Saint Solange A Holy Heavenly Being English Literature Essay

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Saint Solange

A Saint, a holy heavenly being who lived by God's teachings on earth. Most saints are canonized for their miracles and dramatic deaths. These people were chosen by God to become saints, chosen to preach the word. When most saints die, people venerate them and pray to them to intervene with God for them. Saints also have patronages. This means that they are know for something, usually what they accomplished or what they were good at, like their occupation. Saints are usually generous and giving. Saints are the saved people of this world. Saints also have many things named after them such as, churches, towns, cities, lakes, and rivers. Even in our day to day life we use saint names while on the street or traveling.

Saints are models for all people on earth, sinners, Christians, non-Christians, even holy figures like the Pope. We strive, or should want to be more like the saints because they know the truths of the whole world. Saints are heros for everyone and I think saints should be known by everyone, not just Catholics, although it is part of our religion, but by all people.

Saint Solange, a virgin and martyr, dedicated her life to God. Because of her beauty, her landlord, Bernard, made advances to her and when she resisted he murdered her at a young age. She lived a hard life, but was rewarded with eternal life with God in Heaven.

"Solange was born in the ninth century in Villemont, near Bourges, France to poor but very devout parents. She was very religious and at the age of seven she took a vow of chastity" (Ginney). Just as the three wise men were given a guiding star, Solange was also given one while she prayed. It is said that she was guided by a bright star which shone over her head with special brilliancy as she prayed in a field near her home. According to Jones, "She was reported to have the gift of healing, especially of animals." When she lived with her parents, her job was to watch over her father's sheep as they grazed in the pasture. One day while watching her father's sheep, Bernard, her landlord and a son of the Count of Poitiers, came up to her and made advances at her. When she resisted, this infuriated Bernard.

Solange struggled and fought Bernard when he tried to kidnap her and put her on his horse. Solange was badly injured when she jumped off of Bernard's horse. As Bernard was about to cut off Solange's head with his knife, she caught it in her hands and recited the name of Jesus three times. She died in the year 880, when Bernard murdered her. According to legend, Solange was thought to have lived long enough to carry her detached head in her hands as far as the church of Saint-Martin-du-Cros. An altar was erected in honor of her at a cemetery in the year 1281. The place of her death is known as Champ de Sainte Solange. Solange's Feast Day is May 10th.

Bernard was born in Piotiers, France. Piotiers is not close to Bourges, where Solange lived. Just walking, it would take a day and a half.

Solange belonged to a poor family and lived in 9th century France. Most children, in this time period, under the age of twelve, thirteen, or fourteen, were considered immature and unable to understand adult opinions or responsibilities. Children were also too adolescent to commit sin if they were under the age of fourteen. They also could not take part in certain sacraments such as, marriage, Eucharist, and reconciliation. Children were raised by their parents and three godparents and it wasn't likely that they should receive adult discipline.

Religion was a huge part of childhood in France. Godparents and parents taught children prayers in Latin such as, the Lord's Prayer, the Apostle's Creed, and soon later, the Hail Mary. Most education was religion related. The boys were taught to be monks and the girls were taught to be nuns.

The children didn't only work and learn about their religion, they had time to play and have fun. The children would usually play games together, most likely with other children in the town. Children were also interested in sports such as, football, archery, and dancing. When Solange was young, she probably took part in some of these activities when she wasn't working. Even though children have responsibilities, Solange was probably about the age of fifteen when Bernard made advances to her because at that age she would have been allowed to be married.

Solange most likely lived like this. Because she was young when this happened, she probably didn't take part in many sacraments. I don't think she attended school because her family was so poor. Solange probably did play with other children when she was little.

Saint Solange is the patron saint of many things, such as: Berry, France; Bourges France; children; drought relief; rain; rape victims; shepherdesses and shepherds. Her representations consist of a cross, a distaff, flowers, a girl carrying her severed head, a girl with a hunting knife in her throat, a girl with a hunting knife in her breasts, a shepherdess in prayer, a shepherdess near a crucifix, a shepherdess with a star over her head, and sheep. Also like many other saints, Solange had other names. She was know as, Solange of Bourges, Solange of Berry, Solange of Bourges of Genevieve du Berry, and Solangia of Bourges.

There are many things I admire about Saint Solange. I like that she had the gift of healing because I have a lot of family members in the medical field. I also like that she was given a guiding star when she prayed. I love that she prayed every night and she went to the same place to pray every night. I love how Saint Solange was so dedicated to God even though she had a hard life and she turned to him when things got bad. She even turned to him when Bernard tried to kill her by saying Jesus' name three times when Bernard's knife was coming at her. I love that even though she was beautiful, she wasn't interested in men. She wasn't trying to be beautiful for them, only for God.

I would like to have some qualities that Saint Solange had. I would like have the strength that she had to pray every night at the same spot and the strength to be able to turn to God, like she did when Bernard was about to murder her.

I chose Saint Solange of Bourges because of her Feast Day, May 10th and the story of her life. I wanted a saint with an interesting story because I wanted to be interested in researching her. I wanted to be able to look forward to this project and I did.

I can't say I can relate to Saint Solange in any way. I might think I have a hard life but when I think about how hard she had it I remember that I have it pretty good. I think it was a miracle for her to live long enough to carry her head to a Church.

Saint Solange is a great inspiration to everyone, young and old. Solange stood by her beliefs until the point of death. I think Solange is a very important saint and should be known by more people. Solange was poor and prayed every night. She was murdered because of her fidelity and love for Christ. Solange is a role model and everyone can learn from her.