Pride And Prejudice A Romantic Novel English Literature Essay

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The story has become one of the most popular novels in English literature, and receives considerable attention from literary scholars .The book has sold some 20 million copies worldwide. My sister advised me to read it .

Mr and Mrs Benet a married couple with 5 unmarried daughters , the wife's goal in life is to see her daughters married , her public manners were embarrassing to Jane and Elizabeth. The father used to dislikes the indecorous behaviours of his wife and three younger daughters,but he used to mock them. Rather than guiding them to more sensible understanding.Elizabeth and her sister played a big role in this story they were the oldest girls who are looking for a true love .one day a wealthy young guy came with his best friend Darcy to live in the neighborhood of the Bennets family .

There was three more sisters who weren't really mature , one of them called Lydia became a friend with one of the militia officers and his name is Wickham , he wasn't a really good guy .one the outside, Wickham is a very pleasant young man, but it's all a mask disguising his fortune hunting, immoral, and deceptive ways. Bingley's sister and

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Darcy's aunt "Lady Catherine de Bourgh "didn't like Jane and Elizabeth to be one of them one day because they weren't rich . Mr. Collins was a foolish man who relates to Mr Benet , he used to worship Darcy's aunt and work for her .

In Pride and Prejudice is a romantic novel contains one of the most cherished love stories The coutership between Darcy and Elizabeth , as in any good love story , the lovers must elude and overcome numerous stumbling blocks . Austen satirizes the distinction between middle-class and the upper class society during her time, suggesting that character is more important than connections, and that love will overcome such boundaries.

The love story started to emerge when Mr. Bingley moves into the neighborhood where Benet's family lives , Bennet pays a social visit to Mr. Bringley , he is taken with Jane and spends much of the evening dancing with her . His close friend , Mr Darcy , is

insufferably proud and haughty. The Bennets are beneath him in social stature, so

Mr. Darcy is proportionately disagreeable, particularly to Jane's younger sister Elizabeth.

He used to haughtily refuse to dance with Elizabeth , but after subsequent weeks he finded himself increasingly attracted to her charm and intelligence .

Mr Collins visited Benets household , he proposed to Elizabeth but she turned him down ,and that wounded his pride . He went and marry her best friend , at the first beginning Elizabeth was shocked but her friend explained for her that she needs a guy toprotect her and that shes getting old , Elizabeth promised them to come visit them soon.

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The militia has arrived in town and now all the ladies are ready to throw themselves at any officers who wander their way. They meet a charming young man named

Mr. Wickham, who rapidly became Elizabeth friend. Wickham tells Elizabeth a sob story about how all of his life opportunities were destroyed by Mr. Darcy, convincing her that Darcy is evil Personified. Elizabeth readily believes Wickham's story

Mr. Darcy.

In winter Bingley and Darcy traveled to London and Jane became upset because she loves Bingley so much . Elizabeth also leaves home to visit the newly married Charlotte. During her visit, Elizabeth receives a dinner invitation to Lady Catherine's estate. Darcy came and took care of her and it was the time for him to propose for her , but she immediately refused and told him the reasons , because he made Bingley go away which broke her sister's heart , and because what he did to Wickham.

Darcy hands Elizabeth a letter, asking her to read it. It says that Wickham is a liar, a gambler, and tried to elope with Darcy's underage sister, and explaning why he did that to Jane . Elizabeth believed him .

Darcy helped her a lot and then he proposed again and she told him about her true feelings , and also Bingley proposed to Jane . Now both jane and Elizabeth are married.

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The story talks about a family with five daughters . The girls wants to marry for love , but at least one of them must marry a well man "rich man" ,for the sake of the family's financial security.

The author uses high level system , good expression , with hard sentences , and his clauses were fantastic . The author achieve his purpose , with making us so interesting while we are reading , he uses his perfect language , I really want everyone to read it , and I am sure they will admire it because its comic and attractive .