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She had spent the last few weeks waiting to hear about a possible promotion and now it was hers. There were only two problems: she would be working longer hours than she was now and she would be working on another floor for a boss she had not yet met.

As long as her husband was willing to put up with her extended hours, Michelle would be more than able to handle her new responsibilities. This was what she had worked so hard for these last three years.

At twenty-six, Michelle was a very beautiful woman. She was 5'7" tall with a slender build, blonde hair pinned back, and big light blue eyes. She worked hard to keep her body in shape, going to the gym several times a week. Michelle maintained the same figure she had when she first met her husband in college.

She could have been a model but was more interested in pursuing her degree and wanted to start a family when she finished college. Unfortunately, her busy schedule at the firm meant her dreams of having children never materialized.

When she broke the news to her husband he immediately urged Michelle to take the new position. Money had been tight around the house. Michelle's husband was an aspiring writer with a few short stories and internet columns published. This brought in a bit of money but Michelle was the breadwinner and with this new promotion looming that would continue unless her husband managed to write a major hit.

Michelle felt some resentment towards her husband. They both knew money was tight but he wasn't willing to give up his dream of being a writer. She felt he could at least put it on hold until they were more financially secure.

Michelle took the promotion and a week later she was given her own office two floors up. She was given the guided tour and was introduced to several of her new co-workers before being led to the office of her new boss, Mr. Stevens.

Michelle had expected to her new boss to be a short, middle-aged lawyer type. She was shocked when she entered the office and the man standing before her was tall, athletic, and extremely handsome. With his strong features and full head of dark brown hair he didn't appear to be much older than she was.

He reached out to shake her hand and when they touched her pulse quickened and her entire body felt flush and warm.

Michelle spent the next few weeks putting in lots of extra time at the office. She wanted to make a good impression on her new boss Mr. Stevens. He seemed to be very happy with her efforts, constantly complementing her on her work and offering her new and more important assignments. This led to her spending more late evening s and long weekends at the office and less time at home with her husband.

Things had become difficult at home. Michelle had been so busy at the office she rarely had time to eat a meal with her husband and they had not had sex since shortly after her promotion. She found herself not wanting to come home from work most nights just so she could avoid whatever inevitable argument they would end up having.

One evening in early December, Michelle and Mr. Stevens were the only two left on their floor. Everyone else had gone home hours ago while the two of them sat in their respective offices working late into the night. While finishing up a file she heard a knock on her office door and when she looked up there was Mr. Stevens with a small bottle of Champaign in hand.

"I thought we might take a break and celebrate," he said "you've been doing great work here and everyone has taken notice."

Michelle blushed, "Thank you Mr. Stevens. I'd love to have a drink with you." He smiled and said, "Call me Jeff."

An hour later they had finished off most of the bottle and were sitting on the couch in Mr. Stevens' office. Michelle had just finished telling him about the trouble she and her husband were having. With money so tight and the lack of time together Michelle feared they were growing further and further apart.

"Michelle," Mr. Stevens said softly, "it pains me to hear you are going through such a tough time. You know how much I care about you, don't you?"

As he said this he gently placed his hand on Michelle's knee and looked at her with his beautiful brown eyes. Before she knew what she was doing, Michelle leaned in and kissed him. It was like nothing she had ever felt. As she felt his soft lips on her own and parted them to let his tongue find its way inside of her mouth her whole body tingled with electricity.

He leaned closer and laid Michelle down against the couch. As his powerful arms held her gently, his strong body pressed against her own, Michelle felt lust stirring inside of her. She hadn't felt aroused like this with her own husband in years, not since they were dating in college. Thoughts of her husband brought her back to the present. What was she doing? She was married and this man was her boss.

She drew back her head and looked at him. "I'm sorry," he said, almost as if he could read her thoughts, "I know you are a married woman. It's just... I've wanted this for months. I've never met anyone as smart and beautiful as you and when you told me how things were with your husband I though..." he trailed off.

Michelle had to admit to herself that she had also wanted this since the moment they first met and now she was aching to continue, marriage be damned. Looking deep into his beautiful brown eyes she knew what choice she was going to make tonight.

Michelle sat up and got up from the couch. As Jeff moved to rise she put a hand on his chest and shook her head. "Michelle?" he asked, "what are you..." he quickly cut off as she rose and began to unbutton her blouse.

She slowly began to reveal herself to her boss. He was the first man who had seen her luscious body since she married her husband and Michelle could feel her body react; she could feel herself getting wet. She had gone without sex for so long that her pussy ached to be filled. She needed this as much as he did.

His arousal was apparent as his cock bulged within his pants. The sight of Michelle's body beautiful, half-naked body had his large member straining to escape. She slowly knelt down and unbuckled his belt, sliding his pants off and exposing his eager manhood. Michelle held back a gasp. It was the largest cock she had ever seen; at least eight inches and thicker than her wrist. Her boss was far more endowed than her husband.

She had always thought her husband's cock was more than adequate but after seeing Mr. Smith's large member she wasn't so sure. The sight of his enormous cock sparked a deep primal lust inside of her.

Michelle climbed into her bosses' lap, straddling him, and began to kiss him passionately. As their tongues danced together Michelle guided her hands reaching down and grasped Jeff's large cock. Her hand was barely able to wrap around the entire width of the shaft but she felt it stiffen as she began to frantically work her hand up and down its length.

She felt his tough hands explore her body and she pumped his stiff shaft and gently massaging his balls with the other. His hands made their way down her back, gripping her ass firmly. As they kissed his fingers began to slowly rub the outside of her panties, no doubt feeling the moisture soaking the thin fabric.

Michelle gasped as he slid her panties aside and began to rub his fingers along her outer lips, delicately teasing his way around her clit. Michelle could tell Jeff was experienced and that he wanted to make sure she got as much pleasure out of this as possible.

She let out a moan as he parted her lips and slipped two fingers inside of her soaking cunt. Her tight vaginal muscles instantly clamped down on the welcome invaders with a desperate need. His thumb began to expertly tease her clit and she knew she wouldn't last long.

As his expert touch worked on her fully aroused clit, Michelle began to feel the waves of an orgasm start to build deep within her body. She had gone far too long without sex of any kind, too long without an orgasm; she needed this release and Jeff knew just what to do.

Michelle gasped and lost control of herself as the first orgasm hit her. Waves of pleasure seemed to radiate out from Jeff's hand as they consumed her entire body. Her cunt gripped his probing fingers like a vice and as she started to cum she could feel her own wetness coating his fingers, her panties, and her thighs.

"Oh God, oh yes, oh yes, I'm cumming, Baby, I'm cumming!" Michelle moaned, "Don't stop, Baby, don't stop. Make me cum, Jeff, please make me cum."

Michelle lost track of time, frozen in a type of ecstasy she had never known before now. Orgasm after orgasm raced through her body and mind placing Michelle in a state of complete and utter bliss. She had never been aroused so quickly and never had so more than a single orgasm at a time.

As her orgasms began to fade her body went limp and she slipped hard down to the floor. She was still shaking from the pleasure when she realized she had released his cock in the throes of orgasm and now it sat before her nearly at eye level.

Michelle knew what she wanted to do at once. Her boss had just given her the most mind-blowing orgasms of her life and she wanted to return that favour. She looked into his eyes and told him to sit back on the couch. Jeff was quick to follow her command and Michelle took his stiff rod in both hands and guided his hard cock into her wet, warm mouth.

She could taste his pre-cum as she began to take as much of his penis inside her as she could manage. It was so large that she couldn't get the entire shaft inside her mouth but from his reaction that was more than enough. Jeff's eyes were closed in ecstasy; every muscle in his strong, athletic body had tensed up from sheer pleasure as Michelle worked her wet mouth along his long shaft.

He began to writhe on the couch as she gently massaged his balls while she bobbed up and down on his hard cock. "I'm going to cum soon," he gasped, looking down at her. Michelle stopped for a moment, lifted her head up, and looked deep into his eyes "I want you to cum in my mouth," she replied, "I want to taste you."

That must have pushed Jeff over the edge because he let out a moan and Michelle could feel the first pulse of cum hit the inside of her mouth.

It felt like he came forever. Seven or eight huge jets flooded Michelle's mouth. She had never enjoyed the taste of cum but now she could not get enough. It was like a drug. Jeff tasted far better than any man she had been with; far better than her husband. It was almost sweet with just a tiny hint of the expected saltiness.

As Jeff finished he sighed and sank back into the couch; his erection slowly fading. Michelle continued to expertly work his deflating cock with her mouth desperate to get every drop of his wonderful seed.

She wasn't sure what was going to happen now. She had cheated on her husband with her own boss and, surprisingly, did not feel guilty about it at all. She did wonder what would become of her relationship with Jeff in the days and weeks to come.

Over the next few weeks Michelle was invigorated. That late December night shared with Mr. Stevens had awoken feelings of lust and desire that she had not felt in years. She was constantly turned on. Michelle and her husband fucked several times throughout the month but she always found herself thinking of her boss, Jeff, when her husband was inside of her. He was on her mind constantly and she knew she had to have him again.

At work things had returned to business as usual. Michelle started wearing new, more revealing clothes around the office. She would catch Mr. Stevens looking at her while she wore them and she knew he wanted a chance to rekindle what they had as much as she did.

As the end of December came around the whole floor prepared for the big Christmas party. When Michelle brought this up to her husband and told him that they had both been invited he told her he was far too busy on his new piece of writing and couldn't afford to be distracted by some silly party at her office. Upset that he couldn't take one night off from his work to go to an important event with her, Michelle opted to go alone. She decided that the party would be the perfect opportunity to take the next step with Jeff and wasn't going to miss her chance.

Michelle arrived at the party while it was in full swing; she had bought a sexy new dress for the occasion and was ready to get Jeff's attention. As she got off the elevator and made her way to the crowd she looked like a model. The dress was just tight enough to show off her shapely hips and breasts and she could feel every man in the room checking her out as she walked over to where Jeff was entertaining.

As she made her across the room Jeff caught sight of Michelle and waved her over. He was talking to a pair of older men that she didn't know.

"Sir, this is Michelle, the new transfer I've been telling you about," he said to the taller man. "She's been putting in more hours than my next two employees combined and has a real talent for her work. Michelle, this is Mr. Lions, my boss."

"Ah, Michelle, I've heard many good things about you," said Mr. Lions, "I hope Jeffery here hasn't been working you too hard. The firm is lucky to have someone as talented as you and we don't want you burning out when you do such great work."

"It's no trouble, Mr. Lions," she replied, "I love my work and Mr. Stevens here is everything you could ask for in a boss. He makes working here an absolute pleasure."

As she finished her sentence she caught Jeff's eye and quickly excused herself. Michelle quietly made her way to the offices on the other side of the floor, well away from the other partygoers. She opened the door to one of the outer offices and stepped through the darkened doorway.

She made her way to the windowed wall and looked out. The view of the city on the snowy December night was breathtaking.

"Beautiful," she said to herself.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you," Jeff whispered softly into her ear.

Michelle gave a small start as she felt his hard body press against her own, his powerful arms wrapping around her waist. Her heart raced with excitement as Jeff kissed the nape of her neck. The touch of his lips upon her skin sent shivers down her spine.

One of his hands slid down her body and began to gently lift the front of her short skirt. Michelle wasn't wearing anything under her dress and as his deft fingers began to rub her moist slit and her throbbing clit she stepped away from him. She turned to face him and slipped her shoulders out of the dress, stepping forward as it fell to the floor.

They embraced wildly as Michelle ripped at Jeff's shirt, tearing it open and exposing his hard muscled chest and abs. Stripping from the rest of his clothes he lowered his tongue to her breast, brushing her nipple, and then sucked it in to his mouth. Michelle let out a moan of pleasure as her body responded to this new sensation.

He toyed with her sensitive nipples with his mouth and tongue until they throbbed with wild beating of her heart.

Jeff took control, laying her down onto the couch and pushing her knees aside as he exposed her delicious cunt. Her pussy lips were pouting open, wetness pooling at the entrance to her cunt, her clit was throbbing and fully aroused. He lowered his face to her cunt and began ran his tongue along the entire length, tasting her juices as he focused his lips upon her clit, gently taking it into his mouth.

"Oh God." Michelle gasped, "Oh, yes, yes, just like that. Suck on my clit. Oh, yes, that's it. Suck it, suck it. Fuck, fuck, oh God! I'm going to cum. Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Michelle moaned and squirmed as he worked his tongue over her button. She grabbed the sides of his head and held tight as she ground her hips into his face. She was in a state of absolute pleasure when her orgasm hit. Waves of delight washed over her writhing body, her juices covering Jeff's face and tongue as he worked her steaming cunt.

As Michelle's orgasm subsided, Jeff climbed up towards her and they kissed. Their tongues danced in their mouths and she could taste herself on his tongue. She looked down at his huge throbbing cock and knew she needed to have it inside of her now.

Michelle reached down and wrapped her hand around the base of Jeff's cock. She slowly guided it up towards her welcoming pussy. She slowly rubbed the head of his cock against her lips before gently letting the first half of his cock slip into her warm cunt.

They both gave a small moan; Michelle had never felt a penis so large inside of her but she was so eager and lubricated that it was able to enter her without any pain. Jeff began to slowly work his cock completely into her hot cunt, slowly pumping in and out.

As his cock fully embedded itself inside of her, Michelle felt completely satisfied. She had never felt so full, so complete, as she did with this enormous member deep within her hot, wet cunt. Jeff began to speed up his thrusting and Michelle began to thrust her hips forward at him as he pumped her. Michelle was overcome with pleasure as she felt her tight pussy clasping his cock.

He pumped in and out of her pussy with a desperate need. The sensation was almost too much for Michelle to take. She reached down and began to rub her clit, increasing her pleasure as Jeff pounded her cunt.

"Michelle, I'm going to cum." He warned as he pounded away.

"Cum inside me Jeff," she replied.

"But what about your husband? What if I get you pregnant?" Jeff asked, alarmed.

"It doesn't matter; I want to feel you fill me with your seed. I have to."

Michelle could feel him begin to thrust faster as he began to near orgasm. She could feel another building inside of her own body as well. Just a few seconds more and they would both share in the ultimate release together.

Jeff let out a long moan as his balls spasmed. He plunged his cock deep inside her body as he began to shoot his hot cum deep into her waiting womb.

"I'm cumming!" Jeff gasped, "Oh god! I'm filling you with my cum."

"Yes! Yes! I want your hot cum inside of me!" Michelle told him as her worked her clit with renewed desperation.

Feeling the first hot splashes of his seed filling her body pushed Michelle to another orgasm. It exploded across her entire body like an electric shock. She was in a state of complete bliss as she felt his hot cum coating her insides.

They came for what seemed like hours before Jeff collapsed on top of her. His deflating cock still impaled her pussy. He slowly pulled it out of her cunt as she lay under him with her knees spread and her cunt open. Michelle could feel a small trickle of his semen as it began to leak out of her well-fucked pussy and run down her ass.

As she lay in his arms on the couch, Michelle had never felt so completely satisfied. She didn't care if, after tonight, she ended up pregnant with Jeff's child. She didn't care whether her husband discovered what had happened between her and Jeff. All she cared about was this strong, handsome man who held her so tightly and she knew that together they could handle whatever the future might bring.