Sat Naked On The Edge Of The Bed English Literature Essay

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The eighteen year old girl held the metal handcuffs, turning them over in her hands, again and again. The feel of the cold metal against her warm skin gave the young girl goose bumps; a tingle of excitement ran along her spine. She was actually going to do this.

Holly could scarcely believe it; she never thought she would be able to work up the courage and enter that adult book store alone. Her heart had been pounding in her chest when she entered the dim store and her face had been flush with embarrassment when she worked up enough courage to take the handcuffs to the checkout.

Love Cuffs was what was written on the box. Holly saw the way the clerk raised an eyebrow and tried to hold back a small smirk as she made her purchase, knowing exactly what the young girl would be using them for.

Holly had inadvertently discovered her fascination several months earlier; she had stumbled upon a website full of pictures of young women tied up and chained, helpless before their partners. The pictures had stirred a desire deep inside of her that was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Up until this point the young girl had never gone beyond small, harmless things: wearing a tight leather collar when she was home alone or pinching her sensitive nipples with plastic clothes pins. Holly had quickly discovered how amazing the mixture of pleasure and pain was when she masturbated with the plastic pins clamped onto her small breasts.

Holly had read stories online about people who attempted bondage alone and ended up in some very embarrassing situations. She had no intention of joining their ranks -stuck naked, needing assistance-and she made sure to always be very careful when she played.

These handcuffs she had just bought were simple to use and extremely safe. She even had a second key sitting in the drawer of her desk if she needed it.

Holly closed one of the cold metal rings around the frame of her bed and, with a rush of excitement, cuffed the other ring around her small wrist. Her pulse pounded and she felt butterflies in her stomach as the small metal teeth locked in place.

She had done it... she had really handcuffed herself to the bed. A devilish grin crossed her face and she wondered what her friends and family would think if they discovered her like this.

A sudden bang from across the street shattered the young girl's fantasies, bringing her back to the present. The loud noise made Holly to jump, the cuffs on her arm caused her body to jerk awkwardly, and the small metal key flew out of her hand.

Frantically, Holly searched every inch of the bed, looking around with desperation. She had not seen where the tiny metal key had flown! There was no sign of it on the bed; her eyes moved down to the carpet, scanning the floor, and she let out a small prayer, hoping the key had landed close enough to the bed that she could pull it in with her toes.

The young girl let out a groan of frustration; the tiny key was nowhere to be seen. Holly wriggled and stretched across the bed, reaching for her desk to get the second key hidden within. Despite her struggling, there was no way she could reach the desk and her large bed was far too heavy for the petite girl to drag across the room.

Holly tried to catch her breath, to calm her racing mind. This was no time to panic she told herself; her mother was working late tonight -she wouldn't be home for hours-and her step-father was watching the big game with his buddies. There was plenty of time for her to come up with a plan and get out of this situation if she just remained calm.

She careful scanned of the room again; looking over every inch of her bed and the carpet. No luck. She could not find the damn key. Where the fuck could it be, she wondered.

Holly tugged at the cuff, trying to slip her hand past the small ring. It was no use; the metal was too tight. There was no way to get the damn cuffs off without the key or. She wasn't willing to break her thumb to squeeze and escape that way.

Her lower lip began to quiver, warm tears welled up in her eyes, and she began to sob quietly. It was hopeless... her parents were going to arrive home and find their innocent daughter naked and handcuffed in her bed.

Anger flared up in her belly -she needed to think. Holly looked around her room one more time, trying to find something that could help her get out of this mess. Her phone was on the other side of the bed, almost in reach. Who could she call for help, though?

The fire department..? She could imagine them rolling up in their huge truck, making a giant scene and alerting every neighbour in the quiet little neighborhood. While the thought of a bunch of hunky men taking their time trying to get a naked teenage girl out of handcuff was exciting, there was no way she could actually go through with it. She could just imagine the news vans showing up outside and the fire chief giving his report to her parents.

She couldn't call one of her friends from school. There is no way any of them would be able to keep quiet about a situation like this. Within a few days it would be plastered on face book and everyone in school would know. There was no way she would ever be able to live down that kind of humiliation; she would be forced to change schools.

Holly felt sick. There was only one person she could possibly call for help. The only person she could trust to keep things quiet, despite the embarrassment. She could her step-dad and he would come to the rescue.

She pulled and pulled at the tight metal cuff, tugging and twisting. There was simply no way to slip out of them. Resigned to her fate, she knew she would have to call her dad. Holly twisted awkwardly, struggling across the bed. She grabbed the phone with one hand and dialed his number.

It took several tries, the strange positioning making it difficult to dial the right number, but eventually she got it. She sat on the bed with tears in her eyes, listening to it ring. Holly's heart was racing and her throat was dry as he picked up.

"Daddy," she said, sniffling, "I need your help."

He let out a small laugh, "What kind of trouble are you in now, Holly?"

"I... uh, well. I can't explain over the phone, daddy," she stammered, "Can you please come home and help me before mom gets back?"

Holly heard her father sigh, "Ok Holly, I'll be home in a few minutes."

"Thanks daddy," she replied, relieved.

Her dad was just a short walk down the block but as she lay there, naked and alone, it felt like an eternity. Holly was totally mortified, thinking about what her daddy would see when he came into her room. She promised herself, once he had let her out of the handcuffs she was done with this bondage stuff forever.

She heard footsteps in the front hallway as her dad made his way inside.

"Holly?" he called out, "where are you, baby?"

Tears welled in her eyes at the sound of his voice. She really did not want to call out, to answer him, but she really had no choice.

"I'm up here, daddy," she squeaked, "In my room."

"I'm here, honey. What's the problem? Come on downstairs."

She let out a defeated sigh, hanging her head in shame, "I... I can't, Daddy. I need you to come up to my room."

Holly listened to his heavy footsteps as he climbed the stairs; she hung her head in shame, unable to look up at him as he entered the doorway.

Her father gasped, "Oh my god, Holly? What's going on? Are you ok? Who did this to you?"

The young girl's cheeks were red with embarrassment as he quickly crossed the small room. She felt her father's strong fingers brush underneath her chin, lifting her head. After a moment's hesitation Holly looked up, tears flowing freely down her flushed cheeks.

"Who did this to you? I'm going to call the police!" he told her, picking a bed sheet up off the floor to cover her exposed body.

"No, daddy! Don't call anyone!" she cried out, "I... I did this on my own... to myself."

Her father froze, looking confused, "What are you talking about? You did this to yourself?"

The blanket still sat in her father's hand, but he made no move to cover her nakedness. She closed her eyes and started to explain everything, words spilling from her mouth like in a flood.

"Well you see, I came across some websites... adult sites... with pictures and videos of bondage," she blurted out, "I liked it and I wanted to try it out. I went to a store and got these handcuffs. I didn't mean to get stuck like this -I was just testing them -but I lost the key and now I can't free myself. There is a key in the drawer of my desk."

Holly watched her father and it dawned on her, her daddy still had not made any effort to cover her with the blanket. As he slid the drawer open it also dawned on her that the key was not the only important item hidden in the drawer.

Her face burned with shame as she watched her father rummage through the drawer; he turned and looked at her, eyebrow cocked, holding up the small vibrator she had bought online. Holly wanted to die... her daddy was never meant to know about that.

She watched as he turned around, placing the vibrator back, not saying a word. She could have sworn a small smile crossed his lips for a fraction of a second. Finally found the key and came back to the bed, sitting beside her. He simply looked at her, making no move to unlock the cuffs.

"Holly, I know you're an adult now and it makes sense for you to be... curious. There's no shame in exploring your, ahem, your sexuality. As long as you don't do anything too rash..."

She let out a nervous laugh, "Something rash? Like cuffing myself to my own bed? Naked?" Emphasis on the last word.

"Yes, baby. That's exactly what I mean. If playing these bondage games is what turns you on it's not a big deal but you need to be careful. This situation could have been a major disaster. What if someone had broken in? What if there was a fire?" he told her.

The young girl sighed, "I know daddy, I'm sorry! I just wanted to see what it would be like to live out one of my fantasies."

Without a word her father stood up and moved to the other side of the bed, unbuckling his belt and pulling it free. He grabbed her unbound wrist, yanking hard, wrapped his belt around it, and quickly tied her arm and the belt to the bed post.

Holly was shocked; this was the last thing she had expected when she called her daddy for help.

He towered over her, staring down at her exposed, bound body as she struggled and pulled against the belt, fighting to get free. The more she struggled the tighter the belt seemed to get. After a few long minutes Holly gave up, lying naked on the bed, whimpering. She didn't understand what he was doing... why had he not let her free?

"What time does your mother get home?" he asked.

"I uh, I don't know... she said she was working until 10... I think," she told him.

He made no response, walking back to the desk. Holly's embarrassment was turning into a mix of frustration and curiosity as she watched her father rummaging through the drawers.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, "Can you just please unlock me!"

"Be quiet, Holly," her father growled at her, still looking through her drawers.

Holly was totally shocked. In the fifteen years she had known her step-father he had never once lashed out at her or behaved this way. It was a side of her daddy she had never seen.

"Please daddy, just let me get dressed," she begged, struggling once more.

"You wanted to know what it was like to be naked and bound, didn't you? Well, now you know," he told her.

She watched as he pulled could a small bundle of objects from the desk drawer; he had found the pictures she had been hiding. Almost a dozen pictures of women tied up, chained, and bound in all kinds of positions. In many of the pictures the women were nude, pussies and breasts bare, being spanked and punished by their partners.

Holly squeezed her eyes shut as her father flipped through the pictures. She felt her face grow hot, more embarrassed than when he first came in the room.

He grunted, "Holly, you're very serious about this bondage stuff. This is more than just a bit of idle curiosity, isn't it?"

"Yes, daddy," the young girl whispered.

Eyes shut tight with embarrassment; Holly was shocked and ashamed to feel her body reacting to the situation. There was a fire in her belly and moisture growing between her legs. It was madness, the man before her was her daddy, they should not be having this conversation, he should never have even seen her naked in the first place.

Holly tried to rationalize the situation but her own body was betraying her; her pussy got wetter and wetter. She had never felt so turned on. Her daddy continued digging her desk drawers. He gave a small laugh, pulling up two plastic clothes pins.

"I think a little help would be the best way for you to get over this little obsession."

"Yes!" she proclaimed, "That's why called! I need you to help me get out of these handcuffs!"

He shook his head, smiling, "No, no, no, Holly. If it's a bondage experience you want then that's what I'll give you."

Holly couldn't think; she was ashamed and embarrassed by the way her body was reacting. How could she be so turned on by her own father? What was he going to do to her? She tried to pull away as he came and sat down beside her, stroking her fair. There was no way for her to avoid his touch with her arms bound so tightly to the bed posts.

"Tell me, baby," he asked, snapping the clips open and shut, "what do you do with these little things?"

"I... I wear... I wear them," she whispered. She had a feeling her father already knew exactly what they were for.

"You wear them? In your hair?" he questioned.

She squeezed her eyes tight, he was going to make he say it out loud. He already knew what she did with the pins and he was still making her tell him.

"I wear them my nipples, daddy," she explained, "I like the way they pinch my skin while I'm..."

"While you're what?" he asked.

"While I... while I masturbate," she finally confessed.

"I see," her father said, running his fingers lightly across her perky breasts, barely touching her soft skin.

Holly let out a gasp as he clamped the tiny plastic clips onto her sensitive buds. She was already aroused by the situation and, when she felt the wonderful sting of pain, her pussy began to simmer with warm wetness. Her clamped nipples were fully erect and throbbing. The young girl was completely humiliated by her daddy she found it to be a complete turn on.

She felt his strong hands gently slide along her tummy, down to her freshly shaven pussy. His warm fingers cupped her pubic mound for a moment before moving to the inside of her thighs. Holly's throat was dry, she was gasping for air, and her heart was pounding.

Her hips bucked forward -an automatic response from her body-pushing up from the bed as she came closer and closer to climax. Holly had not even known it was possible to get so aroused so quickly and without anything even touching her sensitive pussy.

Suddenly, he pulled his hands away, hovering over top of her. The young girl couldn't believe it; she was so close to cumming, how could he stop? Every fibre of her being screamed and begged for release. She had to cum and he was just sitting there.

"Daddy..." she gasped, "Why did you stop?"

He let out a small chuckle, "I'm teaching you a lesson, Holly. In the future you'll think twice before you do something like this. I saw how close you were and stopped because there really isn't anything can do about it."

She let out a groan of frustration, "Please daddy... don't tease me like this!"

He didn't respond.

She watched as he stood up and made his way to her closet, digging through her clothing, pulling out a thin silk scarf. Holly watch with rapt attention, unsure of his intentions, as he came back to the bed. He gently grabbed her head with one hand, slipping the silk around it before pulling it tight, blindfolding her.