Reviewing The Play Of Hamlet English Literature Essay

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In William Shakespeare's famous play Hamlet, Hamlet's father King Hamlet is killed by his brother Claudius but no one knows this on till King Hamlet comes back in the form of a ghost to tell his son that his uncle is the one who killed him by putting poison in his ear. King Hamlet tells Hamlet that he must revenge his death; knowing this Prince Hamlet goes about ways of getting the revenge that he is expected to arrange. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare; Prince Hamlet kills his uncle Claudius. Throughout the play Hamlet's character has developed and evolved, enabling him to finally take action against his uncle; Hamlet's character struggles with many conflicts, not just conflicts with his self but conflicts with others as well.

First and foremost William Shakespeare's character Hamlet struggles with external conflict, the external conflict coming from his uncle Claudius and his mother wanting him to stop mourning the death of his father King Hamlet; this is shown by the wearing of all black by Hamlet. As well stems from the marriage of his mother to his uncle so rapid after his father's death; Hamlet struggles with the decision on whether to or when to go back to school, seeing that his mother and uncle rather him not too. All of these events show the struggle that Hamlet faces between not only himself but with the other characters in the play also. Hamlet eventually faces internal conflict; the fighting with in him knowing that his uncle has killed his father to get the kingdom as well has married his mother soon after the death. "And now I'll do it, and so he goes to heaven…" in the play Hamlet goes back and forth on whether to commit revenge for his father's death, while his uncle is praying Hamlet says "now I'll do it "right then we can see that he wants to commit the murder but then he under minds himself and decides not to do it because he is praying, hamlet feels if he kills a praying man then, that man will go to heaven. If Hamlet wanted to really get revenge for his father's death, he would have done it no matter if his uncle was or wasn't praying. "Thy name is women", Hamlet shows how his respect and care for women has dissolved over his mother marriage to his uncle, making it immoral to him eventually evolving him to reject any emotions that he may have for Ophelia; " My lord I have remembrances of yours..., no, not I…". The way he feels about the marriage has caused his emotions to evolve in to a hatred of women; he feels that he cannot trust women and they are all like his mother, all women are immoral, putting all women in the same category (1.2.5-125, 3.1.115-160, and 1.4.5-119).

Hamlet seems to over think things too much he questions himself self a lot, when he talks to the ghost and the ghost tells him what he must do; the way he talks you can hear the questioning in his voice. He over thinks about taking revenge against Claudius, Hamlet had every attempt to kill his uncle but did not take it as when the play was going on he could have took his revenge but doesn't and other attempts. He also questions his self about what kind of person he will become once he commits murder, he fears that he will be no better than his uncle; in fact he will be just like his uncle. He's also tormented/ battling with himself about taking revenge as if his mind is telling that murder is wrong and not to do it but his emotions that he feels for his father is taking over and telling him to just do it; he must do it for his father; he must go down the same road that his uncle did to get revenge (3.3.80-90).

In the start of the play Hamlet wears a lot of black; right there it shows the character of Hamlet as a depressed individual, over his father's death. When Hamlet starts to talk to himself, it shows that he is extremely depressed over what is going on; it seems as if Hamlet is all most not there, not himself anymore (1.2.135-164). "To be or not to be", in Hamlets to be or not to be speech Hamlet seems as if he has nothing to lose, he already lost his father and in away lost his mother so killing himself won't make things worse. Making it appears as if he on the edge of taking his own life (3.1.65-86). The killing of Polonius who he mistakes for Claudius and he turns his anger against his mother onto another woman, Ophelia,  These mistaken actions cause Hamlet to become more depressed and unsure about what to do.

Hamlet's character developed and evolved in such a way that it makes him seem that he has no morals. Playing the role in the death of Polonius and wanting to commit murder against his uncle, shows that Hamlet it not even thinking about his morals anymore; he turns from a bitter person to a murder in seconds (3.4.25-30). The spiritual side of Hamlet has also played a role in the development; Hamlet's morality often keeps him from acting; it makes him ponder around in his uncertainty and sorrow, instead of just acting. Hamlet is attached to the idea of death and hell that he can't commit suicide because he'll go to hell or he can't kill his uncle while he's praying because he'll go to heaven; these conflicts with him committing the murder of Polonius allows Hamlet to ban his spiritual being eventually leading to revenge

Hamlet hate plays a role too, Hamlet states in 11.2.315-334, "What a piece of work is man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties…." Hamlet is speaking to Rosencrantz about his uncle Claudius and his mother Gertrude. He is explaining his hate for his uncle and mother and how people act so differently, so noble when trying to defend wrongful actions and lies with reasons that are so fake and unworthy. How his uncle and mother are trying to explain more like his mother why they got married and even a simple explanation won't be a good reason for why his father is dead and why his mother married his uncle so rapid after.

All the hatred that Hamlet feels and him holding it in eventually leads to the revenge. The hatred that he feels for his uncle for marrying his mother son after the death of his brother and Claudius killing his own brother to be king. His mother how she married his uncle, Ophelia and how she plays a role in the way of how he feels about women, and the other characters just add to the emotionally roll coater that Hamlet seems to be on. All the emotions that Hamlet feels are just appearing to be building up, eventually allowing him to burst because he cannot take it anymore; and then allowing Hamlet to take the revenge that he wanted from the start for his father.

During the fight between Hamlet and Laertes and the Queen drinks, tells it poisoned; then Hamlet says "let the door be locked, Treachery". Right there seeing his mother dyeing and that his uncle is the caused for his father and now his mother death. Having Laertes tell him that the King is at fault and he is going to die himself, allows Hamlet to full come with turns of seeking revenge and taking it. A hamlet struggles with the conflicts of his self and with the other characters eventually leads to murder.