Red Riding In The Hood English Literature Essay

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Memories flash and shot through my mind from a long time ago, they project me, a mate and a couple of pups, but old firmly built men came and shot them. I was fortunate to get away. My wild feelings constantly told me live wasn't worthy. I was starting to see things. Years flew by; finally my conscious told me that I had perfect reasons to live my typical wild-life. For example, I enjoyed the thrill of shredding and savoring the delicious meat of my kill. I had a very peaceful life, until recently.

I haven't consumed food for nearly a week; I am merely starving. So I need to take back my territory or leave to another place. Here, there are too many species of wolfs; all taking the good game. I was mighty enough to fight them off when I was younger, but now, I am older and bony from starvation

Maybe I should just do what my friend told me to do. He said, "There's a town bounded by a forest that might have some good food. It lacks your normal game but has people." Maybe they would even take me in and keep me as a pet and feed me the most delicious food of all! However, I am so hungry now that even a person would not be off limits for my palate.

Go back and graze mice here, near my den? Go to an unknown territory, with no guarantees and no den? What if they are not even real; maybe that other wolf just told me all that to get me to leave so he could take my territory?

Maybe I should just go back and do what I frequently do and wait for my death. I do not want to be malnourished! I ought to keep going! I should try the new woodland around the village.

Oo I see an antelope! It has been days. I push myself to dash, fast, but obviously where did I get the oomph from, the antelope vanishes in the earth dust and I'm left stranded. I am just wondering about, but I am so frustrated from hunger. I start to scavenge.

I see a figure in the distance. It's a man. He is walking in narrow, heavily shaded pathway towards me. He is getting close. He smiles with passionate as I go pass him. Weirdly he didn't act like the others, they would shoo me away and screech at me. He did not try to blast me into smithereens. I do not think it was his lack of a gun, but animal loving heart.

"Hey, you look bony for a tough species like yours?" the gentle quoted.

"Yeh? Well I'm starving," I reply, hoping that he would hear the desperation in my voice

"Well do you fancy something to eat?"

"Yeh! Yes please" I dribble the words out.

"Well do me a favor; collect all these oranges from all these trees. Do it as fast as you can. You got four legs it shouldn't be a problem." the man prompt.

"What are you going to offer me?" I innocently ask.

"You will see, just do it and you get it once you are done," he says. "Now! Put the apples in this basket," I ignore the man as he lays a massive container few meters from where I'm standing.

I sprint as fast as I can to the closest tree. I plunge myself up and grab the first orange. Then a thought jumps into my mind. I have nothing to hold the fruits with. I have to run back and forth with only one apple in my mouth. This is hard.

Oh, finally the very last tree, I think to myself. I'm nearly through. I start day dreaming about my reward. Is going to be a bucket full of fresh meat. My mind wanders off with my thoughts and I get careless. I fall out of the tree and almost rupture my back!

As I lie there one, two three, four; seconds later I hear the cry of human nature, "Do as ask!" Perhaps he is not polite as he seems to be

I pulled myself back together and return to labor, running up and down. In a flash, I am done. I approach the man for my reward.

"Leave now!" he commands.

"My reward" I question " I really need it" I desperately ask.

"I only ask once," he warns.

"But you said," I weep

"Don't say I didn't warn you" he says in a rough voice. He revealed a rifle. He had one after all. He pulls a latch, shot, but I managed to flee.

Oo! A rabbit jumps from shrub to shrub. "He is on my menu!" I thought. I observe every little budge so precisely I begin to know every step and jump he composes before he makes it. I approach like a ghost. He doesn't seem bother about my presents. He then sprints just the correct way, and I see my chance. Firstly, he dashes to right, then springs to left, next another sudden twirl. He nearly slips away but he stumbles over, and I grab him with my razor sharp claws. Gotcha! "It may seem not much of a meal but every nibble is significant when hungry " I thought. I wordlessly thought. It leaves me craving so much more.

After I munch my chase, I proceed walking down the pathway. I notice a little girl skipping ever so blithely. I think I would eat her right here, right now, except for that lumberjack working across the road. He would witness and hear everything, and he is too big for me to fight. He seems to be watching me very closely. I see his hand reach for his axe. I feel him watching my every step, waiting for me to do something immoral.

"What is your name?" I ask the fleshy little girl, ever so politely just to throw him off.

"I'm 'Little Red Riding Hood,'" she says.

"So where are you going with those cakes?" I ask, trying to make her think my dribble is for the contents of her basket.

She smiles and says, "I'm going to my grandmother's house to give her these cakes because she has been under the weather lately."

"Oh, where does your grandmother live?" I ask.

"She lives just up this road, near the water tower," she says.

Breathlessly I say, "How about we have a race. I will go that way, and you go this way. We will see who can get to her house first." I might just get two meals out of this!

She agrees, and off she skips.

I speedily, but ever so silently, run to her grandmothers' house. I waste no time knowing that the little lass would be here very soon. I knock at the door.

A weak modest voice calls out, "Who is there."

"Hi, it's me 'Little Red Riding Hood,'" I say.

"Pull the string and the latch will open," she softly replies.

I swiftly eat up the grandmother and lay on all of her clothes and wait. I feel bad for eating the elderly grandmother, particularly when she was sick. I shake off the thought. It does not make much of a difference; only the strongest will survive, and I am the strongest.

I wait for what seems like everlastingly. I wonder if maybe she told me wrong and just went off somewhere in the forest. She might be having a feast on those delicious cakes right now! I almost give up hope, when there is a knock at the door. I hesitate for a minute trying to think clearly.

In my squeakiest voice, I call out, "Who is it?"

"It's me 'Little Red Riding Hood,'" the scrumptious little girl counters.

"Pull the string, and the latch will open," I reply.

The little girl is startled to see me. She hands me the basket of cakes and made these obsequious comments on my personal appearances.

"Thank you," I say.

"You are welcome," she says politely.

All in one clean motion, I eat up the little girl, clothes and all. I eat her whole, just like I ate her grandma before her. Finally, I am satisfied. I am not hungry anymore. I feel like I am finally waking up from a dreadful nightmare.

I look through the kitchen for some more food to take with me. Just then, I hear a threatening thud. I cannot believe my ears. Each horrifying thump ricochets through my mind. I just stand there, in total shock.

I look through the window and see the lumberjack. In seconds, he uses his axe to break down the door. He works so quickly, strapping me down to the grandmother's bed. Then using his axe, he draws and quarters me. I try to fight back, but he is so very strong from carrying and cutting wood all his life. I see him pull someone out. I think she is still alive.

A warm sensation falls upon me. It feels kind of appalling at first, and then gets more pleasant, overwhelming my body into the warmth. I am losing all thought, swirling into darkness, seeing nonentity, and not hearing anything. I cannot even hear my own heart beat. My last conscious thought is that only the strongest will survive.

After all, I didn't mean to eat them; it's my nature, my instinct, well I guess we all make mistakes sometime in our lives.