Music And My Spirituality English Literature Essay

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My favorite song that I want to analyze is "Best for Last" by Adele (Adele. "Best for Last"). It has been my most loved song for several years already since 2008. It has been providing me with inspiration and support I needed the most in different life situations and now I'm going to talk about the ways it influenced my mood, inner world and my emotional status.

The lyrics have always been an important part of songs for me, as I also do like poetry. And in spite of the fact that I've been dancing since early childhood and I like such music which is also useful as a dance track, my favorite songs are those that are able to combine both great music and special full of sense text. "Best for Last" by Adele is one of the best examples of such pieces of music art.

The lyrics are very important for the mood of the song. The first part of the song is a little bit sad and sometimes even looks hopeless: "I'm taking these chances and getting nowhere. And though I'm trying my hardest you go back to her"(Adele. "Best for Last"). These lines were very close for me during some of my periods of life and I think that many other listeners would find these words touchy. The chorus on the contrary changes the mood of the song to the opposite and cheers us with these lines: "You should know that you're just a temporary fix. This is not routine with you it don't mean that much to me" (Adele. "Best for Last"). That's clear that the character of the song is lying either just to the beloved person or both to him and herself, and I do understand her so clearly, as any girl would behave like this in order not to show her real hurt feelings and hidden thoughts, open heart and all the rest. After the chorus in the middle of the song the hero is being honest again: "what am I supposed to do to make you want me properly?" She is seeking real serious feelings for herself and she can clearly see that her beloved person isn't looking for the same with her. But she is still hoping for the best, as her love gives her enough of power to keep on trying to get what she wants. She is not just waiting, she is ready "to do" something. The last part of the song is my favorite, it is so truthful that it can't leave the audience untouched: "But, despite the truth that I know I find it hard to let go and give up on you" (Adele. "Best for Last"). Now she is completely honest with herself and with us. She is ready to face the truth and realize how strong her feelings are even if she tries to hide them from everyone. And these are the deepest lines of the song for me: "Seems I love the things you do. Like the meaner you treat me the more eager I am" (Adele. "Best for Last"). When I hear to them the memory brings the most emotional moments of my life back to me and I'm grateful to this song for it. These words show how people think when they are in love for real, they may realize that their love will stay unrequited, but they also understand that it can't stop from loving - "And I think that I know things may never change" (Adele. "Best for Last"). And the end of the song is very optimistic, it's full of hope and love, trust in that everything is possible for them: "And I'm all you need so that you never want more… And you'll be the one for me and me the one for you".

As for the instruments, the rhythm guitar is used through all the song and only during the choruses other instruments are helping too. The only instrument helps to emphasize the singer's incredible voice and the lyrics. I really like this and think this also very appropriate for the genre, as this song sounds a bit more like jazz rather than pop as the rest of the songs from the album (Adele. 19). The music is generally more sophisticated and the melody is far not that simple as contemporary pop songs have. As a jazz composition, the song is perfect for dancing. And as I have already mentioned above, I've been dancing since I was 3 years old, so when listening to this song I'm dreaming about different dance compositions. I'm sure that once I'll use this melody to dance for it and I'll use one of my ideas for it. The change of the melody during choruses and verses is a great source for a dance with a plot. I see this dance as the one of two people, a guy and a girl with lots of hand balances, which will show his attitude towards her and her desire for love. I can easily imagine all the moves and especially the optimistic ending when both dancers freeze in a hug.

The mood of the song can't be described in one word, as it is changeable thanks to both music and lyrics which match and coexist in a harmony. The mood is both sad and sappy at the same time. The hero is in love, which is not requited, but these emotions make her life full of colors. And the end of the song sounds uplifting to me, hope didn't disappear, the love won. As far as I'm concerned the message of the song is that we shouldn't lose hope ever, we shouldn't hide our feelings from ourselves and we have to believe in the happy end for us. The message is that we must live and feel this life as it is.

I've always thought that there are three main components that make a song perfect. These are music, lyrics and voice of the singer. These three create the mood attracting you to come back to it again and again, to listen it over and over. As I mentioned the lyrics are the first out of them for me, it makes songs special for me as I associate them with myself, but on the other hand I'm also looking for the rhythm and feelings in the songs that makes them danceable for me. The voice is the last, but not the least of course. To sum up I want to say that this song contains all the necessary components which all together touch me deeply and make this song full of sense and close for me.