds and I begin to cum. The tight muscles of my cunt spasm and grip his invading member as I lose control of my body. He grabs me tight and continues to pound me hard as I ride the waves of pleasure.

He stops and inspects his work. My cheeks burn with shame and I can feel him staring down at me, eating up my humiliation. Grabbing my hips he roughly flips me over, exposing my red, welted ass.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass now, bitch," he informs me. My mind is still numb after cumming moments ago and at this point I know it's useless to try to resist him.

I feel him pressing his cockhead against my tight hole. I've never had a man inside of my ass and I am frightened. Despite my fear I need to get this over with as fast as possible. If I can please him and make him cum he may decide to leave without hurting me further.

As I feel his cock probing my hole I begin to my hips back against him. I let out a small cry as I feel the head of his cock pass the tight ring of my anus. It hurts as he works the head of his cock completely inside of me. There is some pain and discomfort at first but it slowly fades as he pushes the rest of his cock inside my ass.

He pushes further and further into my anus until I feel his balls resting against my body. He's fully inside me now. He proceeds to fuck my ass relentlessly. I sob silently in pain and humiliation as his cock impales my ass over and over again.

"Your ass so tight, bitch," he gasps as his cock works my ass like a piston.

I can tell he loves this; my cries and moans only provoke him. He begins to fuck me harder and faster as his cock swells.

I feel his cock begin to pulse inside of me as he lets out a groan. I feel his warm cum fill my bowels as jet after jet of hot cum spurt from his throbbing cock. He collapses on top of me, his cock still jerking inside of my anus.

I break. I don't care what he does to me. Never in my life have I felt so powerless. I press my face deep into the couch pillow; eyes are shut tight, and let out a loud wail. I no longer care if it angers him. I no longer care about anything at all. My whole body is shaking with pain and exhaustion.

Suddenly I feel the couch shift as he sits down beside me. The bonds holding my wrists are cut and they burn as blood flows back into my hands and fingers. The intruder leans over my face, gently pushes my hair back from my face, and kisses my tears.

"Claire, baby! You're fine, you're safe," he whispers urgently, "You know I love you, honey. Please say something!"

I could only cry harder and nod my head, unable to form any words. My throat was raw and my body ached.

"It was what you said wanted, baby. You told me you fantasized about someone breaking into the apartment. I thought I would surprise you, Claire," he explained.

"Was it too much? Did I go too far?" he asks me, "You never used the safe word. I was waiting for you to say the word so I could stop but you never said it."

Still sobbing I open my eyes and look up at him. As I stare into the face of the man I love I can see tears forming in the corners of his eyes. They are full of concern and he's absolutely terrified that he had gone too far and hurt me.

"I know you would have stopped if I said it," I told him, "I just couldn't do it. I don't know why. I just couldn't bring myself to say it."

"I would never hurt you, you know that right, Claire?" he asked,

I looked into his eyes as I spoke, "I was truly I was afraid of you. You were so different; it was like I didn't even know you. All my fear and humiliation turned you on and it made me even more afraid of you. I didn't know what you were capable of."

"I did like it, baby," he explained, gently brushing my hair as tears ran down his face, "But we never have to do this again if you don't want to. I love you with all my heart and would never do anything to hurt you."

"I know," I told him, "Part of me wanted to live out this fantasy as much as you did. Subconsciously I knew we had to try it at least once, no matter how hard I wanted to stop it. Just once, in case we never got another chance."

I take his beautiful face into my hands, his soft skin beneath my fingers, his dark blue eyes like bottomless pools filled with love for me. I try to speak, to tell him how much I loved and trusted him when places a single finger to my lips.

"It's ok, baby. You don't need to say anything, my amazing girl. My beautiful Claire," he says as he gently lifts me up off the couch and carries me to the bedroom. He lays me under the covers and climbs into bed with me, his arms gently wrapped around my body as he gently kisses my head.

I feel his warm breath on my neck as he gently kisses me and whispers, "Sleep now, baby, and know that I love you with all my heart."

I slowly drifted to sleep feeling safe and secure in his arms.