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Life is beautiful in every possible way. My own personal experience of life has been an extreme expression of duality that I have come to cherish in every moment. I have watched my family survive many levels of positive and negative duality. On my own, I too have survived these very extreme levels. The experience and observation of these levels of duality have shaped me into the beautiful human being that I am today. My name is Philip George and I was born in Bucharest, Romania to two loving and caring parents. Growing up was not especially easy for me, my parents had some jobs that offered them little time to spend with me. My luck is that I had a wonderful grandfather from my mother's side. He was like a blessing, he was like the sun, every memorable moment of my childhood seems to revolve around him. He made me the man I am today, he taught me almost everything I know. My grandfather was always able to fill those empty gaps in my soul and compensate the longing for my parents. My childhood was the best thing in my life, moments I will cherish and remember even on the day that I'll die. I miss my grandparents, I miss the friends I had when I was a child. I lost contact with most of them but I remember very clearly one night when we all gathered and swore that no matter what happens from that moment on, we will always remain brothers forever and that we will one day reunite. We took an oath that we will not find peace until we will meet each other once more. Again, I remember my grandfather, Franz was his name, and he was a German ethnic born in Sibiu, highly decorated war veteran with the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division 'Prinz Eugen'. I remember the Saturdays when he used to wake me up early in the morning to go hunting with him; I was greeted by a special smell of fresh baked cookies and my grandmother's warm smile. My grandfather was a sharpshooter on the Eastern Front in World War II, he also taught me how to handle and how to shoot a gun. I remember one time, I was so excited when he handled me his rifle, a bolt action Mauser Karabiner 98k with telescopic sight and told me about breath control; about that being of the utmost importance for a marksmen. I kept my breath, aimed and squeezed that trigger. The projectile I fired reached its intended target, a 219-pound buck. Then I realized I just took a life, and I felt bad all day, but as always, my grandfather had the proper words to make me feel better. It seems an eternity has passed since then, I don't feel the same way anymore, I don't go to sleep happy to wake up the next day and see what surprises he prepared me, like I once used to… Sometimes I just can't sleep thinking the next day will just bring me stress, worries and all sorts of unpleasant events. My childhood came to an abrupt end the moment my grandfather passed away, because he was the star around which everything good in my life revolved. When he died I felt like my "Universe" was doing to disappear.

Life is so unfair sometimes. But I always managed to find the power to go on, thanks to what he taught me. I remember his words which I did not fully understood when I was a child; he always believed in me, he always made me feel special and told me I have the potential to do things I could not even imagine I am able to do. "Opa ich vermisse dich!"- Grandpa, I miss you!

I have learned in my twenty two years on this planet that there is a reason for every single moment to happen, just the way it is at that point in time. I had to go on. I know he is watching me, and I want him to be proud of me. After I finished high school and passed all exams with really good marks, it was time to take one of the most important steps in my life. It was my dream since I was a little boy to become a military pilot, to be up there, above everything that was bad, above everyone, to feel like an eagle, wielding such great power. So I applied for "Henri Coanda Flight Academy" in Brasov. Health tests I took revealed I had a heart problem, cardiac arrhythmia, so they rejected me. I never had a greater shock my whole life. My dreams seemed ruined. I suffered a lot, I was very depressed, I had suicidal behaviour, I refused to eat anything or to interact with anyone for more then three weeks. I just wanted to die. I felt like I had no reason to live anymore. Then I had a dream, a dream in which my grandfather appeared and told me to get up, be strong, because life is not over for me, I have not finished my mission in this world. After that I slowly recovered, I got a job as a consultant for an IT company, and began my life as a student at IT&C Engineering. I will never forget his words: "You have the potential to do things you can't even imagine."

And so, my life as an adult began. I wanted to be a responsible one, I wanted to be involved, to do good for the world I live in. I wanted to be a well-informed man, to know what's happening around me. I saw a lot of deception, injustice, cruelty, and I promised myself I will try to do anything I can to make our world a better place to live in, to help people, to make them more responsible, to wake them up, to unite them, to show them the truth. I became an activist, for human rights and for nature. I participated in numerous campaigns to inform the citizens about the dangers around us, I initiated numerous petitions, I wrote letters to our governors, to majors; I volunteered to help clean the environment. I also write all sorts of articles and I enjoy this activity so much. I feel that this is the right thing to do, that people are so strong when they are united and when they fight for a common cause. Doing this I met a lot of nice people, made a lot of friends. Life just started to make sense to me, and it fills my heart with joy to see people I help smile; I feed on their love and happiness. I am a very altruistic person, I always care more for others then for myself; I like to make my loved ones happy, because that way I'm happy too, and my life seems to be going the right way.

Sadly, I rarely have spare time, but when I do, I like to use it to practice my hobbies: playing piano, reading, writing poems, listening to music, going on long walks and socialising. I also enjoy mountain trips; I feel so good in nature, so calm, so recharged, it is a feeling I can't accurately describe and I can't live without it. It is like a drug that keeps me going, it is like air; that is why I always go on mountain trips at least once in two months. These are examples of some activities I like to do in my free time. I am a seeker. I seek truth in every experience that I have in life. I have come to not be afraid to question anything. This helps me on my path towards personal enlightenment and hopes for a better future for all life on planet Earth. As the days of my life pass by ever more frequently; as the experience of linear time seems to fade every day, I learn more that life is one grand experience of the love humanity is. We as a species are evolving at a rapidly accelerating rate. The time has come to smile and say, "What a wonderful experience every moment on planet earth is!" I know I have been sent here by our creator with a very specific mission: "To spread truth and love as far and wide as I possibly can!"