Odyssey And Portraying A Hero English Literature Essay

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Odyssey by Homer is a story that its significance in the field of literature since its composition has remained and will be great for ages to come. The story has been popular due to the way the one of the characters, who is a lot the main character, Odysseus is portrayed as a hero in the story. In the Odyssey the gods play a crucial and a very prominent role that is vital and helps to bring out the themes of the story. The gods in the story they create a situation of fate while they also interfere with how things happen and make things that might not have happened to happen. Most of the people might not be aware as to why things are happening the way they are and this may be as a result of the things having been engineered by the gods and not fate. In The story the gods control many aspects of how the story shapes out, but the characters have to make a choice of what they should do. The gods held Odysseus captive for than more eight years. The gods are responsible for the capture of Odysseus and they later refused to let refused to let him go. After they told Odysseus that he had to make a choice of whether he wants to go. Calypso tried to keep him by offering immortality. "You would stay here, and guard this house, and be immortal" (Homer 267). But Odysseus chose to go.

Circe and Calypso are goddesses who in the poem the both kept Odysseus in their home, they both have very different personalities, and yet they both combined and helped Odysseus to get home faster. Calypso and Circe though they are goddesses they have another similarity in that they both wish and hope that Odysseus will be their lord. Circe powers are almost like those of a great witch, and Calypso does not have such powers like Circle has. For Odysseus to overcome Circe he had to use force, and Calypso is only defeated after Athena pleaded with Odysseus. They both fall in love with Odysseus and they all want to stay with him. "Neither of them could win the heart within me; for nothing is sweeter to a man than his native country. Even though he were given a sumptuous dwelling-place; in a strange land far away." as Odysseus said in the poem.

Odysseus wanted to go back to his homeland and also his family. Circe desperately wanted Odysseus to not to go back home but for him to stay, she said, "I would not have you remain in my house unwillingly." after she said this, she told Odysseus to seek help of prophet Tiresias' in the Underworld, Tiresias was a blind prophet. Without the help of the prophet's it would have not have been easy for Odysseus to get home and he would have taken longer for him to reach his homeland in Ithaca. "I have slept enough; it is time to go-Lady Circe has shown me how and where." In this Odysseus is portrayed of how he is anxious to get to his homeland. Circe is willing and helps Odysseus to get home faster than he would have done. Calypso's never wanted Odysseus to leave from her. "…If you knew the troubles you will have before you get to Ithaca, you would stay where you are and keep this house with me, and be immortal…" Calypso told Odysseus that she would make Odysseus very powerful and immortal if he did not leave her. She helped Odysseus to build a raft and also gave him food that that was instrumental in making his journey better and easier. Both Calypso and Circle have a different method of treating Odysseus but their actions greatly help Odysseus and enable him to go home.

Though Calypso had promised to make Odysseus to be immortal, Odysseus chooses to become an immortal in what he deed as his tales will be told for years and years. It is evident that Calypso was more powerful than Circle was as by the time Odysseus arrives home he had almost lost all his men. The name Calypso is known to means one that conceals, her forces cause's men to be divert from their main goal. She is a symbol of the power that is seductive and traps ones and believes in her.

people always have questions on how to define hero, Some define hero as an individual who possesses a great deal of bravery and a lot of courage, others define a hero as a great strong warrior who leads an army to victory in major battles, others still will define a hero as one who engages his brain and muscle and leads his army to victory. In Homer's poem, Odyssey, Odysseus is portrayed by the author as a great hero in all ways as he is very successful. Odysseus is among the first popular mythic Greek heroes, who are renowned for being intelligent as well as being very strong. Odysseus is considered to be very inquisitive and his mind is always inquiring. He is a gentleman who has an outstanding bravery and great prowess. He is also showed as a gentleman who is a great athlete. Questions are asked whether Calypso who loved Odysseus very much actually made his immortal and he became very powerful and wise, we will look at some attributes of Odysseus and show that he was immortal (Davis 2001).

Odysseus has a lot of bravery and is very courageous man. This is shown when he successfully engages a fight god Poseidon; he even tells the god that he cannot be stopped. Odysseus later boards his sip and begins sailing on Poseidon's waters heading back to Ithaca. A little pride is health for an individual, but Odysseus has a lot of pride. But he also does things that overshadow his pride and he is seen as a great hero by people. There is a place in the poem where Circe turned Odysseus crew into animals, Odysseus climbed straight a mountain to save his crew and in the process he risked his life. Odysseus will do anything and everything for him to go back to Ithaca to see his family, no matter how difficult it is. Odysseus even goes to the underworld so as to speak to a particular prophet so that he can be helped to get back to Ithaca (Segal 1994). By Being brave and also courageous it helps one to help other who are in need by doing what others may consider dangerous and suicidal.  

Apart from just being strong and a man of great courage, Odysseus is also a very strong and skillful warrior and great leader who command the respect of all. He lives as the king of Ithaca, where he leads his platoon of soldiers across the Poseidon's sea and fights a great battle with the Trojans. In this battle Odysseus and his warriors fought bravely and defeated the Trojans, this demonstrates his great leadership as he leads the group into war and also victory. Since he knew that he couldn't defeat the Trojans from while he was outside the very immense walls, he came up with a tactful plan. The plan was meant to get him past the walls using the help of the Poseidon. Odysseus made giant wooden rabbit (Trojan horse) and he had it delivered to the Trojans as a gift. They accepted the gift and took it inside the big walls. By opening the gates the Trojans's were not aware that they were letting in an enemy into their territory, in the gift there was a small number of great warriors'. The Trojan's on seeing the Trojans Horse they made a great celebration since they thought it was a sign of victory. When the Poseidon people finally went to sleep, it was then that Odysseus and his army got out of the horse and in a very defeated the whole city by killing all who were in the city (Francis 2009). They were all caught unawares and Ithaca was victorious and the soldiers returned home a happy lot, though the soldiers fought bravely, credit should be given to Odysseus who due to his wisdom and great leadership he was able to be victorious. In this Odysseus is well portrayed as a very intelligent man and a very skilled and wise soldier.

Odysseus is very intelligent and has a very smart mind, as he used them to defeat others in all his battles. He not only defeated the others in battle but he also survived so that he could go back to his family in Ithaca. In the story Odysseus always thinks first before he acts. This is because he always engages his intelligence and evaluates what the situation is before he acts. He is never in a rush to make a decision this acts as a very important attribute that he possesses and helps him a lot in very difficult situations. The attribute saved him an also his soldiers a number of times, this is demonstrated in very  numerous instances in his victorious journey, this is not just when he made the wooden horse, but also in other instances such as when he disguised himself and looked like a bum when he reached Ithaca. He was not in a hurry to reveal who he was but he took his time and waited for the right time so as to reveal who he really was. Many people in out of impatience would have quickly revealed themselves and in the process risk their lives. Odysseus took his time and used his reason to determine the best way to reveal himself. He finally succeeds and everything works out the way he had hoped and wanted.  

Like all humans are, Odysseus though he seems perfect had his weaknesses which included his chronic cheating problem and also he was very proud. Nevertheless, Odysseus survived all the challenges that came his way, this was by his great courage, his great bravery, wits, and also his endurance that enable him to always come through every time he was faced by challenges.

The expression, "good stories never die," can go all the way back to Greek mythology. Many stories about a Greek god can be linked to the past, present, and future. In Homer's Odyssey, great values and crucial concepts are addressed in the story, which are applicable in our day to day life.

In the Odyssey lots of important virtues such as love, courage and hope are only just a few things that are portrayed in this myth. We see this with Odysseus's wife, Penelope, who stayed faithful and courageous, while Odysseus was away for 15 years. Penelope was hopeful and loyal even though she knew there was a huge chance that Odysseus could have died.

Other powerful concepts involved in the Odyssey were strength, independence, fear, and hatred. Odysseus was not just strong physically, but mentally as well. He had to strategize how to get out of sticky situations, such as with the Cyclops. He also had to be true to his morals, and leave, what was a comfortable place with goddesses, in order to try once again to go home. Odysseus also struggles with his feelings for Poseidon. Odysseus fears that Poseidon is trying to kill him, and he doesn't know how much longer he can escape this great god's wrath (Daniken 2002).

Today we see many likenesses to the challenges experienced by Odysseus. The reasons as to why an individual has the difficult situation may be different, yet the struggles that individuals go through are very similar to what we see today.

The premise which goes by, "don't judge a book by its cover" is a popular subject matter in stories, such as with, "The Frog Prince" and "Beauty and the Beast." A lot of different movies also portray the ideas: "don't give up when the going get rough," and "home is where the heart is." It seems as though, with the exception of changing a few characters' names, these themes are what many writers of today still revolve their stories around. There are even some songs that are popular today that may have been inspired by the Odyssey. One song would be "Home," but Michael Buble. This song speaks of wanting to be home, just like Odysseus did. The ever popular character, Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, even stated over and over, "There's no place like home…"

Today in our society we see families separated like Penelope, Telemachus, and Odysseus because of a war. When people you love are in a war, you never know if you are ever going to see them again. You hear of people dying on the news and don't want to think, "what if it is my loved one? Then what do I do?" Many people all over the world are in this same heart wrenching situation right now. Sometimes it is the "not knowing" that is the most difficult part of all.

Another example of The Odyssey that could be translated in today's culture is actually very personal to me. When Odysseus was dressed as a poor beggar no one recognized him, but as soon as someone started talking to him, they realized that it really was not an old man speaking. This reminds me a bit of my college. From the exterior of the building, my college is a rather small, meek, modest, and well used building. However, as soon as you enter the school and start to converse with students and faculty, you immediately realize that this school is extraordinary. A characteristic that is apparent here at the school and one that Odysseus did not (have particularly in the beginning of The Odyssey), is faithfulness that he had to God, it is why Poseidon wanted to test Odysseus for very many times.

The Odyssey is a story that is applicable to everyone from ages of long ago, to ages yet to come. Some are reminded of the relevance of family, while others, of the need to depend on God for their worries. The Odyssey is a myth that will truly live on forever.

The story of Odyssey presents to the readers free as it gives choices. The gods gave the people Choices and the people had to make their own choice. The choice that Odysseus made to conceal rather than go home and inform his wife that he had returned, also the choice that his wife made that she would not remarry but to wait for eight years for her husband. The Odyssey, and other popular Greek Mythology, educate and guidance us in our everyday life (Picard 2000). One can turn to the stories and seek for important moral values that we need to emulate. The Odyssey presents the readers to the supernatural wonderful world of magic as well as the gods and educate as that at the gods can have an interference with what is happening and later they let us to make the choices and change the destiny of things.