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In the beginning of this year we received an assignment about writing a report. We could have chosen a lot of subjects but when we saw the title of Jane Eyre it was very clear that we have to chose this subject, because we were familiar with this topic. In year five of our A-levels we studied English literature and the teacher told us a lot of stories and poems. Mrs. Van der Gaag told us about the story of Jane Eyre which was written by Charlotte Brontë. Many people helped us, for example our teacher, some friends of us and of course our parents.

In this report we chose the movie Jane Eyre of the year 1997. You can see the cover of that film on our first page. The film is based on a book by Charlotte Brontë, the name of the book is also called Jane Eyre. The film was made by the director Robert Young. The film gave us a great view about the story and the time she lived in, what you could see of their clothes they wore, the horses (they did everything by horse) and of course the look of the house (it looked like a castle) and their interests, there was no television, mobile phone of other modern stuff. We both thought we could have a better vision from a movie then from a book or a poem. We chose to watch this film because we already saw some parts during our English lessons and the film was only five Euros.

Chapter 1 of Jane Eyre starts around 1847 in Gateshead. The story is about Jane (the I-person) who was sitting on a chair and reading a book all by herself. Her Aunt (Mrs. Reed) didn't want her to come, near her three children (Georgiana, Eliza and John) because of Jane's bad behavior. John always bullied Jane and also this time he took the book out of the hands of Jane and threw it to her head. Jane attacked him immediately. Her cousins called for help from their mother and she blamed Jane and sent her to the 'Red room'.

Very important is the relationship between Jane Eyre and her aunt and her children. The relationship is very bad, everyone hated Jane because she was a poor orphan. The only person in the house who was nice to her was Misses Bessie, the servant. Jane Eyre seemed a sad little girl, who always was alone and just reading books.

Also the title is very important because the title is: Jane Eyre, so we knew that the story is about this girl.

The events which gave the most attention is the 'red room' which for the movie as well as the story is very important. At this moment the aunt decided to send Jane Eyre to a school namely: Lowood Institution. Her aunt thought Jane Eyre was a girl without any manners and she invited Mister Brocklehurst who also thought that Jane is very asocial.

However, the film starts with the story that Jane Eyre was sent to the red room. You don't know what happened in the first instance. They locked her up and she was left screaming as she wanted to leave the room. She wanted to leave the room because her uncle died in that room and she thinks his ghost is still there. Then she felt asleep under the bed with her doll.

In the summary we'll tell you the rest of the story.

Summary about the book

The story is about Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre was a very young girl when her parents died. She had to live with her aunt (Ms. Reed) and her three children called: John, Eliza, Georgiana. Jane hated to live with them in the same house, because John always bullied Jane and her aunt blames Jane for everything.

Jane Eyre is different to the other children as she said what she thought. Her aunt punished her a lot because she thought Jane had no manners. One day John threw a book at Jane's head, Jane was very angry so she decided to attack John. Eliza and Geogiana called for their mothers' help. When Ms. Reed arrived she put Jane in the 'Red Room'. Jane screamed that she wanted to go out of the room, because her uncle died in that room and she thought his ghost still whispered there. Jane was afraid and she decided to lay on the bed with her doll.

The next morning Bessie the servant (the only person who's a little bit nice to her) came and said to her that she had to go down because she had a visitor called Mister Brucklehorst. When Mister Brucklehurst also saw that Jane had no manners, he said to her that she had to go to school namely 'Lowood institutionary' and took her with him.

At school she had a great time, she met her best friend Helen, Helen was intelligent, kind and took care of Jane. This was the first time in her life that she met someone who was really nice to her. One day mister Brucklehorst visited some lessons, Jane dropped her school board, immediately Mister Brucklehurst said to Jane that she was a child from the devil. When the typhus broke out, Helen died. In the movie time jumped Jane Eyre now was an adult.

Jane missed something in her life, she decided to write an advertisement, as governess. Eventually she got some work from Ms. Fiarfax. She had to look after the little girl Adele Varens. Adele didn't live with her original father but she lived at Mister Rochester's house, her uncle. When Jane arrived at Thornfield Hall she was warmly received by Ms. Fairfax. Jane got a guide tour and also she saw Adele. Adele spoke French to irritate Ms. Fairfax but when Jane answered in French , Ms. Fairfax immediately asked to talk English. When she spent her first night in Thornfield she heard some loud laugh, when she walked out her room she saw a woman running. Ms. Fairfax explained to Jane that it was just their servant Ms. Grace Poole. The time ran away, Jane leaned Adele several things like painting, French, English, math etc.

One day Jane decided to made a walk in the bushes, it was very foggy and all of a sudden she saw a dog (Pilot) she freaked out and fell down on the floor. Then a man with a horse scared and fell down on the floor. When she wanted to help the Man, he immediately told her what she had to do, take this, take that. When the man went away, Jane decided either to go to home. When she was on Thornfield, Misses Fairfax told Jane that the master of the house (Mister Rochester) wanted to see her.

Jane saw the horse rider that fell. He also started with a talk, Jane was very honest and gave him straight answers, when she said that she could play the piano she had to play something for him and then Adele came, Rochester gave Adele a little present.

On a night, Jane also heard Grace Poole. When she came out of her room she saw light burning at Mister Rochester's room. When she opened the door she saw his room was on fire and she waked him up.

Mister Rochester stopped the fire and said to Jane that he'll come back soon. Jane waited in a chair. when Mister Rochester came back she told him about Grace Poole who started the fire and that she was afraid of her. They said goodbye and went to bed.

The next morning Mister Rochester went to the family, the Ingram's. After two weeks he returned with a number of friends and one of these is Blanche Ingram. Rochester gave Blanche Ingram a special attention, Jane couldn't look at him because she's also in love with Mister Rochester. Jane hated Blanche because Blanche told mister Rochester that Adele had to go to an ordinary school.

On that same evening a man called Mr. Mason came. When the evening was over Jane decided to go to bed. At first Mister Rochester disapproved it but finely he said it's alright. The same night someone screamed very loud and Jane was immediately awake after that someone knocked on her door, Jane asked who it was and Mister Rochester said it was him. Mister Rochester needed Jane's help, Jane wanted to help mister Rochester. When she walked to the other door misses Blanched asked what it is all about, mister Rochester said it was nothing and that she had to go to sleep. Jane saw Mister Mason with a lot of blood. Rochester called a doctor and Jane stayed with Mason. Then Someone walked also in the room and grabbed Mister Mason his throat, after the woman walked away. Jane ran to mister Mason and she saw he was still alive, Rochester came back and told them the doctor was waiting. It was already morning and mister Rochester asked Jane to see the sunrise together, when they were together they had a little conversation. The same day Jane had a visitor Bessie, she told Jane that she had to go back to Gatheshead because her aunt was very ill. Jane asked a few days off and left Thornfield immediately.

She had just a week off but she came a month later, Mister Rochester was a little bit angry not only on the fact that Jane is too late but also that Jane didn't write a letter to Mr. Rochester and she wrote a letter to the rest of the house. Mister Rochester asked Jane if she wanted a little walk with him, Jane agreed. Mister Rochester told Jane that he found another job for her, Blanche didn't want a governess for Adele. Jane told mister Rochester that he couldn't marry with a woman who didn't love him and just wanted to marry for money, Mister Rochester said do you love me? Jane said that she really loved him and mister Rochester asked her to marry him and she said yes.

In that week they prepared the wedding, one night Grace Poole visited Jane's room again and broke her brides tail. When Grace Poole walked out Jane's room, Jane locked the door. The next morning she told Mister Rochester about Grace Poole and he said again that it wasn't possible to send her away.

And then we arrived to the day that Jane married mister Rochester. But when they were busy with the wedding mister Mason interrupt them and said that Mister Rochester was already married. Mister Rochester showed his wife Bertha. Jane didn't want to marry mister Rochester anymore and left Thornfield.

A couple of days passed away and Jane fell down in a landscape, she was starving. She was lucky that Mister St. John Rives arrived. A few days later she got better and she started with new work, she lived that time with St. John Rives and his Sisters. Jane decided to teach the children of a school. When St. John Rives asked Jane if she want to enjoy him on a trip to India she said she had to think about it. She could only think about mister Rochester and she decided to go back to Thornfield.

She arrived at Thornfield and she saw immediately that the whole town was burned. She didn't know how quick she had to run. she saw mister Rochester, he was hurt at his face and hand. Misses Fairfax came in the room and Jane put her finger on her mouth, when Jane said something to mister Rochester screamed 'Jane is that you?' 'o of course not, I'm driving crazy'. She said, 'Yes, it's me, I want to take care of you'. Mister Rochester put her away. After a little talk they kissed and they married. They got two children and after two till three years Mister Rochester could see with his eyes and for the first he saw his daughters.


One the picture you see Dove Dale, one of the most famous areas of the Peak District, and has already, like Haddon Hall, played a part in the film of Jane Eyre.


On the picture you see Haddon Hall that is used for Thornfield Hall in the film Jane Eyre. Thornfield Hall is very important building because in a lot of scenes you'll see Thornfield.


Jane Eyre was the main character. Her parents died when she was 10 years old. That was the reason that Jane Eyre lived at her aunt, nephew John and cousins Georgiana and Eliza. Jane is shown as a rather independent girl. She wan't afraid to attack John when he threw a book to her head. Also she loved her freedom, she was intelligent and brave. She was always arguing and she didn't accept bad treatment. She was getting stronger when she was getting older. In chapter one she is wearing a green long dress, black shoes and her hair is in a knot. When she was at Lowood institutionary she wore the same as everybody else there. She wears a brown dress with black shoes ,a white apron and a white head cap. When she was in Thornfield she wears a black dress. Only when she was try to marry she wore a white dress. In the end of the story she wore a blue dress. At Lowood she learned to be a governess. She was very interested in learning and drawing.


On this picture you see a young girl, she plays the role of Jane at the begin of the film. The name of this little girl is Laura Harling.

John Reed her nephew was an irritating boy, he was always blaming someone else. He hated Jane and told his mother, Mrs. Reed, that Jane was an aggressive girl. He wore crème trousers and a black vest with a green scarf.

It wasn't a very important person in the story so therefore we couldn't say something about his ambitions. As an adult he ruined himself, they thought he committed suicide.

Eliza and Georgiana were Jane's cousins and daughters of Mrs. Reed. They worr long dresses and their hair was in knots and curls.

Mrs. Sarah Reed was Jane's aunt and was the mother of the three children. She only believed her children. She hated Jane. She thought that Jane was the devil. Mrs. Reed wore a nice long brown dress and her hair was in a knot and she wore some jewelry.

Mrs. Reed acted like she was a perfect, loving person but actually she wasn't nice at all.

Bessie-Lee, the nurse, brought Jane to the red room. In fact she was a friendly person. She talks nice to Jane and sometimes she sang for her. She also wore a brown dress, with a belt and a white head cap.

Mr. Brocklehurst was the head of Lowood Institutionary.It wasn't a nice person at all. He liked to mistreat the children of the school. He wore a dark coat, with a black scarf. He had extreme side whiskers.

Helen Burns was Jane's best friend at Lowood School. She rejected the persons who abused her and she had a strong believe in God. She died in Jane's arms suffered of typhus. She was a nice person and she helped Jane at school. She wore the same as all the other students.

Mr. Edward Rochester was a main character in the story. Jane was completely in love with him. He was the master of Thornfield Manor. He was already married with a crazy woman before he met Jane. He was a man who liked to dictate everybody. He liked horse riding. He was the guardian of Adele Varens. He wore a dark suit with a scarf. He also had a dog named Pilot. He was brave, because he tried to save his crazy wife Bertha Mason from the fire. At the end he got two children with Jane. For three years he was blind. But one eye recovered.

Adele Varens was a child from the mistress of Edward Rochester. He was taking care of her. She was a spoiled child. Every time when Edward Rochester was coming home he brought her presents. She liked him very much and missed him when he was travelling around the world. She liked to learn everything from Jane. It was a nice girl. She often wore a yellow dress with brown ribbons.

Mrs. Alice Fairfax was the housekeeper of Thornfield. She was nice and kind to Jane. The only thing she didn't like was Jane's engagement to Mr. Rochester.

The family Ingram lived 15 kilometers further and daughter Blanche wished to marry Mr. Rochester. She was very beautiful. Adele wanted to look like her. She had blond curls and wore a yellow dress. She only wanted Mr. Rochester because he had a lot of money. Mr. Rochester used herr to make Jane jealous. Blanche was a sneaky person. She also wanted Adele to go to a boarding school. Blanche and her mother disliked governesses.

Richard Mason who visited Edward Rochester, liked to see his sister Bertha. This was Edward Rochester's first wife. However, she was crazy and locked up at Thornfield Manor. He was attacked by that woman and he went to a doctor. He also wore a black suit with a top hat.

Grace Poole was the keeper of the crazy woman. She was always drunk. When she was drunk she laughed very loud but she had to take care of Bertha Mason.

St. John Eyre Rivers was a devout Christian of Calvinistic. He wanted Jane to come with him to India. It appeared that he was a cousin on her father's side. He took care of Jane after she fled from Mr. Rochester.

Setting place and time about Chapter 1

The story took place on a drear November day in the afternoon after dinner. It took place in the breakfast room where the books are kept. We thought that they lived in a very big house, because they showed a lot of rooms. The setting in chapter 1 made clear that Jane didn't made part of the family because she was sent out of the drawing room. She decided to read a book for herself and forgot her problems for a little while. It was outside very cold but inside either because Jane was very lonely she didn't get any love of her aunt.

Setting, place and time about the whole story

The setting played an important role because the story was told many years ago. It was about villages and farmlands. The story took place in the first half of the 19th century in England and was also written in that time. The time where the story took place was very important, because traditions were very strong and convention played a crucial role. In the movie you could see it at their clothes, houses and horses what is typical for the 19th century. There were no cars, no mobile phones and the manner of teaching wasn't like this time. Separate schools for girls and boys were also typical for that century. If you read the book, you could see a lot of old functioned words that we didn't use anymore, like:

pudh - horrible.

Rennies - Renaissance fanatics; also people who are addicted to Renaissance Faires, costume, and anything else reminiscent of that era. Alright, this isn't really an O.E. word at all - it's a catchy name, though!

shall or shalt - will

seek - (O.E. secan, to seek) To go in search or quest of; to look or search for.

syllan - sell.

tallt - to stand above others in a snobby way.

tarry - to linger, deliberate, wait, stay, or pause.

thou - you

thee - you

thine - your

thither - there.

thy - your



Peace: Jane looked for peace in her life. She didn't find some peace, because at Gateshead she was terrorized by her nephew. In Thornfield she couldn't find her peace. Every night in Thornfield Grace Poole was always laughing, she was scared of Grace Poole.

Hate: She hated her nephew, because he terrorized her. Because of him she had to leave Gateshead. Also she hated her aunt. Her aunt didn't treat well and she often locked up Jane.

Freedom: She wanted to be free. She wanted to treat with respect.

Friendship: This also was very important, because Jane never knew friendship. When she arrived in Lowood she met Helen. That was her best friend , only she died when she was young. In Thornfield Mr. Rochester, Mrs. Fairfax and Adèle were very good friends of her. In this time she learned what friendship was.

Love: Nobody loved Jane, when she was young. But when she worked as a governess and she met Mr. Rochester she fell in love with him. In the end they married.

Faith: She studied the bible, in hope that god helped her when she needed him.


The story also haf a theme, namely striving for happiness. When the story started in Gateshead till Lowood she was very unhappy. And she always believed that one day she was like everybody. When she arrived in Thornfield, she didn't find only happiness but also love. Mr. Rochester and Jane wanted to marry and they had a great time with each other. Jane Finaly is happy, satisfied with who she was and what she was.

Point of view:

The story was told by Jane Eyre, she was the I-person. In Chapter 1 you only heared a part of the story, so you didn't know if she told the truth. We also could see that she hated the family Reed very much especially John Reed. When you read the whole story you could see that it was about Jane's life, what she felt at the moment, what happend with her in the story.

Title explanation

The title of the book is Jane Eyre. She was the main character of the book so it was logical that the book was called Jane Eyre. It was about her life, the events that had take place, her growth in love and friendship. About the other persons in the book the wasn't much explained. There wasn't a chapter where Jane wasn't important. Every detail about her feelings, thoughts and movements was told, from Jane's point of view, not that of Mr. Rochester, Mrs. Reed or someone else. You could see it like a play, where Jane had the principal part. The story was told from the point of view of a young girl who yet was an orphan till a grown up woman that has two children, a man and an house.

The writer Charlotte Brontë

The writer of the novel Jane Eyre is Charlotte Brontë. Charlotte Brontë, daughter of Patrick Brönte and Maria Branwell was born in Thornton in 1816. Her Mother died of cancer in 1821, and leaving the five daughters and son to the care of her sister Elizabeth( this is what we also read in Jane Eyre, the mother of a little girl dies and goes to her aunt). In August 1824, Charlotte was sent with three of her sisters to the clergy daughters school at Cowanbridge in Lancashire ( which she would describe as Lowood school in Jane Eyre).

Charlotte continued her education at Roe Head Mirfield from 1831 to 1832, where she met her lifelong friends. During this period she wrote her novel The green dwarf under the name of Wellesley. Charlotte returned as a teacher from 1835 to 1838. In 1839 she worked as a governess to a lot of families in Yorkshire( Jane Eyre worked as a teacher and later as Governess at Thornfield Hall). In 1842 she and her sister Emily travelled to Brussels to a boarding school. Their time at the boarding school was short when Elizabeth Branwell, their aunt died of internal obstruction in October 1842. Charlotte returned to the boarding school in 1843 but her second stay was not a happy one, she became lonely and deeply attached to Constantin Heger, the master of the boarding school(The master of Lowood attached Jane too).


On the picture you see the novel Jane Eyre, edited by Currer Bell, a pseudonym. Charlotte got a lot of critic on her first two novels. Writing novels was for men, not for women. So that's why they used a pseudonym..

In may 1846, Charlotte and her sisters Emily and Anne published a collection of poetry under the names of Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. Although only two copies were sold, the sisters continued writing for publication and began their first novels. Charlotte used Currer Bell, when she published her first two novels. Her novels got a lot of critic. There was speculation about the identity of Currer Bell and whether Bell was a man or woman.

Charlotte's brother, Branwell, died of chronic bronchitis in September 1848. Emily and Anne both died of tuberculosis. Emily in December 1848 and Anne in may 1849.

Jane Eyre was a huge success. The main character Jane Eyre, in her novel Jane Eyre, was parallel to herself, a woman who came up for herself. However, she never left Haworth for more than a few weeks because she didn't want to leave her father alone.

In June 1854, Charlotte married Arthur Bell Nicholls, her father's curate and became soon pregnant. On 31 March 1855. Charlotte dies at the age of 39 with her unborn child.

Haworth Moors where the family Brontë spent the most of their time, is now a place of pilgrimage. At the begin of the 20th century the Parsonage became a museum. More than thousand Brontë fans all over the World come to Haworth Moors. In the church near by the Parsonage berried the whole family except Anne.

Some novels written by Charlotte Brontë:

The green dwarf, 1833

Tales of Angria, 1834

Jane Eyre, 1847

Shirley, 1849

Villette, 1853

The professor, 1857

Emma, unfinished


On the picture you see a woman, Charlotte Brontë, the writer of Jane Eyre. Charlotte lived in 1800 so there were no real pictures on internet only some drawings of her.


On this picture you see the grave of the family Brontë. In the church near by the Parsonage buried the whole family except Anne.

Answers of the assignment Jane Eyre

Question 1:

Find at least five words in the description of the weather that tell you Jane is not a happy person at the moment.

Answer 1:

'cold winter wind', clouds so somber, and a rain penetrating', 'chilly afternoons', 'A drear November day', 'sweeping rain', 'a long and lamentable blast', 'extreme cold', ' that reservoir of frost and snow'.

Question 2:

Find at least five words in the description of the garden that make her state of mind even more clear.

Answer 2:

'cloud', 'leafless shrubbery', 'pale blank of mist', 'a wet lawn', 'storm-beat shrub'.

Question 3:

What kind of pictures does Jane prefer to look at in Bewick, the book she is reading? And how does this again make it clear what she is feeling?

Answer 3:

She read the book Bewick's 'History of British Birds', When you read that piece she said 'solitary rocks and promontories' you see that she feels herself very lonely, and she thinks she is on her own in the whole world. 'those forlorn regions of dreary space', 'frost and snow' (she feels very cold), 'death- white realms', 'extreme cold, 'shadowy', 'alone in a sea of billow and spray', 'broken boat stranded', 'ghastly moon', 'wreck just sinking', 'solitary churchyard'. Al those things you can see she felt very lonely and that she isn't happy at all. She's quit sad.

Question 4:

Interestingly, Jane also has positive feelings when looking at these pictures and reading about the countries in which these birds live. Give an example what it tells you about the main character.

Answer 4:

In line 74-77, there says: ' Each picture told a story; mysterious often to my developed understanding and imperfect feelings, yet ever profoundly interesting: as interesting as the tales Bessie sometimes narrated on winter evenings..'. And also Jane Eyre wants to learn something about the world, further in the story she learned different languishes like French and German.

Question 5: Looking at your answers to the questions of activities 2 and 3 do you think the book is going to end unhappily or happily? Explain.

Answer 5: First we thought the story ends unhappy, but you can see that Jane Eyre is a very strong girl (child) and we think when she is older, she always makes her statement. And when we saw the movie we saw that Jane Eyre have a happy ending with Mr. Rochester.


In this report we found out that the film was almost the same as the book, but there were a few things that were different, for example in the movie had St. John one sister and in the book St. John had two sisters. We also found out that Jane could be Charlotte because there were a lot of things the same. Jane's parents died when she was very young and she left to the care of her aunt, Charlotte also was left to the care of her aunt en her mother died when she was a little girl. Both went to a boarding school, worked as teacher and governess and met their love of their life. They lived in a romantic period, this was clear in the film because typical for a romantic period is an inaccessible love, and a farmers life. Thornfield hall wasn't nearby the city, and the love between Jane and Mr. Rochester wasn't allowed, he was rich and she was poor. We hated the film, it was so boring to watch because every detail was shown and there wasn't some kind of action.