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As Inspector Goole enter the Birling's residence he imposes on a family celebration, the gentleman is immediately provided with an alcoholic refreshment but kindly declines the opportunity, this instantly indicates how they have the capability of acquiring such luxuries as they are offering and consuming quality port . Refusing a drink creates the impression that whilst on duty he maintains his professionalism and that he is determined to unravel the case of Eva Smith. The presence of the Inspector has caused controversy in the Birling household, Mr Birling demands an explanation, this instantly asks the necessary questions what is the situation? What is the possible cause he is here on this very night? The inspector is reluctant to present any identification to verify his role as a detective, this could suggest that he is an impersonator of a detective. His speech is also sophisticated avoids a lengthy conversation, Priestley also identifies him as a rather sinister character. He is impelled to acquire the essential information he needs and will do so without hesitation.

The inspector first comes up against Mr Birling a stubborn abrupt man and the only thing that concerns him is his knightly hood and is regarded as one of the most respected men in the community and questionably one of the most pugnacious in the play, and is willing to keep his pride no matter what the consequences. The inspector takes Mr Birling aside and is shown a photo of the victim, he disallows them to come any forward and not encouraging them to take a sneak preview as he is aware that their fait will be decided shortly and he quotes:

The atmosphere in the Birling residence because gloomy as tension start to reach the climax, its the inspector's authority to question everybody rightfully and respectfully. Mr Birling becomes tense unwilling to answer, also becomes very pugnacious and argumentative towards the inspector. Everybody notices he is a shrewd character. The inspector instantly replies as he realises Mr Birling is in the wrong:

Mr Birlings callous disregard for human life has had a massive impact on him also hesitating, direct questions from the inspector were almost certainly resulting in evasive answers. But Inspector Goole has finished with the temperamental Mr Birling and crosses over to his next suspect.

The inspector is determined to get the answers, he has a hunch that prior the decisions of the Birling family it has lead into her causing herself to make a attempt on suicide in the first place resulting in her dead. The Inspector is comforting Sheila and is adamant to get the full story from Sheila's perspective, as she is the second to confront the inspector. She becomes inconsistent until she has seen the photo she becomes struck with fear, realising it was her own doing and she made a bad judgement. Instantly the inspector begins inquiring about what she has done? what she knows? The inspector soon became to intimidate her as he quotes:

The inspector already knows as he is an omnipotent, omniscient figure and wants the Birling family to confess. Soon afterwards it has a massive impact on Sheila convinced and believes its her fault, this is similar to what the inspector quotes:

The inspector has left Sheila bewildered realising what harm she has caused and the regrets following the death of Eva Smith. She suddenly becomes alarmed and hesitant, as the inspector gains superior authority. Resulting in Sheila becoming more distressed and causing depression. It seemed a sensible and methodical way of proceeding, picking them off one by one towards the inspector.

The inspector moves on to his next opponent and begins to interrogate him the inspector is already aware of Gerald's "affair" and the mischief he has performed. This suggests that the inspector is omniscient, he is like a God sort figure and he is familiar with all the facts for e.g. the inspector quotes:

This indicates he knows everything but wants to reveal the truth and also wants to show up Gerald of how much of a shallow and a spiteful man he actually is. As the inspector progresses Gerald becomes more truthful as he is aware that his relationship with Sheila is over, as the inspector quotes:

The wealthy, confident young man reflects on his actions, also his passive attitude made him feel even more immature and suddenly becomes isolated from everybody else especially Sheila.

Mrs Birling is one of the last suspects leading into the conclusion, Mrs Birling is some sort of stubborn vain women like her spouse is regarding this situation as a accident, a little mishap that has occurred not realising her role in the tragedy. But the inspector leaves her to last to unravel the mystery of who is to blame, Mrs Birling quickly asks for the image that has become the most powerful source in the book:

Mrs Birling quickly is reminded of her as she claimed help in her charity committee as Eva Smith was alone and nobody to turn to, but the story she told was a complete fabrication to claim benefits. She tried to falsely claim that she was Mrs Birling.

Mrs Birling became astounded thinking it was some absurd prank or joke, from that moment Mrs Birling showed a great dislike towards Eva and she suggested that the father should take responsibility. Mrs Birling patronizes the inspector and quotes:

But the inspector quickly responds:

From that instance when Eric came into the room, the inspector made Mrs Birling regret her every word and every action. Eric was the father because of his immaturity towards Eva Smith.

Firstly the inspector insists that Eric has a drink he quotes:

As the inspector questions Eric he is taking a very amiable and sympathetic approach towards Eric. The inspector is taking advantage of Eric as he is vulnerable, and the Inspector is trying to exploit his weaknesses the inspector also quotes:

The Birling gets the inspector infuriated. Eric was obviously inebriated by the time he abused Eva Smith and made her pregnant. Eric's feels as though he is an outcast and is not part of this family due to the circumstances he becomes alcoholic and rebellious which leads to stress and consistently neglected by his family, his immaturity has forced him to become thief to finance Eva Smith and her baby.

The inspector says his last farewell and heads for the exit leaving the Birling Family damaged, having a massive impact on them leaving them horrified, the family absorbing the hatred of themselves. Gerald comes scurrying back as he has discovered some revealing news, him and Mr Birling take matters into there own hands as they find out the inspector is a phony. Mr Birling immediately calls the institution for verification on the death of Eva Smith but there was no sight or information on this female, instantaneously everybody becomes relieved. Suddenly the phone rings saying a women called Eva Smith has been taken to the hospital after consuming some disinfectant...