Postmodernism And A Chaotic World English Literature Essay

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During the twentieth century the Modernism movement took place. During this period of time many changes took place. The writers of this period had seen the world as a chaotic world; and the changes of in this period took place, because of this reason.

The changes that took place were the challenges placed upon intellectual, cultural, social, and political crisis. Even the ways of living and traditional forms of governance were being challenged or even replaced by other beliefs. During the movement of Modernism, writers tried to shock their readers with fictional stories about the real issue of the world. Modernist also, tried to fix the worlds issue through their literary works; by trying to inform people on what the problems were. In their works they also, told the readers how to fix the issue that make the world so chaotic. A writer that did a great job as this is Franz Kafka in his short story "The Metamorphosis." Another, movement that happened right after the Modernism movement is the Postmodernism movement. The Postmodernism movement extends the beliefs of the Modernism movement, but it celebrates the chaotic issues, instead of trying to correct them. The Postmodernist, also just dealt with the issue and many of the writers of this period showed this in their works. A Postmodernist writer that did a great job in showing this in their work is Carson McCullers in her short story " A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud." In this paper I'm going to tell you how each of these writers from these different movements, address the different issues of a chaotic world.

During the Modernism movement, the writers tried to correct the issues of an chaotic world, through their works. The writer that I think did the best job at this is Franz Kafka with his literary short story "The Metamorphosis." In Franz Kafka's short story the issue that he addresses is the issue of parents and children living under the same roof and not caring about each other and how people can talk to each other without really communicating. In this story the main character Gregor is the main provider of his family; he does everything for his family from making the money to taking care of the household. But, one morning Gregor woke up from a terrible nightmare; when he woke up from the nightmare, to his terror he had turned into a huge insect. Once, his family seen him as a insect, they were very upset. For a short period of time, his family took care of him; but Gregor was to never leave his room. One day, Gregor's sister Grete is playing music for some guest; Gregor is very moved by the music and tries to leave his room to listen to her. As, he was leaving his room his father sees him and proceeds to throw fruit at him, to make him return to his room. Without his knowledge, there was a piece of fruit stuck in his back; the fruit rotted into his back and he ended up dying from it. After Gregor's death, his family only mourned his death for a short period of time. They quickly moved on with their lives and all of them had to find a way to provide for themselves. This story is a perfect example of how parents and children living in the same house without caring about each other. But in this story it seems like Kafka is trying to fix this issue in the world with this story; the way he is doing that is by telling how Gregor feels and by showing how it is from the inside. These are the reason why this story is such an excellent example.

During the Postmodernism period, writers extended the issues of an chaotic world, but they wrote about how to deal with the issues wither than try to correct them. In their works they show how their characters dealt with the issues and celebrate them. The writer in this period that did the best job at showing this in their work is Carson McCullers in her short story "A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud." This is a story of a little boy that way in a dinner drinking coffee before his paper route; when he ran into an old man, telling his that he loved him. At first the young boy laughs it off with the rest of the people there, than he sets down to see what the old man has to say. The old man tells the young boy about all of his lost loves and how much one of them hurt him in a different way. The boy at first is unsure about the old man, but proceeds to listen to him.

The old man talks about how he has been all over the world looking for love and how one day while sleeping in his car, he became peaceful with the issue of love. In this story it shows how character deals with issue, instead of trying to correct the issue by look for someone else to love. This is how this story is an excellent example.

In this paper, I showed how each movement dealt with the issue of an chaotic world. How the authors of these works had the issues in their works and how the authors choose to deal with them, according to their movement and period of time. Both, of the short stories are great stories with excellent examples.