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Nurse Andrews was simply fearful about butter. Really they couldnt help feeling about butter, at least, she took advantage of their kindness .(pg 3). The girls societal rank with the death of father becomes weak they were financially weak they were always, thinking of not spending too much money because they were not having enough money when Mr. Farolles comes they tell them that he should not be spendthrift in arranging the funeral and the same to nurse Andrew when she talks about the butted: 'I should like it to be quite simple," said Josephine firmly, "and not too expensive. At the same time, I should like-(Pg5)

when they are fix on to send away Kate, they think that there are prepared made food in stores there is no want for Kate to cook foodstuff, but Constantia says that they are very pricey

"Oh, eggs in various forms!" said Jug, lofty again. "And, besides, there are all the cooked foods." (Pg14) "But I've always heard," said Constantia, "they are considered so very expensive(P14)

They are not that worth enough to buy the readymade food, because with the death of the father they become financially weak .When their father was alive they were not thoughtful about money because father was running the whole home but due to the death of father , they were taking caring of not spending the money .

However , the sense of loneliness of having no mother , no father and no family , no money , no friends is felt all the time in this story. which We are told of Benny their brother who lives in Ceylon remote from them is oblivious of the tribulations of the sisters and their extreme solitary. They desirable for the hold up of someone for the reason that they were so unaided. their recollections over and over to Ceylon. These girls were yearning for the family but we see no one sees the home their brother didn't come to home shows the selfishness of the relation in times of need when the father dies they yearn for him, her mother who dies young, they make inclination if their mother was living, because of too loneliness and at the same time they think of marriage they say.

Because father is important in society and they are alone .Her mother didn't dies a natural death she dies when she was in thirties by the tingle of snake in Ceylon. Death did not only snatches their father but also takes the mother and leaving them alone in the society it was predictable that Benny will come to support them but he also shows it s part by not coming to them so it makes them imagine of marriage because it gets difficult in the society to live alone and they were weak so it was due to the death of the father that makes them realize that they are single which was shown through Ceylon.

Ceylon shows the egotism of the society and family, that there are some self-seeking people in life that they do not heed about the people who are sad and we see no one visits the home. when they were sending father's possession watch to Benny they go out and think it should not be appropriate to send it because the postman may pinch it, it shows the social problem of which the girls were feeling. Constantia and Josephine thinks that if mother was with them, they may have been wedded, having their home ,they might have overcome the loss, the loneliness and the grief but they think if mother was alive still they would have been still single because they were socially not strong, they did not know

"How did one meet men? Or even if they had met them, how could they have got to know men well enough to be more than strangers" (pg 16).

They did not know to meet anyone, they have met only one man and that was the clergyman because they were honest and obedient to father (pg 16), they were innocent they say

"One read of people having adventures, being followed, and so on. But nobody had ever followed Constantia and her" (pg 16)

They wanted a life partner with whom they can spend the life, because a girl cannot live alone before they were not paying attention to marriage but now they are due to the death of father and due to having no contact with outside world and family, friends and the most important their mother.

These girls were not social in that case they think if mother was alive still they would have been still sole and single and because daughters loved their father a lot, due to the father s love they did not got wedded, just for him but when he dies the girls think about matrimony because of the circumstances which are so thorny that they have no other choice because they are feeling sense of loneliness and their future .They think about future that what will happen ,they could not go out because they were not social and they had to junk mail to Ceylon to give the fathers watch but they cannot belief anyone, shows the social problems in life

Oh, will you trust a gold watch to native ? (pg 9)

Where they cannot send the watch because of the fear that he might steal, it shows the conditions of Ceylon then their imagination goes back to Ceylon, they misses their nephew they think about their nephew when they tempt him with love and care to have a tea with him, they give him heavy cake to him, but Cyril rejects to have the initiative of tea shows the weak relationship in the society these are social consequences of death, the negative attitude of the society with the girls who are single and who are without the father that how the attitude of the servant changes with the girl and even the guest who shows her part that she was not taking care for girls and the servant who was not doing her job properly, the absence of father changes their life and they realize that their life has become empty and they become more sad and think of marriage even they want to send letter to Ceylon but they are thinking of how to propel Ceylon a letter because they were girls. So father plays an important role in society and mothers too. Death did not deprive girls of their father but also of their mother. Mothers are also significant they think of their mother and they think of their marriage because of too many tribulations in their social life which they were facing without the father but their wits have turn out to be so weak that they cannot even get married it was due to death making them less self-assurance and disappointing them so they feel to think about future themselves they need to think and they imagine about their family, their memories shows the status of relationship in society which is weak and full of selfish people like Kate and the guest and their status in the society how it gets weak with the death like they become money less they always think about highly costs, they think of not spending too much money on food, death ceremony and when they were sitting in taxi they think of money. They think of the price so death makes them restricted to act so all the happenings were due to death which is the hostile force of nature .it is in nature and is unavoidable phenomena every one dies in a different way like their mother dies because snake nip her she was young and dies accidently and father's death was natural .Death of the father makes them realize the selfishness of relations and they want to get married before they were not paying attention to marriage and the support of the brother whom they misses them constantly.

The girls inability to choose the things is the result due to the lack of parental control, they messes everything, they assume a lot when they are doing something for example it takes time for them to expel the Kate and to manage the home knob less door suggests that parents are important in society and when there are no parents one feels the need of it in every phase of life. When they enter the room of the late father they couldn't enter the room because they feel that power of the father when and they do not want to break it but it becomes breaks with death and for the first time they enter the space of the Colonel.

They fail to act in the society that was due to the death .It is proved that death provided changes in their behavior and the outlook of death was negative, from every perspective death affected family, money and the people relation was shown. All these elements show that they were not having the peace of mind shows their psychological and emotional problems, which are also the part of the society. The disorder of poor language and performance shows some disorder in mind, which was having a great impact on their behavior, which was caused due to their disturbance of mind, will be discussed in next chapter.