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Mr Spencer is old and crippled, and through watching Mr Spencer, Holden fears that one day, he is also going to get old and die.

B) Holden wrote a very descriptive essay for Stradlater, wasting his Saturday night, however Stradlater was disappointed and appalled at Holden for disobeying the guideline of the essay and rather than thanking Holden, Stradlater criticised Holden for his arrogance and stupidity.

C) Holden hired a prostitute for $5 a throw and $15 for all day. However, when the prostitute came, Holden was no longer keen for ma service thus he offered $5 and told the prostitute to go back. However, the prostitute asked for $10 and claimed that the elevator man was wrong. This experience further highlighted the "phoniness" of adults and disillusioned Holden's belief of a pure and fair world.

D) Holden's Fight with Maurice disillusioned Holden's belief of a world with no violence. Maurice definitely said $5 a throw; however he then tried to charge Holden $10 after he hired the prostitute for $5. When Holden held his ground and refused to pay, Maurice went to violence rather than honesty and truth. This disillusioned adults in the real world.

e) Holden tried to persuade Sally to come with him to Columbia, and become free from responsibilities and adults rules. However, Sally refused to come with him. Thus as a result, Holden was disillusioned of the fact sally refused to come.

His school days holds number of disillusioned events. One of the events is when the graduate of Pency comes back to the bathroom to look for his initials. This action depressed Holden and showed that as you grow older, there is no future in you and only the past glory and memory to entertain you.

Another depressing event was the racism existing at Pency. When unpopular people like Ackley tried to enter another group or a room, they were refused entry. This again showed the ugly side of life and disillusioned Holden.

G) For Holden, Mr Antolini was supposed to be one of the most trust worthy and nice person who would genuinely help Holden. This act can be seen when Holden called Mr Antolini very late in the night and he still offered Holden help and said quote" Scoot right on back here again ". He also started the conversation worried about Holden's health and thought carefully when he needs to give Holden a life's advice. However, even Mr Antolini became a 'phoney' when he patted Holden while he was a sleep. No matter what the intention was, Holden took this action as a pervert and thus was disillusioned by Mr Antolini act of breaking their trust and relationship

h) On the wall at Phoebes school, "fuck you" was written on it Holden was outraged by this action and was disillusioned by people in the world who have enough time and money to break into a school to just graffiti on the wall.

2) Throughout the novel Holden's cynical negative and depressing attitude stop life is expresses strongly and Salinger achieves this emphasis through the use of expressions such as "goddam" and "crumby". Accumulative use of words such as "phoney", "godadam" and "crumby" which are basically used every page of the novel, emphasises the cynical attitude of Holden.

3) Holden had conscious of people's negative physical features, and this can be seen through many characters.

Old Spencer "Very sad, ratty old bathrobe"

Ackley "If you look up from your book you were a goner"

Stradlater shaver "it was always rusty as hell and full of lather and hair and crap."

Through Holden's description of the above characters, Salinger tries to further emphasise the negative, cynical and depressing attitudes which Holden have towards life.

4) When Holden feels very depressed, he tries to escape the real world by going to his imaginative world where he mirrors himself as one of the main characters in a movie. Holden does this several times throughout the novel, when his disillusionment with life and people are very strong. His world of "bullets in the guts" shows that Holden no longer desires to see the ugly, phoney and depressing social world and rather wants to die. It is also ironic that he is killed by another person which emphasises the "phoneys" of the world.

5) Several times in the novel, "Holden offers drinks to strangers especially cab drivers. Through this action, it can be analysed that Holden does not completely hate the people around him and still have hope for people he doesn't know to not be a phoney. Also, this maybe a sign of loneliness and a desire to belong with someone. Thus it is ironic that although he hates adults, he desires to belong with them through drinking together.

6) Holden told lies in order to distant himself from the real world where it is full of Phoneys from the perspective of Holden. Whenever he lies, it is usually when he wants to end a conversation with phoneys and also through his attitude towards life was he hates phonies it is evidential that his action of lying is his way of denying his surroundings



Stradlater - Throughout the novel, Stradlater's image was always constructed as a phoney by Holden. Stradlater, had a superior attitudes over people and Holden was no exception to his rules. Stradlater criticised Holdens most valuable memories such as his brother's baseball gloves (when he dismissed his descriptive writing), and about Jean Gallagher. Thus, these factors influenced Holden to view stradlater as a phoney.

Ernie's people - At the Ernie's bar, Erinie was playing his trademark piano which Holden thought that it wasn't that good. However, the packed crowd," clapped their heads off" as Erine finished his song. When Holden saw this event he regarded the people in the crowd as the "same morons that laughed like hyenas" because they didn't like the song as much however they still clapped so much as if showing that they did like Ernie's performance. This attitude of not showing your true feelings enraged Holden and influenced him to hate the people in Ernie's bar.

Sexual relationship - Holden saw sexual relationship as a corrupted, immoral and depressing action which showed the ugliest side of adulthood. Thus his experience with the prostitute and Maurice reinforced his cynical attitude towards sexual relationship.

Sally Hayes -

The crowd at the interval

The film at Radio city


8. The ducks at central park symbolised the good times when Holden was still young playing around with Allie and Phoebe. Throughout the novel, Holden asked about the whereabouts of the ducks which may be metaphorically trying to convey the image that Holden is searching for a good world like in the past. The cab drivers cynical and cold attitude towards Holden's attitude indicates that the drivers have lost their innocent youthful mind and thus results as phoneys from Holden's perspective.

Another interpretation is that Holden wants to become the saviour of the ducks or the "Catcher in the Rye" like figure. He fears that the duck is suffering during the winter and asks the cab drivers in order to help the ducks. Through this idea, it conveys the image that Holden is trying to find a meaning in life by helping others.

9. Holden wanted to run away with Sally in order to be free from responsibilities which every individual carries in their life. Also Holden saw the world as full of phonies and he no longer wanted to be connected with the people around him and saw running away to Colombia as the only option to be free. However, it is ironic that he doesn't want to do it by himself and chooses a female to come with her. Sally reacted with a definite "no", and saw Holden as a madman as he talked louder and tried to convince her to come with him. However, Holden later viewed this proposal to Sally as also mad and he couldn't think of why he was asking Sally to come with her when he wouldn't of have taken her even if she asked.

10) When Holden is contemplating suicide and talking about war, Holden's depression is at its pinnacle and thus Salinger tries to metaphorically show how Holden has no longer any affection to the world through the two examples. Before he talks about the two things, Holden had experienced sex, money talk with Maurice and watched a war movie. These factors (sex, money and war) are one of the ugliest sides of human nature and caused a sudden change in Holden's mind. Also the ongoing disillusionment of the world as he left Pency and came to New York reinforced the corrupt and phoney nature of the world.

11) Holden deceived many people throughout the novel not only to protect his self image but to rather protect other people as well. This can be seen in his encounter with Mrs Morrow in the train, were he continuously lied to create an image that her son was a good man. However, some of his lies were constructed in order to escape from the real world or the reality. This was done numerous times when Holden had experienced the corrupt and phoney world such as his encounter with Mr Spencer, and his "bullet through his gut" when Maurice had came. Thus Holden's lie was a method to avoid the reality of the world as well as helping others in order to create a meaning in his life as a saviour to others.

12) Allie, Jane, and Phoebe were all considered as innocent children to Holden. Throughout the novel, Holden shows hatred towards society especially Phoney adults including himself. Therefore the only people who he trusted and liked were the innocent children who have not been affected by the society yet.

13) Holden's attitude towards his parents and his older brother was same as any adults and saw them as phoney and corrupt people. His older brother was regarded as phoney for selling himself to get big sums of money writing Hollywood movies which he doesn't know about and isn't passionate about. His parents was regarded as phoneys because they worked as a lawyer who rather than helping people, they do it for the money.

"How would you know if you did it because you wanted to save the guy's live or because you did it because you really wanted to become a terrific lawyer, been congratulated." PG 155