Love Me Or Hate Me English Literature Essay

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Here I am going to tell you the amazing and memorable moments that I spent with my roommate that I hated to share my room with. My roommate, aka - a hate-mate...or perhaps a "roommate from hell.

Roommates, you can't live with and sometimes you just aren't at the proper grade /level to live without them. Some are random, some are amazing, And most of the time you and your roommate will not end up the same as you started out. Meaning friends… or at least acquaintances… or on speaking terms.

It's still undetermined what truly causes the initial roommate fallout, or that first epic disagreement, but what is clear is that lots of trickery and bad-mouthing goes on when you start to realize how much you hate your roommate.

Okay, so I'd be lying if I were to say that every roommate experience is going to be a match made in heaven.  In fact, sometimes our roommates do and say things that make us want to cry, pour peroxide in their shampoo and wonder if they are the spawn of Satan (or at least his girlfriend).  Let's face it, ladies: when you go to college, whether she "borrows" your underwear (gross) when you're not in your room sometimes you end up with a roommate who causes you to question his/her mental stability. Welcome to roommate hell. 

But before you book yourself a one-way ticket back home, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. College just wouldn't be college without having a few Froot Loops mixed in a bag of otherwise Cheerios, so the best we can do is learn how to deal with those annoying/awkward/I-want-to-kill-her/him roommate situations and, more importantly, how to laugh at them. 

In this essay I will list the main frailties of a bad roommate which from my point of view are a huge drawback of college/university life. Furthermore, I must inform that my roommate possesses all these frailties and I am doomed to have such an alien roommate.

The most defining property of my roommate as a person is that my roommate is not at all easy to talk to. There is little My roommate is ever interested in while i on the other hand am great to talk to about literature, science, mathematics, philosophy, politics, history and languages. I am impossible to offend, very easy-going, and since I speak English, German, Hebrew and Russian and understand most Romanic languages, there is a good chance that anyone would have a hard time conversing in their native language with me if it happens not to be English, unlike my impossible-to-bear-roommate who is an unbearable alien from another hell. 

Furthermore, my alien room(hate)mate produces hell lot of noise for my tolerance for I do not usually listen to music while working. Since I dont like staying up until late at night, waking up late, and generally am more of a diurnal type of person, I guess that's a quite important property to those rather nocturnal specimens of mankind who happen to share a room with me. It also attributes to the fact that I can easily ensure the absence of sleep-impeding mosquitoes at night. I feel obliged to also mention that I have a slight aversion to spiders, and prefer to "take care" of those in my proximity - with as little complaining as my arachnophobia permits. Which again is very unlikely of my messy alien-room(hate)mate who is least bothered about hygiene and crawly creepy creatures hovering here and there. 

Lastly I would say that "Clean your side of the room!" is something you shouldn't have to tell your roommate.   You would think since they moved out of their parents' house they wouldn't want to hear nagging all over again.   From the dirty clothes all over the floor, dirty dishes with nets flying around them, and also the constant noise that they make, are all signs that you have a bad roommate.   A bad roommate is someone who is extremely dirty, rude and egocentric.   

A bad roommate is one who is extremely messy.   First, there are open dresser drawers with clothes cramming out of them.   Clothes are thrown on the floor as if she just changed and didn't bother to pick up her mess and I can smell the outside smell of the clothes that she/he threw on the floor.   On top of the stained clothes, I can smell the old mac-n-cheese cup they left on their desk as well as old popcorn bags that they had eaten days before.   The smell of the trash left behind over powers the Glade plug-in that I had bought from Wal-Mart to cancel out the smell of the leftover food.   Dirty dishes are stacked up to five inches against the wall on their desk with nats lying on them and flying around them.   It seems as if the nets are multiplying because I see them more often than before.   The smell in the room is horrible and I wouldn't dare bring company to our room because it's so embarrassing.   

Besides the messiness, are also very rude.   While I'm trying to study, my roommate brings people up to the room and be very loud.   I get no privacy as well because there is always someone in the room 24/7.   When I go take my shower sometimes I have to make people get out myself because my roommate wouldn't make them go.  Another rude thing that my roomy does is turn the alarm clock loud and leave it on until he is finished showering and dressing. He is not worried that I have class also and that I need my sleep as much as him. Playing his stereo while I'm sleeping, I think, is his favorite torture because it seems like every time....."All the infections that the sun sucks up

From bogs, fens, flats, on Prosper fall, and make him.. By inch-meal a disease!"