On A Personal Note English Literature Essay

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.On a personal note, I am sitting at the top of this mountain .I look over the hillside beyond into the valley. I can see the mist clouds touching the tips of the hilltop. I hear the sounds of a river flowing down the hillside, the birds are singing on trees while the wind is whistling, my skin feels some cold air mixed with warmth from the sunrays shining into my soul.

Here, I can see my home across the valley from here. On this mountain have been born and grew up. It is another morning and the sky looks bright. I can smell the moisture in the air and can see the flowers flowing against the morning breeze.

A bee buzzes by my ears wheezing into the valley down below I imagine myself being like a bee with wings flying through the sky like an astronaut's go all the way to another land without boundaries' fly back to the mountain and sit down and can feel my soul with the flight of the bee. I can hear the heartbeats as I taxi to a stop at this airport upon top of this mountain .I hear my soul whistling and a small still voice tells me this mountain is a special place, rounded with many valleys surrounded by homes from every direction. This mountain is the lifeline of our city every time I seat here my heart relaxes as I tune my ears to voices whistling into the winds blowing me in the face. I continue to seat here thinking of how time passes, indeed it flies away I have been around this mountain for many years. It stands in the side of my grandfather's horse farm. We used to go riding into the forest unaware of the dangers of lions. This danger is actually exciting

When I look up to, the sky I see my history rooted on something silenced in my heart by going to the city. Inside my ears somewhere the sounds of the forest and vibrates. Stretching too far beyond all rivers I can see where it goes meandering smoothly to the oceans.

When I look from here, my soul reverberates with energy and I wish I coud fly repeatedly. How beautiful as we see the horizon etched in sky-blue and dark clouds. Yes, this is a view of paradise only known to me, as I feel deep down. In addition, the wild animals sleeping and hunting next to the horse farm this is a miracle when I all the forest have disappeared wondered how this green land is still preserved from human destructive spirit. I feel a fulfilment by witnessing creation as it unfolds every day from the forces of beauty beyond the living and the paradise. This beauty surely can never end and I believe it must be endless. The serene panorama of this mountain gives me a reason to look, feel hear and shout the birds, whistle like the wind and my soul intermingles with the seasons.

It remind me of those days of sweetness when we used to play by the valley below and bath on weekends in groups cheering my youth away. This place has changed a lot .The trees are now bigger, the wild animals seem well nourished and high populations of wildlife. The hippos, the buffalos and hyenas appear bigger and more hostile. There is many visitors coming into our valley from all over the world and we wonder what happened to their rivers and waterfalls like ours. My age mates went to different schools some to places far away and our paths have never met since. This has happened very Fast and its unbelievable how people Avery transformed into adults before they can even understand they are already voting for elections. I have now grown big, went to university, and now am a professional scientist at the international scene. Am classic example of the who meditating modern lifestyle on the meaning of human heritage and story teller to many, a friend of others, they are not like me as aim unique just like all of you are on your own privacy. I feel like a child again, this feeling of completeness pervades all my life, and this is funny side, which makes me enjoy every moment of my time. What makes me feel happy sometimes and on other times is a unique trait and I do not know why but seems childhood memories remind me that am still the old child of my mother. Think what is and adorable is in reality only real at those times and places like this mountain which remains refreshing to the soul time and place. This feeling of refreshment has returned to me and I want to feel young again. Let me experience the world of my children and I think they feel the way I feel to feel next to my mountain long time ago many years before he I grew up. I think my idea of what meaning of my life existence is part of destiny. I used to play within this valley by this mountain's discovered that childhood is a way of tasting the future where we always want go unless when we become old.

That is why I think this has led me to conclude that old people always want to remain young and they look backwards at their once young years with nostalgia and spent the rest of their lives trying to remain children while the young spent their lives looking into the future. They discover like me though that the future has moved the goal posts so much that when they reach the goal they find they have moved and tired of running ahead in life they start running backward into the field where they meet in the middle with the young who are trying to become old. This makes life interesting as the young look into the future for answers while the old look into the past for the same answers. I think that satisfaction is between neither in the future nor in the past but just herewith me refreshed by this breeze from below this valley of life. As I run down this mountain every day after sitting on this hill top I can always see my home come closer to paradise but the goal post will remain in place in this worldwide networked where he seems to stay with me forever. Sometimes it is good to stay the way god intended, just with the bushes and to feel their fragrances and nourish our soul. It may be the only chance we have to enjoy the world as I do. Just sit outside and watch the unfolding secrets of the universe sky on a personal note lets discover our serenity and happiness.