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The movie was about the struggles of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, to reveal the absolute truth behind the governance of Spaniards in the Philippines. Dr. Jose Rizal is probably an educated man; he is not only a writer, but also a doctor, a surgeon, a painter, a sculptor and many more professions. Indeed, our national hero is gifted with talents and knowledge. Aside from this, Dr. Jose Rizal is a great traveler, for he had travelled many places around the world mostly Asia and Europe. And from these explorations, this is why probably he can speak more than 20 languages.

It all began when Dr. Jose Rizal revealed the truth through his writings. The Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are the key ways through which it had revealed the real scenario behind the colonial rule of government and church of Spain in the Philippines. In his novels, it had showed that the accusations of Spain to the Philippines are just false accusations; instead it had showed the real situation of Filipinos. And because of these novels, Filipinos feeling of anger was strengthened and they even wanted a revolution for them to have their own freedom. And because the novel was written by Dr. Jose Rizal, he was accused to be the head of rebellion. Even his brother Paciano was arrested and get him suffer and for him to admit that Dr. Jose Rizal is part of the rebellion movement.

November 1896, Dr. Jose Rizal was arrested and was brought to Fort Santiago, where there they forced him to admit that he is a member of the rebellion. During his stay there, he remembered when his brother Paciano told him the priests GOMBURZA was executed. He also reminisced when his mother Teodora Alonzo was arrested for the accusation that she has poisoned her "hipag". There he also remembered many more things, some of which are: the story of the moth which was told by her Mother, when he left for Binan to study, his life in Ateneo Municipal. Just like any other prisoner, he was given the chance to choose his own lawyer to defend him, among all names in the list he chose Luis Taviel de Andrade, brother of Jose Taviel, who happens to be Dr. Jose Rizal's guard before. There are so many things that Dr. Jose Rizal and Taviel had talked to. Some of this are: those Rizal had fought with. According to Taviel, the noles of Dr. Jose Rizal attacks all of the Spaniards including the church and government with the way they rule the Philippines but Dr. Jose Rizal said that what he writes was just the truth and that everything he writhe the truth is the root. He also said that what Spaniards did to the Filipinos was like what Padre Damaso did to Don Rafael Ibarra. Despite the fact that Padre Damaso was treated well by the Ibarra Family, Padre Damaso did nothing but offend Rafael Ibarra even though he is already dead. Another topic they had talked about is that Filipinos only wanted equality. That we, Filipinos will be known as equal of Spaniards. The last topic they had talked about is the content of El Filibusterismo. Taviel asked if it is really true that the writer's point of view had changed. And that Dr. Jose Rizal cheated himself? His own poetry? That Dr. Jose Rizal used his novel to revenge because he lost his loved on, his family and his profession. That he never saw the real truth, but instead what he sees is his own ambition.

December 26, 1896, the day of Dr. Jose Rizal's trial. The day where it can answer the real root of the rebellion. As usual, Dr. Jose Rizal was accused as the head of the rebellion movement. And because of his writing like the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, and any other more manuscript that attacks the governance of the Spain both of the government and the Church. And the result of all of what Dr. Jose Rizal had written, death is what the Spain wants. The trial was short. It was rushed. And they described that this trial as a joke.

December 30, 1896, day of Dr. Jose Rizal's execution, while he is on his way to the place where he will be executed, he had remembered all happy memories he had. His last wish is that Dr. Jose Rizal will face the firing squad. But then this request is not permitted. So instead, he asks for them not to shoot his head. Because of Dr. Jose Rizal's death, rebellion of Filipinos became more intense. Years after Dr. Jose Rizal's death, he was proclaimed as the national hero of the Filipinos.

It feels so good that this movie was shown. For it had revealed how Dr. Jose Rizal conquered Spaniards not by means of war and blood, but by means of paper and pencil using his own mind and knowledge. The movie was great. Effects were good. Actors and actresses did act nicely and well. The movie did portray well the scenario during the Spanish colonial here in the Philippines. What so nice about this movie is that it had shown the real Filipinos during the Spaniards rule. Some scenes were so brutal but that is what really happened in our past. Some scenes were so funny, this gives more twist in the movie and that it made me more interested to it. What I think that made me confused from watching and understanding it, that it has flashbacks, which somehow made me confused. But if you will watch again the movie you will understand it very well and that it helped in the overall structure of the movie and it will give a variety of taste. Cesar Montano who portrayed Dr. Jose Rizal did act well and he had really captured my attention for he is suitable to be the Dr. Jose Rizal in the movie. Actors and actress who portrayed different role also were so great. Some actors and actresses that capture my attention were listed below.

Actor/Actress Role

Cesar Montano - José Rizal

Joel Torre - Crisostomo Ibarra/Simoun

Gloria Diaz - Teodora Alonso

Jaime Fabregas - Luis Taviel de Andrade

Gardo Versoza - Andres Bonifacio

Pen Medina - Paciano Rizal