Mary Shelleys And Bram Stokers Convey Meaning English Literature Essay

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Frankenstein was written by a famous novelist named Mary Shelley. This novel made a powerful impact in the world of literature. I was stunned to see at what Shelley has invented in this novel. She was telling a story from a story in a form of letters which I found very interesting and creative. She forms this hideous creature in her mind and brings it to the reality of the book. This use of creation was the key thing to the novels theme and also the icing on the cake to all the problems Dr. Frankenstein had. Bram Stoker's Dracula I believe is one of the best known vampire stories in the world. I believe everyone has an idea of who Dracula was and in this classic book that was produced to give terror in the fantasy world, has also produced an image that is still seen today (Twilight for example). Bram Stoker uses the novel to also look at the sexuality that was given or seen in the Victorian Era and Christian religion. It conveys this belief of fear/terror and is also based on this creature looking to spread his disease by seduction.

Society is definite. It will always be there as a pleasure and a drain. In Frankenstein Shelley opens the story with a letter from Robert Walton who left to St. Peters burgh in Russia and sent that letter to his adopted sister Elizabeth who lived in England. This opening to the story is to catch the reader's attention on how he tries to encourage her to share this enthusiasm that he has about his journey to the North Pole to discover many things that no other man has discovered. Later in the novel Shelly reveals the true story of Dr. Frankenstein and his journey. His thirst for knowledge grows tremendously and quickly leads to a monstrous creation. Dr. Frankenstein after a while notices that his creation was not as he well dreamt of and later


abandons it. Frankenstein the Monster later goes out into society and is denied by everyone except for a blind man. Frankenstein the monster gets tired of looking for love and affection and then later starts to look for his creator and seeks revenge. 

When the monster goes and tries's to find his creator feelings of despair and loneliness are seen in the novel. From the beginning of the creation of the "Dreary night of November (Shelley, pg 42), the monster was given life and was denied by his own creator. Shelley's writing in the sections where the monster was alone and being denied by society itself was very sad and dark. The different settings of the novel greatly impacted on the story and characters. For example the monsters creation and his revenge made the doctor go to "the desert mountains and dreary glaciers" to be his refuge (Shelley, pg 84). He was afraid that the monster will find him in Russia or other places that he went to so he went on his journey to the North Pole to get away from his creation. The entire story is mysteriously set in the cold Arctic, and Dr. Frankenstein is founded by his monster there but, fails to destroy him and he dies because if the cold arctic weather.

I believe that denial and anger made the monsters heart cold. The monster let his negativity get the best out of him, and this resulted to an impulsive act and taste for revenge.  Due to the monsters appearance everyone didn't even have an idea that this monster would have feelings or emotion even though he looked the way he did. The monster did have a great bag of emotions just like everyone in society has no matter how they look or act and I believe that's what Shelley was trying to communicate to us. Shelley's narrative structure in this novel was very interesting.

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As said before she told a story from a story in a form of letters. Little by little she made the novel more powerful by the doctor's creation and the monsters revenge on the doctor. Everything in this book was well prepared and held on to my attention until the very end.

Dracula was written by Bram Stoker a famous novelist with a mind like no other. This story in the mind of Stoker was very interesting to read about, and is one of the most famous horror stories of all time. It was shaped in journal entries, letters, phonograph recordings and newspaper articles. It all starts off with Jonathan Harker. He was sent to Transylvania to talk and interchange opinions with a supposable person called Count Dracula. When Harker meets Dracula and stays there for a while he begins to see what odd things Dracula appears to show. He then finds out that Dracula drinks blood from babies or other people. Later he finds out that he is being held captive in the castle for his blood and tries to escape. Further more in the novel Lucy gets bit and begins to get infected by Dracula's disease, and Mina starts to see what is really going on. Jonathan and Mina later get married and Lucy begins the transformation. To save Lucy from really transforming into another Dracula, they call for a doctor/professor named Van Helsing. He then does blood transfusions on Lucy and try's different treatments also using garlic but none of them work and Lucy dies.

After Lucy was pronounce dead only Van Helsing knew and realized that Lucy turned into a vampire and went out with his colleagues and doctor Seward to put a knife into Lucy's heart, fill up her mouth with garlic, and chop off her head. When Mina returns with Jonathan Harker she then see's Dracula in the streets of London and does not notice that Dracula wants to make her his vampire wife. Little by little she's seduced and gets bit and begins to

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Transform's herself into a vampire. Throughout the novel, there were many scientific techniques used to take out this vampire disease from a person's body, but none of them seemed to work they only worked for a little bit and then there affects disappeared. Later in the novel I notice Van Helsing and his crew tries to save Mina Harker but they themselves noticed that they have to kill Dracula in order to save her and all humanity. They follow Dracula deep into the wilderness of Europe and when they got the closest chance they did the same thing they did to Lucy knife in heart, head cut off. As Dracula's body turns into dust Mina transforms back to her own self and is saved.

There are however many similarities in Frankenstein and Dracula. They both are monsters that needed to be killed but had their own internal fears. Both books were narrated through multiple people sometimes one person more than the others and Shelley and Stoker have this element of using their text's to drag their readers into their novels and makes the characters fears become one's own fear which is very captivating and exciting to see. In Frankenstein instead of Shelley using victor to start with she uses Robert Walton. There is a literary element called epistolary form which means that the story was told in a form of letters and who ever reads this novel will invite them into this fantasy reality of fear rejection and revenge.