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I had been rather reluctant to bring up the subject again. However, the idea has stuck with me throughout our marriage. Its not easy to give up something youve fantasized about for most of your life.

My wife and I had been married for almost five years and tonight I was going to convince Karen to make my ultimate fantasy a reality. Our sex life was excellent and, with the exception of this one fantasy, we were always open to trying new things in bed. My wife and I had indulged in a number of role-play fantasies.

Sometimes Karen would dress up as a maid or a young school girl. She'd come into the bedroom wearing a short little skirt, hair in pigtails, ready to try and sleep her way to an "A" or get a raise from her sexy boss. At my insistence, Karen had gone out and bought a large, realistic looking vibrator. I was the closest I we ever got to my cuckold fantasies; I would often imagine it was a real cock being caressed in her sweet little mouth I fucked her hot pussy.

"You want me to do what?" Karen asked, voice incredulous.

I turned to look at my beautiful wife; at 32 years old Karen was as attractive as she was the day we were married. She was a petite woman with a small frame, perky little breasts, a firm, flat stomach and a pair of curvy hips that expanded into the most amazing round ass.

"It was just a thought, honey. You asked me what would make our anniversary night special and this it." I explained, "I want to watch while you fuck another man."

"I don't get it, Ted. I just can't understand why you want to see me screw another man. You want to let some stranger fuck your own wife? You would enjoy that?"

"I just can't help it, Karen. I've had this fantasy for as long as I can remember."

"Have you really thought this through? This thing you are suggesting... there would be no going back if I went through with it. You understand that? What if I wound up liking it? What if you regretted it afterwards? Are you really willing to risk everything we have for some fantasy?"

I stopped to think for a moment; Karen did bring up some good points about the consequences of such a decision.

"Karen," I said with some hesitation, "You know I will love you no matter what happens. I want you to enjoy it. Watching a different man fuck you -making you his for the night - is exactly what I want."

"So... who exactly would you like to see me fuck?" she asked, "There is no way in hell I would ever fuck one anyone we know. If we were to do this thing we would have to stay completely anonymous."

"It needs to be a stranger. We could pick up someone from a bar... or," I hesitated, "What about a male escort or stripper? They are professionals and we would know all of his personal information. It would be safe."

I could see her mind working; were fantasies of her own beginning to run through her head? Was my gorgeous wife having thoughts of being fucked by a hunky professional?

My cock was raging in my boxer shorts. I couldn't believe we were actually having this conversation and she was going along with it. Her eyes were drawn to the bulge in my pants and she gave me a devilish grin.

"This really turns you on, huh?"

"God yes, Karen. I've fantasized about it for as long as I can remember," I explained.

She climbed over to my side of the bed and straddled me. She pressed her knees tightly against my hip, her pussy hovering inches away from my throbbing cock. I could see her erect nipples poking against the sheer fabric of her pink nightie and her alabaster skin was flush with excitement.

Karen's hand reached down between us, her fingers wrapped tightly around my shaft and she began to gently caress my manhood.

"So my hubby wants to see his sexy wife fuck another man?" she asked, stroking faster.

"Oh god, yes," I gasped, "Oh Karen, baby. I want to see it. I need to see it."

Without another word she guided the tip of my penis to the entrance of her hot pussy and sank down on it, fully engulfing me in a single movement. Karen let out a soft moan as my trembling cock penetrated her depths.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who had been turned on by our little talk; Karen's pussy was soaking wet. My penis slid in and out of her tight pussy with ease as she rode me. I held her hips tightly as they writhed and bucked with reckless abandon.

Neither of us would last long. After a few short minutes I could feel the aching in my balls that signalled an impending orgasm. Karen's pussy muscles were spasming and pulsing, trying to milk my cock and I knew she was about to climax as well.

"I'm going to cum. Karen!"

"Me too, me too! So close! Keep going, baby!"

I was on the brink and began thrusting into her urgently, holding her hips as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her tight cunt. Her body jerked with every hammering thrust and Karen was moaning continuously, responding my swollen cock deep in her petite body.

I continued to pound in and until cries became shriller and she began to come. My cock exploded and I began to spurting inside of her, pulling her hips down and fully impaling her on my cock until out mutual climaxes were finished.

My balls were completely drained and I released her; she dropped to the bed gasping for breath, her pussy overflowing with our mixed juices.

It was the most intense sex I had experienced in years. I had not had a mind-numbing orgasm like that since the two of us were dating. Karen was quiet as we lay together in the afterglow of our fuck. Finally she turned to me and met my eyes.

"I'll do it. God help me, I'll do it."

My mind was racing and I could not sleep that night. The idea of seeing my wife fuck another man had me giddy. My fantasy was finally going to become a reality.


Within the week were browsing the internet looking for the perfect man to fulfill my cuckold fantasy. We browsed the sites of a number of strippers and male escorts trying to screen out any that looked seedy and unprofessional.

Eventually we hit upon a site for a local stripped named Nate. He was a tall, muscular guy and although his pictures didn't show off the goods we were pretty confident he was packing a large cock. I called him up and told him I was looking to hire him for an event for my wife and asked if we could meet in person to go over the details. He agreed and we set up an appointment for the next day.

"So," Karen said as I got off the phone, "I guess we're really going to go through with this, huh?"

"Seems that way," I replied.

She sighed and paced the room nervously, "I can't promising anything, honey; so far you've convinced me to try but if I don't feel comfortable with him I'm not going to just spread my legs and let him fuck me. I want to be the one in charge, if I decide I don't want it... if I tell him to stop it has to stop, understand?"

I reached out and took her hand, "Of course, baby. I would never force you to do something you aren't comfortable with. If things get to be too much for you just say the word and we will end the entire thing immediately. I'll pay him his money, thank him for his time, and send him away. There's nothing to worry about." I told her reassuringly


The following day I met Nate for lunch at a small diner not far from my work. I immediately recognized him when he walked in the restaurant and the pictures on his website did not do the man justice. He had to be at least six foot five, had full head of dark brown hair and a chiselled face that could have come from a GQ magazine. His clothing was well tailored and it hung from his body in a way that showed off his athletic, muscular form.

I caught his eye and waved him over. Over the phone I had told the man that I was looking to hire him for a dancing job and I wasn't sure how to explain the whole truth to him. I finally decided to be direct and simply told him that Karen and I had fantasies about her fucking another man.

I confessed that seeing my wife making love to another man had been a life-long fantasy of mine. I told him that she still wasn't completely on board with the idea; her response had been lukewarm at best and I couldn't guarantee anything would happen.

Nate listened in silence; he seemed interested enough but did not speak.

I nervously explained, "Karen would never consider doing this with anyone we know, news of this can never get around. We considered several different men but decided you would be our best option because your site promised discretion and my wife did find you quite attractive."

I waited for Nate to respond, "I'm flattered that you both would consider me. You may not believe it but this type of stuff is not that uncommon. I've helped a few couples realize this particular fantasy and don't see why I can't offer my services to you."

I licked my lips nervously, "Would you be comfortable with me watching as you fucked her?"

Nate let out a deep laugh, "Not at all," he explained, "It wouldn't bother me one bit. In fact it would probably make the whole thing more exciting for the three of us. Having a husband watch and enjoy as I bang his wife is really erotic."

We sat together for most of an hour talking and working out the details; we agreed that my wife would be in complete control. Karen would be the one who initiated every step of the way and she would call all the shots. I explained that I was not interested in making my wife do this against her will and he said that was more than fair.

"I really think she will be willing to do this but again, I'm not sure what will happen when things actually go down. Although, after meeting you in person like this I don't think she will be able to say no when she sees you."

As I left the restaurant I was thrilled; Nate had agreed to all of our terms. Half the battle was already won and now I just needed my wife to actually go through with it.

The date was set for next Friday night.


My wife and I were both nervous the entire week and as Friday slowly rolled around I was sure that she would call the entire thing off. I told her that while Nate was here she would be in charge and that she could stop at any time. It helped calm her somewhat but I think the wine we had been drinking since dinner was the real reason for lowering her inhibitions.

After dinner Karen went and took a quick shower showered. We had discussed what she should wear tonight and decided it would be best to dress in her sexiest clothing. She put on a satin garter belt and nylon stockings, a lacy pink camisole, frilly pink panties and a sheer half-slip.

Her panties and nylon stockings were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her slip and her perky breasts hung seductively beneath the camisole, not needing any support. I could the dark outline of her erect nipples as they poked the tight fabric.

She selected a tight black dress that stopped mid thigh and showed off her amazing figure. As we made our way downstairs my cock was tight in my pants. Karen looked so incredibly sexy and when she twirled around for me I could make out the edge of her panties beneath the hem of her dress.

"Do you think this is sexy enough?" she asked, eyes sultry and seductive, "I still can't believe you want to sit and watch me fuck another man, to have him spread my legs and put his big cock inside of me. We can still call it off right now... But, if I do go through with this you won't able to stop it. Do you understand? Do you still want to go through with it?"

"I want to do this more than anything else in the world," I admitted, "I love you and I want this for both of us. It's just sex without any emotional ties... I can handle it."

Nine o'clock rolled around and the doorbell rang. By then we had been through almost half the bottle and Karen had loosened up somewhat; she seemed like she was willing to at least watch Nate put on his show. Nate arrived dressed in a dark sports jacket and tight, form-fitting slacks. I had to admit the man looked sharp. I welcomed him in to our home we made our way to the living room to join Karen for drinks and conversation.

When Nate walked in the room I could Karen was nervous; she couldn't meet Nate's eyes, face flush with embarrassment. I could see her breasts straining against her dress as her quick, excited breath made them rise and fall rapidly. We spoke for a short time and when the conversation began to slow and Nate asked if we were ready for him start the show.

Karen nodded nervously and I made my way over to the stereo -putting on some slow dance music- before I positioned myself on a chair in the corner.

My wife sat alone on the sofa with a look of anticipation on her face and I was filled with nervous excitement. Nate slowly danced to the music and as he began to peel off his tight shirt I could see my wife's attention was fully focused on his muscular body. Slowly, I began to relax and enjoy the show; I was feeling strangely comfortable watching my wife and her stud.

Nate took his time, dancing slowly, teasing my wife as he removed his pants. Ripping the slacks away revealed a tight thong and his large package. Karen's eyes bulged and she glanced at me for an instant; our eyes met briefly, and gave me a mischievous smile.

Nate continued to dance in front of the couch, close to my wife, with his bulging crotch almost at eye level. He started to slowly gyrate his hips to the music. My wife seemed hypnotized by the movement, eyes locked on his bulging crotch. Slowly she began to lean forward, her face a mask of concentration, and reached out towards his crotch.

She placed her fingers on his hips on and helped ease him out of his tight white underwear, revealing an enormous cock that hung before her aroused and erect. I caught my breath slowly taking in the sight of his enormous manhood inches from my wife's face.

I watched, body frozen in a state of erotic shock, as her hands gently grasped his cock and ran her hands along Nate's the entire length, from head to base and then back again. I watched with growing excitement as Karen licked her lips, looked over at me, and winked with a naughty grin.

"How about we take this upstairs, Nate?" she asked.

Her hands still gripped his cock as she led him up to our bed. I followed the paid and as she made her way up the stairs I could see her smooth thighs through the sheer slip. My eyes were glued to the sway of her curvy hips and ass as she made her way to the bedroom. My wife had never looked so erotic.

My heart was racing and I could hardly contain my excitement as I thought about how far my wife had gone and what was going to happen next.

I followed the pair closely and when I entered the bedroom Nate already had her in his embrace, one hand was caressing her ass through her panties and the other was gently massaging her breast. Karen looked my way as I sat in the corner of the room; I nodded my encouragement and she pressed her body tightly to his giving herself over to him.

Nate lifted her arms over her head, quickly pulling her dress and camisole up and off. His fingers found her erect nipples and began to play with them. He kissed her and continued to caress her breasts as she became more and more aroused. Finally he reached down and slowly lowered her slip to the floor, lifting her free.

I couldn't believe how erotic the scene was; her small breasts pressed tightly to Nate's muscular body, her lace panties wet with her anticipation, her long legs wrapped in sheer nylons, the garter straps dark against her alabaster thighs.

Nate's slow seduction was having the intended effect, his hands roaming freely over her whole body until her knees gave out and she fell to the edge. He gently pushed her down back onto the bed until she was lying down and continued fondling her body, squeezing her nipples, caressing her thighs, rubbing his hand over her panty-covered lips. Karen responded to his expert touch, moaning and trembling, ready to surrender to him.

She gripped her panties pulling them down hips and ass, kicked her legs free of them and, removing the last barrier to her cunt, dropped them to the floor. Karen was almost completely exposed now, her stockings and garter just adding to the erotic nature of the scene in front of me.

My wife kept her thighs pressed tightly together and she turned towards me, "Do you truly want this to happen? If you say yes now there's no going back."

I was so turned on by the scene before me and I nodded my head enthusiastically.

Watching our exchange, Nate brought his hand to her thighs and began to slowly open them with no resistance. He slid down along her body and brought his head down between her legs, sliding his wet tongue against her the lips of her sex. This brought a mewling moan from Karen as his tongue started to work its magic on her swollen, wet cunt.

She let out a gasp as his tongue found her clit. His tongue circled and sucked on the engorged little button and she began to thrust her hips wildly against his face. His expert fingers parted the delicate lips of her pussy and slowly penetrated her.

Sensing that she had fully given in, I watched as Nate positioned himself above of her, preparing to mount her. She adjusted her hips and spread her thighs fully, exposing her pussy to his advancing cock. She looked at me one last time to be sure and I nodded. I could not stop this now, we had come so far.

Nate held his large cock and directed it towards the wet lips of her cunt; he rubbed the head along her slit and pressed the tip into her. As his penis sank into her he held her hips tightly, firmly pushing deeper and deeper. Her tight cunt was beginning to stretch as the huge invader continued to press its way into her.

As his cock fully penetrated her body, my wife was gasping and moaning aloud. Her soaked cunt tightly gripped his shaft as it struggled to stretch around the monster cock.

My own cock was throbbing in my pants; it was so amazingly erotic to see my wife penetrated by another man. The blood was rushed in my ears, my heart was hammering in my chest, and I thought I was going to pass out. Karen's face was a mask of lust, her eyes wide, head lolling as he pushed deeper into her, moving her hips back and forth until she was fully impaled.

Karen cried out in ecstasy, her body jerking, her tunnel fully filled by Nate's rigid cock. He quickly began thrusting in and out of her pussy in long, rapid strokes. With her stocking-clad legs spread wide I could see his glistening cock, shiny with her juices, as he pounded away at her.

She would occasionally turn her head to look at me, seeing how excited I was, as I listened to her gasps and cries. She had giving herself completely over to this stud who was relentlessly fucking her with great enjoyment.

Nate used her roughly, thrusting into her with powerful motions. My wife cried out over and over, her whole body spasming and jerking with each thrust. She was totally under his control, lying beneath him as his cock filled her to bursting. Finally her body stiffened, shuddering, as her legs wrapped tightly around his ass while an orgasm overwhelmed her.

"Oh God! Oh God! Yes Nate! I'm cumming... I'm cumming!"

Her cries of pleasure triggered Nate's climax; he groaned and gripped her hips tightly, pushing his cock deep into her pussy as he erupted inside of her.

"Oh God!" she gasped, "I can feel his warm cum filling me up. I can feel his huge cock spurting his seed in my womb!"

It seemed like hours passed as he emptied his balls inside of her, flooding her uterus with his sperm. Exhausted, Nate lay on top of my wife, keeping his cock deep inside her pussy for some time. A thick stream of his semen and her juices slowly flowed from their combined sexes. I knew his sperm would be deep within her womb looking for fertile eggs and I found myself even more turned on.

Finally he removed his deflating cock from her. He lifted himself off of her and stood before my wife's prone body. Karen lay on her back with her legs splayed wide. The lips of her cunt were wide open and red from the savage fucking she had just received. I had never seen my wife cum with such vigour.

Finally turned her head towards me and looked me in the eye, "Did you enjoy it? Did you like watching your own wife getting fucked by a stud? I loved it... Are you satisfied now that your fantasy has been fulfilled?"

I could hardly find the words, "Yes!" I exclaimed, "It was everything I dreamed of and more!"

I made my way over to her and she reached for my engorged cock. The moment her fingers wrapped around the shaft I felt ready to blow and after a few short strokes I came all over her stomach and breasts.

"Mmm, looks like you really did enjoy watching me get serviced by my stud," she said as she milked my cock with her hand.

Nate said his goodbyes to my wife and thanked us for a wonderful time as we lay together in our bed. I still couldn't believe how unbelievably hot the whole night had been. We fell asleep in each other's arms together, exhausted from the night's events.

I slept like a baby that night, reliving the hot scene over and over, excited to see where our sex life would lead us now.