Role Of Ernesto Guevara De La Serna English Literature Essay

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How many times we have been reading a book and we saw beautiful love stories and friendship that emerges inside of it. Many times regarding those stories, we appraise our own experiences and we reflect about our attitudes in order to improve the future attitudes; but who has not experienced sincere and unselfish friendship. Probably many people do not have experienced this feeling until now, but at the end of the day, we are going to feel or we will have this feeling during our live. And to give an example of that, the role of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (CHE), represents the friendship in the book "Motorcycle diaries" as well as Jay Gatsby in the book "The Great Gatsby". Both characters tried out the real friendship, where the unconditional support and help against adversity were with them throughout the book. This similarity is going to be analyzed in this essay where one of the most important feelings founded were the value of the friendship.

Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans*(Wikipedia, 2010), Furthermore this term comes from ancient times and you can find lots of material about it, there are famous stories about friends in mythologies from different religions from all over the world which show that friendship had an important role through history. It has made big characters through the universal history or literature, changing their minds and feels motivated by this feeling. Examples as: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, and the Three Musketeers, are very well known types of friendships exhibited in literature and they portray the feeling in a similar way in comparison with Motorcycle diaries and The Great Gatsby.

Following with the same topic George Washington, a US statesman said: "Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company"*. During the reading period I was out of focus because I could not find any similarities, but then, after an exhaustive search I have realized that Great Gatsby and Motorcycle diaries have the same similarity, which is the friendship, and both of them in the main characters; in Motorcycle diaries appears the main character Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, well known as "CHE" with his friend Alberto Granados, while in The Great Gatsby as the main character appears Jay Gatsby accompanied with his friend Nick Carraway. According with all the information that I have whether by reading the books or discovering the implicit messages in them, through this essay I am going to explain the friendship similarities between both books and adding my perspective as well.

In both books you can find a close relationship between the characters, you can see it, in the actions that the characters do, for example, In the Great Gatsby, appears Gatsby with Nick very close to each other; I remember during my reading, Gatsby and nick were always together, such as in the trip to Chicago, during the very first meeting that Gatsby had with Daisy Buchanan in his cottage next to Gatsby´s house, when Gatsby had a rough conversation with Daisy´s husband, Tom Buchanan, or even when Gatsby was laid to rest, Nick Carraway was there; these examples highlight the close relationship that both characters had in the book and despite one of them being in the cemetery, they still were friends in a symbolic way. In addition, I remember a proverb, which said that "Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter."(James Fenimore Cooper, US novelist)*". And according to the story, that is absolutely true in the case of Jay Gatsby and Nick Caraway's acts. Despite that, all of this also made me think of their friendship, due to the fact that, Nick was a very important person to Gatsby in different ways, even though they were not very close during the first chapters of the book, but something happens that they get along very well with each other, and that could imply two different perspectives. According to my reasoning, the first one could be that Nick Carraway was trying to be friend of Gatsby, for the reason that he used to have big parties and Nick wanted to be famous as Gatsby or the second alternative, from the Gatsby perspective, could be that he wanted to be friend of Nick, because of the fact that Nick was the cousin of Daisy Buchanan. Consequently, if Gatsby became a close friend of Nick, it will be easier to catch up with Daisy. Both assertions are just my speculation in order to see different perspectives of this friendship in the Great Gatsby.

Equally relevant is the case of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (CHE) and his unconditional friend Alberto Granados in Motorcycle Diaries, owing to their close relation since the university in Argentina and consequently in the journey through south America, where they learned how to survive against the adversity, facing a lot of problems like poverty and sickness, also witnessing problems they had never seen before such as, people without rights, living just to feed their families without any other life expectancy and others with similar characteristics; despite of that, the voyagers as a observers faced those problems and tried to help as they could and consequently, because of all they saw Ernesto and Alberto were together during the whole trip passing over another drawbacks for example, the lack of food or the asthma of Ernesto, which was very hard during their trip for different reasons. One of the reasons that caught my attention was that when they were starving and Alberto saw a duck, immediately He asked Ernesto for the gun that he carried inside of his pants tight with the belt and then, after a lucky shot of Alberto, the duck fell down in the middle of a lake, after that Alberto said to Ernesto that he had to swim so as to catch the bird; in my opinion this act was very funny from part of Alberto, because he knows that Ernesto had no option, despite Alberto having helped Ernesto in that lake. Another example, when they dropped by a Chilean town in the south of Chile so as to fix and re adjust "the mighty one" (Norton 500 to be exactly) the mechanic ´s wife asked to Ernesto if he wanted to dance and after a short conversation he agreed to dance with her but the only problem was that Ernesto, when he was in the party he was drinking and dancing, the alcohol effects came to light and Alberto dancing near of him saw the scene and he quickly picked up Ernesto and straight away they leave the party In order to took the bike and head off quickly from that place, due to the fact that a huge mob were stepping on their heels . Based on the variety of circumstances that they were exposed it is difficult did not realize the close friendship they had, furthermore Ernesto made a reference in the book saying:" This is not a tale of heroics, nor is it merely some kind of ethnical account; it is not meant to be, at least. It is a chunk of two lives running parallel for a while, with common aspirations and similar dreams*."(Guevara,2003:31) summing up all the previous circumstances; I would say that those acts reflect the brotherhood between them and also reflect one of the values of being friends and gave us some feedback about this important principles in the text.

Additionally, in both books friendship is not only reflected in the characters previously mentioned, but also in the secondary characters involved in the story of the books as well, due to the fact that through their acts we can see friendship somehow in the development of the plots of both.

As a case to point out in the great Gatsby we can find friendship between Gatsby and Wolfsheim. I can assume that this friendship has to do with the illegal business of Gatsby which is bootlegging and we know that they knew each other after the war and there became very close in terms of friendship, that is why they met each other in order to drink a cup of coffee and remembering passed times. Wolfsheim does not appear too much through the story, but he definitely is one of the few friends of Gatsby according to my point of view.

Similarly in the motorcycle diaries we saw friendship through the Argentineans´ trip; when they were in Peru and doctor Fernandez gave them a hand with all the needs that they had during their crossing, such as clean clothes, food, a place to stay for a couple of days and even a small sightseeing of the city. In my opinion this action implies a friendship between the foreign "leper doctors" with the specialist from Peru Dr. Fernandez. Furthermore, He gave them the opportunity to visit the San Pablo leper colony in order to increase their knowledge in the field of leprosy. Moreover, He paid the tickets of their boat trip to the colony. In addition to this during the time they were working as doctors in the leper colony, they met people like the doctor Bresciani, who was very kind with them, and helped the travellers to understand better the situation of the people and make some links with them in order to cooperate. As a result of that the voyagers met new friends during their journey, this is the case of Silvia, the patient, who had an infection in her arm and refused surgery. As a consequence of that, Ernesto talked with her about the hard life and finally, they got along well after the conversation and also because she saw Ernesto with his respiratory problems and He told her that he was born with bad lungs. As a result of that she changes her mind and she accepted the offer of the doctors to treat her arm. From my point of view, she was very thankful of him because he opened her eyes so as to understand the problem that she had trough the strength of Ernesto showing the weakness that he had and despite of that he was still fighting against the asthma.

To conclude, I could say that both books portray very similar realities in terms of friendship because, in one hand, we have The Great Gatsby showing close relationships between the characters of the book; and, on the other hand, we find Motorcycle Diaries with its characters, Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Alberto Granados, in their journey, full of friendship and unity, between themselves and the people they meet during the trip as well. These books show us in the case of Motorcycle Diaries the capacity of a man to meet different people with different backgrounds and learn about them, and it makes me think in how a simple feeling, which is friendship, causes a deep impact in human beings, due to the fact that, if we think of Ernesto Che" Guevara, for example, as a representation of unity with sick people in the leper colony, the only thing that he had was the enthusiasm to help sick people and because of that it emerges this beautiful feeling which is friendship. In the same way, in the great Gatsby, the spontaneous friendship between Gatsby and Nick within the context of that era, which was decadent and with no moral values, represents to me the hopes of society and the unbreakable bond of a pure friendship.