Short Story Roxas English Literature Essay

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Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries are all special days looked forward to by everyone around the world. People spend the extra time to get ready, get gifts, plan things out. They take these days as a day to be nicer than usual, happier than usual and spend it with the ones they love. I spend all those days at the cemetery, with the one I love. He passed away 2 years ago, his name was Roxas.

I can still remember the first time we spoke to each other. He asked to borrow my pen. As I handed it to him he forged his parent's signature on the prom permission slip. He smiled and asked "You're in my science class right?" He handed me the pen and left. At that time, that one smile and those few words made the greatest day of my life.

I never had a boyfriend or even kissed a guy. I only had around 3 good friends at school. I never went to school dances or participated in any extra clubs, I just didn't have the confidence. I would spend most of my lunches reading. I was kind of boring and awkward. There was nothing too special about me.

The few friends I had really wanted to go to prom. I was kind of forced into it but it turned out to be a great night. I have to admit that I enjoyed picking out what dress to wear, getting my hair done and actually be really excited for something. I didn't end up being a very good dancer. I spent very little time dancing. and by that I mean awkwardly swaying with my friends. I usually found my way outside to get some water and relax on the stairs.

When it was towards the end of the dance me and roxas had our first real conversation. I was sitting on the stairs when Roxas came out all sweaty and sat next to me. He asked if I was having a good time. I replied "Yeah im having a great night." Then we made some more small talk. He eventually stood up and said "Bye Erika, See you on Monday!" Once again those few words made my day because Roxas knew my name.

The next couple of months we began talking in Science class. I would ask him for help even though I didn't need it and we would start talking about weekends, sports or all those girls that were chasing after him. We would talk about him turning 16 in a couple of weeks, movies we were interested in and sometimes we wouldn't talk at all. There were times I didn't get to see him because he didn't come or I had tests. Somewhere in the middle of all that we became friends. The Friday before we got out for Chirstmas vacation he asked me for my number. He didnt text me until saturday night and when he did we couldn't put our phones down. Those weeks were just so wonderful and ironically I didnt even see him. I was so scared for vacation to be over because I didnt know how he would act in real life. He was the cutest guy in the whole school. He had a million friends and a million girls wanted him. He had everything he needed. So why have me as a friend. I was so scared that once Roxas saw me in real life again he would forget these wonderful 3 weeks we spent getting to know each other, telling each other everything. 

When Monday came he texted me in the morning as usual but I got really embarrased. How could I ever have a chance with him. It was totally obvious that I liked him, I felt pathetic. I convinced myself that he was only texting back to be nice so I didnt respond. Science was third period, he texted me again to see if everything was okay. I ignored it. I made sure I was the first to be in the Science classroom. I went straight to my seat and started reading until the bell would ring. A couple minutes later Roxas came to me and called my name. I looked up and there he was, standing and smiling so big that I knew everything was okay.

During sixth period I got a text asking if I could meet Roxas at the stairs, the same ones from the dance. As I walked over there, a million thoughts filled my head. I figured that Roxas would tell me to stop texting him or that our whole friendship was a joke or that he hated me. Instead, when I got there he gave me a hug. Our first hug ever. My little body fit in perfectly into his arms. He sat down slowly and I awkwardly followed him. We talked for a while, then he asked me if I wanted to hangout. All I could stumble out was "Alone?" He smiled the most amazing smile and said "Of course, I want you all to myself!"