Reviewing The Novel Of A Kite Runner English Literature Essay


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The theme of honor and abandonment has played a significant role in both the kite runner and a thousand splendid suns. In the kite runner Baba abandons Hassan to protect his honor and name. This is revealed when Rahim Khan, Baba's close friend says, "It was a shameful situation. People would talk. All that a man had back then, all he was, was his honor, his name, and if people talked… we couldn't tell anyone" (Hosseini, The kite runner 235). Baba abandons Hassan and never tells anyone that Hassan is his son, just o protect his honor and his name. Baba never even tells his son Amir that Hassan is his half brother. In a thousand splendid suns Jalil abandons Nana after she becomes pregnant with Jalils baby, he sends Nana outside the city, where Nana live in kolba, shack. "Nana had been one of the housekeepers. Until her belly began to swell… the collective gasp of Jalil's family sucked the air out of Herat. His in-laws swore blood would flow. The wives demanded that he throw her out" (Hosseini, A thousand splendid 6). Jalil abandons Nana and throws her out of his house after Nana is pregnant because Nana was a housekeeper in Jalil's house, people started talking and Jalil's other wives demanded that he throw Nana out. Jalil could have lost his name and his honor. Baba and Jalil, both are respected in their community and they both have an illegitimate child. They both abandon their child because people would talk and they will lose their honor and their name. Baba abandons Hassan, even though he knew that Hassan is his son and Jalil abandons Nana and Mariam.

The other theme that is common in both kite runner and a thousand splendid suns is the theme of betrayal. In the kite runner Amir betrays Hassan by not protecting him from assef and his friends, he watches Hassan get rape. This is revealed when Amir says, "I could step into that alley, stand up for Hassan - the way he'd stood up for me all those times in past…in the end I ran" (Hosseini, The kite runner 82).Even though Hassan was very loyal to Amir and always protected Amir, Hassan also protected Amir from assef, Hassan pointed his slingshot at assef eyes because assef was going to his Amir. Amir betrays Hassan by not protecting him from assef and his friends. Amir watches Hassan get rape. Amir did not stop assef because he was afraid of what will assef do to him. In a thousand splendid suns jalil betrays mariam by marrying her to rasheed. This is revealed when Afsoon, one of jalil's wives says, "actually, your father has already given rasheed his answer… rasheed is here, in Herat; he has come all the way from Kabul. The nikka will be tomorrow morning" (Hosseini, A thousand splendid 45). Even though mariam is very loyal to jalil and leaves her mother for jalil, but jalil betrays mariam by abandoning her again. He is marrying mariam to rasheed, who is more than twice mariam's age. Hassan and mariam are both betrayed by people who thet think of as a god. Amir betrays Hassan, even though Hassan always protects Amir. Jalil betrays mariam, even though mariam eaves her mother for jalil.

Guilt is also one of the themes in both the kite runner and a thousand splendid suns. In the kite runner Amir feels guilty for not protecting Hassan and in his dream he sees, "I follow the barrel on its upward arc. I see the face behind the plume of smoke swirling from the muzzle. I am the man in the herringbone vest" (Hosseini, The kite runner 252).Amir feels for not protecting Hassan from assef and Amir blames himself for Hassan's death, that's why he is the man who shoots Hassan in his dream. In a thousand splendid suns mariam feels guilty for leaving nana and keeps saying, "I shouldn't have left her. I should have… these thoughts are no good, mariam jo. You hear me child? No good they will destroy you. It wasn't your fault. It wasn't your fault. No" (Hosseini, A thousand splendid 41). Mariam feels guilty for leaving nana and she keeps saying that I should not have left her. Mariam blame herself for nana's death, but Mullah Faizullah, her teacher tells her that it was not her fault and she should stop saying that. Both Amir and mariam feels guilty for what they have done. Amir feels guilty for not protecting Hassan and he blames himself for Hassan's death. Mariam feels guilty for leaving nana and she blames herself for nana's death.

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