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      Macau  is the place of Portuguese footstep in China. It can be also written as Macao, which is currently under the one of the unique Administrative Region of People's Republic of China. Macau mainly comprises of two small islands which located at 37 miles southwest of Hong Kong and another island 90 miles south of Guangzhou and a peninsula. 

      Macau is the only place in China where license is provides to operate the Casinos. Since the tourism in Macau has a main focused on gambling. The most popular attraction in gambling in the region is the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. 

      Since Macau is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer where it experience the tropical monsoon Climate.  

      One can reach Macau either by plane or by Ferry. Those who is arriving by a plane will be landed in the Macau International Airport in Taipa. Once after clearing the immigration and customs there is option to take bus or taxi to depart from the airport. Those who is arriving using the Ferry service will be arriving on the Macau Ferry Terminal which is located on the west side of the Macau peninsula at Porto Exterior. This ferry services runs between Hong Kong and Macau. The taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal located in the northern side of Taipa land, where the ferry runs between the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal and Macau Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal. The Porto interior ferry terminal which located in the end of Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, which facilities the ferries arriving from Shekou in Shenzhen in China. 

      The sites below are the top ten attractions in Macau one shouldn't miss during the visit to Macau. 

Wandering through Fisherman's Wharf 

      Fisherman's Wharf is the newest addition to the Macau's attraction. It is an themed park which is separated into special port towns like Cape Town, Amsterdam and the Italian Riveria. 

Gazing the Cybernetic Fountain show 

      The show is performed on the waterfront which offers music performances with laser shows at night on the holidays and weekends. The show is performed with the help of 288 spotlights and the tallest water jets which can reach up to 80 meters height. The dramatic displays in the fountain are eye-catching and loving.

Tasting the true Macanese cuisine

      In the Taipa Island, Rua da Cunha which is famously known as food street where one can taste the blending of local cuisine with Western and Chinese Cultures. They can also find cuisines that have inspiration from Portugal, Indian and other African Countries all over the food street.

Take a Ride on a cable car to a lighthouse

      The Guji Hill is the peak point in Macau. Guja Fort and Lighthouse are stands over it. One can take a round trip in a cable car to the fort and can walk through the Flora Garden which has a small zoo on it.

Take a pleasure in a notable walking tour

One can view more than twenty past and architectural sites by walking along the  downtown Macau, which includes Dom Pedro V Theatre, the Mandarin's House, St. Joseph's Seminary, the Ruin's of St. Paul's, A-Ma Temple, Na Tcha Temple, Moorish Barracks, the Cathedral and Mount Fortress and the Guia Fortress. One can also enjoy on the Macau's coffee houses, while eating a traditional egg tart.

Viewing nightlife in Macau Tower

Climbing to the observation deck with its breathtaking views, or eat at the 360 Cafe, Macau Tower's revolving restaurant.

Shopping till individual drop at Senado Square

The most famous and admired shopping attraction in Macau is Avenida Almeida Ribeiro, off Senado Square. It has the whole lot of things from luxury boutiques to traditional Chinese delicacies like dried sharks' fin and abalone. The inventive artisan section of Macau is on Rua Nossa Senhora do Amparo to Rua da Tercena.

Visiting the Coloane Island

The visitors interested in the sports must visit the Coloane Island. The Macau Golf and Country Club located in the island have a very exceptional view over the Pearl River and the black-sand Hac Sa Beach. It is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Asia continent. It is open to both locals as well as to the foreigners.

Enjoying the night in the races

  One can spend their nights in the races. . The Canindrome is the only greyhound racing complex in Asia that will be opened in the late evenings to the Macau Jockey Club for horse racing. The another famous Macau racing attraction is the Grand Prix Museum

Visiting a casino

Macau without a doubt offers the best gambling centers in Asia where one can enjoy a game of baccarat, blackjack, roulette, boule, "big and small," fan-tan and slots. Or one can take in a part in the cabaret show and cocktails.


      Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. Tokyo is located in the East-Central Honshu which is the largest of Japan's main islands. The city is situated on the north of the Bay of Tokyo, between the River Arakawa to the

east and the River Tama to its west. 

      Tokyo is a major international centre of finance and it is also the world's most costly city. It is also the largest hub for rail, ground, and air transportation in Japan.  

      The below are some of the top rated attractions that visitors have to make a visit during the visit to the city.. 

Asakusa Kannon Temple 

  This is a temple dedicated to the Buddhist goddess of compassion called Kannon. The temple has been there since the foundation of the city. Even after the several times the building have been destroyes they still retains the original appearance since they restored very authentically after each disaster. 

  The main entrance is named as the Kaminari-mon Gate which means "Thunder Gate" of 3.3meters height and weighs around 100kg. 


  Ginza is the most famous shopping center in Tokyo where one can find anything they needed from any part of the world. There are number of  tea and coffee shops, cafes, bars and restaurants are in that area. During the weekends every shop will be opened and traffic will barred. The crowds of moving people along the place will carry the visitor with them. 

Kabuki-za Theatre 

       Kabuki is an traditional Japanese located in the Ginza. It is worth going to the see the medieval, highly skilled and often burlesque theatrical form. Performances are given all through the year. The scene inside the theatre resembles some enormous family get together. The listeners can stay just as long as they wish. 

Imperial Palace 

      Imperial palace is the chief attraction of the Marunouchi district. It is the residence of the Imperial family. The palace consists of Main Building called Kyuden and a residential building called fukiage-gosho and three palace Buildings called Kashikodore, Koreiden and Shinden respectively. The palace is not open to the public where as the palace gardens are opened on two days of the year on 2 January and 29 April during the Emperor's birthday.

Tsukiji Fishmarket

     Tsukiji Fishmarket which is located about 200 meters south of the Tsukiji Honganji Temple. The sales on this market will start at four in the morning. It is best to visit the market between 4.30 am and 8pm. It is better to wear the watertight shoes to prevent water entering in to shoes.

Rikugien Park

The Rikugien Park is located near the Gokukuji temple and it can be reached just only eight minutes walk from the railway station. The park is the characteristic example of the 18th Century landscaping called Tsukiyama which is a knoll lake and an island

Ueno Park

The Ueno Park is the one of the popular attractions in Tokyo. It is also the largest park in Tokyo. The park is criss-crossed by gravel paths. On the reed-fringed Shinobazu Pond where the boats can be hired for trips around a little island with its Bentendo Temple. With the zoo and aquarium in the park makes the park to be a real park for the people. The park also has a cultural center with a number of museums, many temples, shrines and pagodas and some important public buildings.

Tokyo National Museum

The National Museum of Tokyo has more than 100,000 works of Japanese, Chinese and Indian art. Apart from that it has more than 100 of Japan's National Treasures. Its main building which have 25 exhibition galleries on it of which 20 are normally open to the public. The museum was built between 1932 and 1938 to replace the Imperial Museum, which was seriously damaged in the 1923 earthquake, and presented to the Imperial House.

Behind the main building of the museum there is a typical Japanese landscape garden.

Kannei-ji Temple

It is located in the north part of the Ueno Park and to the east of the Tokoyo Arts University. After the destruction of the original temple it has transferred here in 1875 as a replacement.

Tokyo Disneyland

   Tokyo Disneyland has many of the more popular attractions and restaurants found in the USA. About 300 entertainers appears daily in the stage show, musical performances and parades. One can see the Mickey Mouse and all the other Disney Characters greeting the visitors and signing the autograph. The Tokyo Disneyland has unique attractions such as "Pinocchio's Daring Journey", "The Eternal Seas" and "Meet the World".

Apart from the above listed places there is quite number of places the visitors can visit in Tokyo.


      Mauritius is the island located in Indian Ocean just about at 2400 kilometers from the South East Coast of Africa. It has a total area of 720 Square miles. The mountains are spread through out the island. The other main features of the island are the tropical forests and plants in the island which adds natural beauty to the island. The coral reef almost surrounding the island except over the south helps to protect more than 90 miles of white sand beach and transparent lagoons from the open sea. The day average temperature is 27 degrees whereas in the night the temperature rarely goes below 20 degrees. 

Main attractions in the northern region 

Grand Bay 

      This is the first region in the island to experience the tourism boom. It is heart of the nightlife which has restaurants, bars and discos. Most of the locals and tourist will head to the place when they need the fun filled night. Apart from the nightlife the place is popular for shopping and leisure joy.  


      The Pereybere public beach is very popular among the tourist for its shopping facilities and for its pubs and restaurants. They also have the Watersports on the beach.  

Mont Choisy


      It is the longest and largest public beach in the island. This beach is fully covered by the fine white sand. 

Balaclava Ruins 

      A short distance from Baie aux Tortues, which was named by sailors after they found several tortoises in the area, the visitors can be found the ruins of the old Balaclava estate. The Visitors also can able to see the sea walls, whose initial fundamentals were lay down by Mahé de Labourdonnais.

The Triolet Shivala

      The Triolet is the longest village on the island. Triolet has a biggest Hindu temple named the Maheswarnath it was first built in 1819 in honor to the Gods Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, Murugan, Brahma and Ganesan. 

Pamplemousses Gardens  

      The main attraction in the Pamplemousses Gardens is its talipot palm that flowers only once every sixty years and then dies and for its Victoria regia giant water lilies. The garden also has many plants species and palm trees in it.  

The Labourdonnais Orchard 

      While tripping on the mountain bikes one can notice the various range of the tropical fruit trees and colorful and perfumed striking flowers. 

Cap Malheureux 

       It is a church with red roof which opens to its large Fisherman community who lives on the northern part of the island. 

Main attractions in the eastern region 

Belle Mare Beach


       It is beach for those who want to enjoy the warmness in a tranquil environment. 

Flacq Market 

      Flacq is one of the important villages in Mauritius. It is the country's largest open air market with extremely colorful that attracts large number of people.

The Water park Leisure Village

      The visitors can have unforgettable moments by sliding on the giant chutes, with family or friends. Relaxation and pleasure are assured.

Ile aux Cerfs

      Ile aux Cerfs is a heaven for water sports and has the most attractive beach in Mauritius. It is a real pearl on the Mauritian landscape. 

Main attractions in the South east region

Dutch Ruins

In Vieux Grand Port, which is the oldest settlements in Mauritius where one can see the wreck of the first Dutch ramparts.

Ile aux Aigrettes

The island has become an international standard for the protection of natural resources and endangered species. A few of the world's rarest birds, such as the kestrel, can be seeing there. You can also discover the extremely rare Pink Pigeon, the Green Gecko Phelsuma and the Aldabra giant tortoise.


It is the one of the main fishing villages constructed over the glorious Grand Port Bay on the island.

Domaine du Chasseur


       It has fabulous hunting grounds covering an area of 900 hectares. Stags, monkeys and boars are commonly found on the hillside. The Domaine contains a four thatched-roof bungalows and a restaurant with a panoramic sea view.


      It is small seaside resort located along the uneven coast of the Savanne district

La Vanilla Reserve des Mascareigenes

      Over 500 giant tortoises and Nile crocodiles as well as a variety of fauna and flora thrive in the La Vanilla Reserve des Mascareignes. Insectariums possess 20,000 species of insects including butterflies from different regions of the world. The Crocodile Affine offers local cuisine and for the more adventurous lovers of fine food, a specialty of crocodile meat.

Main attractions in the Western region

Martello Towers

The Martello Towers stands as a symbol of the ancient enmity between old colonial powers and the ingenuity of mankind. They are a goal in the island's history; they represent the end of slavery and the opening of the Indian immigration.


A zigzag road leads from Case Noyale village to the colored earths of Chamarel: an undulating landscape of special and contrasting shades of colors. The different shades of blue, green, red and yellow are apparently the result of the erosion of the volcanic ash. The site possesses a rare beauty.



It is a bird park located in the Riviera Noire district stretches over 25 hectares and contains more than 140 bird species from all five continents. Other attractions in the park which includes fish ponds, tigers, tortoises, monkeys, deer and orchids.

Main attractions in the Inland region

L'Aventure du Sucre

By visiting an interactive and ultra modern exhibition situated in the inland one can discover the fascinating history of Mauritius and its sugarcane adventure exposed over 5000 sq meters.

Ganga Talao


Ganga Talao is an important pilgrimage place and many Mauritian of the Hindu faith walk there during the MahaShivaratri festival or the night fasting dedicated to Shiva.



      It is an essential place to visit during ones stay in Mauritius if one wishes to immerse in the tropical sweetness 


Milan is the capital for the Lombardy state and it is the second largest city in Italy. It is the primary industrial center for the Italy. It is the important railroad junction. It is the one of the largest silk market in the Europe. The main industries in Milan are textiles, manufacture of cars, chemicals and papermaking. Milan is a city most part of it are modern. 

The following are the some of the top sights and attractions in Milan 

Teatro alla Scala 

      It is the symbol of Milan. It was designed by an architect name Giuseppe Piermarini. The building is an impressive Neo-Classical structure and it is one of most frequently visited landmarks in the city. It was opened in 1778  with the dramatization of Salieri's opera entitled 'L'Europa Riconosciuta'. 

Tempio della Vittoria 

      Tempio della Vittoria is a marble memorial located in front of the barracks of Garibaldi. It has an octagonal shape and it has three floors in it. An impressive range of materials has been used during the construction. The memorial holds number of monuments in it. The electric beacon in the memorial can be seen from 15 kilometers away. The niches and the ledges in the building are crafted by the famous artists such as Lombardi, Maiocchi  and Supino. 

Corso Vittorio Emanuelle 

      Corso Vittorio Emanuelle is the most popular covered shopping street in Milan which connects Piazza Dumono and the Teatro alla scala. The walking passage offers the greatest selection of stores and enhances the second largest pedestrian precinct in the city center. Even on the rainy days the place is very convenient for shopping by providing shelter and a warm ambience for shoppers. 

Piazza Dumono 

      Piazza Dumono is the major square in the Milan and it is one of most well-known tourist spots in Milan. It is located in the city center and it can be easily reached by trains. In the square one can visit the comfortable shops and attractive restaurants with inviting decorations and first-rate cuisines  

Biblioteca Ambrosiana 

      Biblioteca Ambrosiana is one of the oldest libraries in Milan. It also has a art gallery called Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. The library focuses on religion, history and literature of the classical period. The name of the library come from a patron saint of the city of Milan called St Ambrose  

Duomo Cathedral in Milan 

      Duomo Cathedral which is situated in the Piazza Dumono. Dumono is one of the largest Catholic cathedrals in the world. It is of about 157 meters height and it can accommodate about 40000 people in to it. Even today it still stands as the symbol of Milan and attracts travelers with its beauty. 

Arena Civica 

    Arena Civica is the premier event venue in Milan's and was designed in an neo-Classical style. It was built using the materials take from the ruins of the castle. It is located on the north-eastern corner of the Parco Sempjone. 

Naviglio della Martesana 

      The Naviglio della Martesana  is canal.  Its  main  purpose is to provide the fields of the area with water. In the Later days  it is also used as a method of transportation between Milan and Bergamo, Brescia, and the Adda Valley.  


Ticinese Gate 

      Porta Ticinese is located on an ancient Roman route that leading from Milan to Pavia. The foundations of the gate rested upon the material of an earlier, 12th-century structure, part of the city's medieval fortification system. The buildings that sits on both sides of Porta Ticinese and ran symmetrically to the road. 

Via Monte Napoleone 

      Via Monte Napoleone is the top shopping district in Milan. It took this name from the financial institution during the Napoleon's era, which worked with the public debt.  

Poldi-Pezzoli Museum 

  This is the Museum resulted from an art collector named Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli who lived in 1850 who started to decorate of his own apartment in the family palace, which resulted in a series of rooms set in various artistic and decorative styles.


Bagatti-Valsecchi Palace 

The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum is an non-profit museum which is setted in a historic house in the Montenapoleone district of Milan. This museum features the Italian Renaissance Art and Decorative Arts collections of barons Bagatti Valsecchi. The vast exhibits can be viewed in the barons' home, at the same time showcasing the genuine ambiances and the reminiscent well-bred Milanese taste of late 19th Century. 

Litta Theatre 

The 240-seat Litta Theater is the oldest acting theater in Milan and part of the famous Palazzo Litta, representing a living witness of music and drama history, as well as the aristocratically times of opera and theatre in the city. 

Apart from the above attraction the Milan has more attractions such as Parco Nord Milano, Teatro alla Scala Theatre and etc that are very unique of its own.