Late Afternoon Sun Shone Down English Literature Essay

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Alana had been a cheerleader for the school football team. Her petite body was fit and athletic with small, perky breasts and a firm, rounded ass that looked great in her cheerleading skirt. She had long brown hair and beautiful green eyes.

Keri was the polar opposite; tall and blonde, Keri positively dripped sensuality. Her body had the kind of curves that instantly drew the attention of any man who passed. Her large, round breasts were always on display. She loved to wear tight tops that showed plenty of cleavage and the way she swayed her full hips when she walked was an instant head turner.

Both girls were very popular with the boys at school and although Keri often had boyfriends she was not above flirting around and hooking up behind their backs. Always telling Alana about her hookups, Keri would go on and on about having sex in public telling her friend how well or how poorly various boys fucked.

Keri had lost her virginity two years ago, at the age of sixteen, and had been have sex regularly ever since. Alana was a bit more reserved having just had sex for the first time only a few months ago. It had been a quick fling with a member of the football team and she found it to be a disappointing experience.

After almost three hours of driving they arrived at the turnoff to the lake and made their way down the long dirt road to the lake. They drove in silence for another twenty minutes, thick woods surrounding them on both sides, until they finally arrived at the house.

It was beautiful chalet-style cottage with a huge balcony that wrapped around most of the building. Anyone on the second floor would be offered a breathtaking view of the large lake just a few dozen meters away.

The girls quickly unloaded the car. They quickly selected their rooms and began to unpack their luggage, hoping to enjoy a few hours of sunlight on the terrace. Feeling naughty, they stripped naked and lay out in the sun to work on their tans.


As the sun began to set it became chilly and the girls decided to head inside. As they made their way to the living room Keri opened a bottle of wine. They sat together before the fireplace enjoying their quiet evening.

"I've got an idea," Keri said with a mischievous grin, "Let's go skinny dipping!"

"I don't know Keri, it's really dark out there. What about wild animals?" Alana said, her voice quiet and worried.

"It'll be fun, Alana." Keri told her, "there's a full moon tonight so we will have lots of light. I always used to go swimming at night when I came here with my parents. "

"Ok, let's do it." Alana said, not wanting to be left alone in the house.

Minutes later the two teens were naked and swimming in the lake. Alana found herself having a great time, laughing and splashing her friend like they were little girls. The two girls swam together in the darkness completely unaware of the danger lurking below.


The noise and movement in the water stirred the creature from its hiding place. It moved beneath the water like a dark shadow, long limbs probing the floor of the lake as it made its way closer to the girls.

As the alien being approached it began to detect something in the water. Its sensory organs were almost overloaded by the scent of female pheromones. Something inside of the creature stirred, it had detected potential mates. Initially looking for prey, the creature now moved with a new purpose, reproduction.

The creature made its way closer to the source of the pheromones, suspended beneath the waves, just a few feet away from the girls. Beneath the shadows of the waves the moonlight gently illuminated the body of the creature, revealing a dozen tentacles of varying length and thickness. The largest tentacles were several feet in length and almost a foot in diameter.


The naked teens swam together in the dark waters, laughing and playing, Alana felt something very warm quickly run along her ankle. She froze, not knowing if it had been her imagination or just a fish. She felt the return of the strange sensation, something had begun to gently probe between her legs.

Thinking it was definitely a fish, Alana reached down to try and brush it away. Her hand came in contact with one of the tentacles. It was not a fish.

"Ahh! Ahh!" Alana screamed, swimming for the shore as fast as she could.

As Alana made her way to shore she kept running towards the house. Keri followed quickly, frightened and not knowing what was happening. Reaching the house, she took one last look at the lake. There was nothing moving in the water. Shaking her head she quickly made her way inside.

Alana was pacing in the living room, pale with fear and pacing across the room.

"Lanny, what happened?" Keri asked.

"Something tried to grab me!" Alana told her, hysterical, "Something in the water was touching me... touching my... my pussy."

"Maybe it was just a lonely fish," Keri said, trying to lighten the mood.

That made Alana smile; she was beginning to calm down and seemed a little embarrassed.

"Listen Lanny, it was probably just a silly fish. We're safe inside now and I bet it is long gone. You probably scared it clear across the lake when you screamed," Keri told her friend, "Anyways, I think we should try to get some sleep. I'm beat and that was enough excitement for one night."

"You're right," Alana said, holding back a yawn, "I'm probably just being paranoid."

Keri locked the front door and the two girls made their way to their rooms. Keri had called the main bedroom and Alana would sleep in the guest bedroom down the hall. Both rooms had big windows the overlooked the lake.

Still feeling a bit anxious, Alana quickly crossed the room and closed the windows. She knew it was a silly thing to do but could not help it. She was so tired that she didn't bother changing, climbing under the covers naked Within minutes she had drifted off to sleep and forgotten all about the incident in the lake.


The creature had watched the teens flee; its alien eyes tracking their every movement as they ran into the house.

When the first female screamed the alien fled and had hidden in the boathouse. Once it was sure the girls had gone inside, it slowly began to drag itself out of hiding. Strong limbs gripped the earth as the creature pulled itself across the lawn, moving toward the house. When it found the side of the house, the alien spread its tentacles, searching its new surroundings and following the irresistible scent of pheromones.

Tentacles reached up towards the second floor of the house and wrapped tightly around the balcony railing. The creature nimbly pulled itself up onto the deck and waited. There was no movement from inside. The slimy greenish-grey body pulsed and quivered as quietly slid along the wooden deck towards Keri's open window.

It climbed through the window and landed on the floor with a small thump. The girl in the bed stirred for a moment and rolled towards the creature. Its hunters eyes, adapted to see in the dark, could make out every supple curve of her body.

The creature watched as her large breasts rose with each breath, the small nipples already standing erect in the cool night air. It could see her freshly shaved pubic area and sense the warmth radiating from between the girls legs.

The creature's olfactory organs took in Keri's scent, smelling her pheromones the creature determined that reproduction with the sleeping teen would be possible. It moved towards the prone girl and began to gently probe her body with its tentacles.

Keri had gone to bed naked and thrown the covers off in her sleep. The creature's probing appendages slid across the bed and two of them wound around Keri's ankles. She stirred in her sleep and let out a small moan but didn't wake. With her ankles tightly bound, the creature began to slowly work its way up along her body, taking her wrists as well.

Once Keri was secure, the creature unfurled its two most sensitive tentacles. These appendages were usually kept tight against its body, protected from harm. It nervously slid the delicate organ towards the female's prone body only stopping when it reached her vagina.

Ever so gently it began to rub against her shaved pussy. The creature could feel the warmth of her young cunt as it worked its way up and down her slit, gently parting her vulva and exposing her clitoris. The adroit tip of the tentacle began to rub and squeeze Keri's clit as she stirred in her sleep. As the minutes passed Keri let out a gasp and woke up.

Opening her eyes Keri quickly realized something wasn't right. Her mind struggled to make sense of the situation; someone had been touching her in her sleep and she could still feel their warm, slimy fingers rubbing her most intimate area.

She tried to sit up but found her arms and legs stuck in place. Had someone tied her up? She began to struggle against her bonds but they held tight like iron shackles. Keri tilted her head and squinted, the ropes holding her wrists were thick and green and unlike anything she had ever seen before.

The room was dark and full of shadows. Keri looked down between her legs but there didn't seem to be anyone on the bed with her. What was happening? Had the intruder tied her up and gone to Alana's room?

As her eyes adjusted to the gloom she saw a flicker of movement between her legs. A large, thick tentacle reared up and began to creep across her belly towards her face. Keri was frozen in fright; she tried to call out for help, to wake Alana, but she only let out a choked cry.

The appendage snaked its way toward her neck and Keri noticed a small, dripping barb hanging below the tip. She began to struggle harder as the tentacle wrapped itself around her neck. She felt a sharp stinging pain as the barb pierced her skin. The poison immediately went to work, tightening her throat and preventing her from screaming.

Keri felt a warm tingle spread from tiny puncture wound. Her panic began to subside as her body quickly became more and more relaxed. An expression of peaceful contentment crossed her face as her heart stopped racing and her breathing slowed. Her blue eyes became vacant and glazed over.

Once the venom had begun to work, the creature resumed its movement between Keri's legs. The thin, slimy tentacle continued stroking and rubbing her clit. The poison had made Keri fully receptive to the pleasurable sensations and she found her hips bucking and writhing as the tentacle teased her. Keri could feel her own wetness growing, lubricating the walls of her vagina and running down her legs.

Her heavy breasts shuddered, large pink nipples fully erect. A pair of tentacles snaked along the bed and wrapped themselves around her tits. She gasped as the thick limbs began to massage and knead her breasts, their delicate tips pinched and sucked on her nipples like tiny mouths.

Minutes passed and her pleasure continued as the creature played with Keri's tits and pussy. She became aware of a large, slimy object pressing against her pussy and when she looked down Keri could see one of the larger tentacles probing her delicate opening. The tentacle was enormous; it was as thick as her wrist and was covered in a lubricating layer of what appeared to be slime.

The enormous appendage pressed against her lips and slowly began to penetrate her tight pussy. She could feel this massive invader stretch her tight cunt as it inched its massive head deep inside of her. Her body trembled as it began to penetrate further. She had been with lots of boys but none had ever made her feel so full.

Keri knew that this wasn't right. Her mind was pleading for it to stop but her body didn't seem to care. Her pussy muscles gripped the invading tentacle with desperate need, trying to pull it further and further inside. She let out a muffled moan, her vocal cords frozen by the poison, as she felt phallus penetrating her.

Keri arched her back as she was filled completely. The tentacle had pushed its way to her cervix and had begun to thrust in and out. She couldn't think straight. She could barely breathe. The teen girl had never felt such pleasure as electricity engulfed her entire body. Her sensitivity was increasing with each passing second and she wanted this to go on forever.

The tentacle continued to thrust in and out of her body. Each stroke harder and faster than the last until it became an inhuman blur working itself between her legs. Keri felt her body moving beyond anything she had ever experienced before. The boys at school were nothing compared to this creature. After several minutes of intense fucking, she felt her orgasm approaching.

Keri was in heaven. Her back arched the most powerful orgasm of her life exploded from her pussy and engulfed her entire being. Her mind felt like it had stripped away as her eyes rolled up into her head. Her cunt muscles gripped the invader, refusing to let a single inch of it free of her overstretched pussy.

Her body bucked and writhed as the waves of bliss slowly faded; she was soaking in sweat and struggled to catch her breath as she lay on the bed completely exhausted. Keri had never felt so completely satisfied. As they had fucked the tentacles that had bound Keri's arms and legs had loosened, allowing her to writhe in pleasure while she came.

The phallus in her cunt continued to move inside of her while two more tentacles continued to play with her breasts and nipples. Soft sucking sounds filled the room each the tentacle thrust into her tight pussy and Keri let out a muffled moan as she began to thrust her hips against the tentacle, forcing it to penetrate her deeply. She felt the appendage begin to slow and eventually it stopped thrusting, still deep inside of her.

It pulled out of her cunt and hung in place above her belly. The teen watched in amazement as began to pulse and move above her. She could see a number of beaded protuberances forming along the entirety of its shaft. Keri could only imagine the amount of pleasure they would give her they rubbed against the walls of her vagina.

Time seemed to stand still. The only movement was the slow reshaping of the tentacle between her legs and the gently movement of the two massaging of her breasts. Finally the creature seemed satisfied with the changes and thrust the beaded phallus back inside Keri's cunt. It resumed its thrusting motion slowly and as it began to speed up Keri could feel the beads massaging the walls of her vagina.

It didn't take long for Keri's pussy to adjust at this incredible new sensation and she could feel her arousal rising once again. She was in ecstasy as the tentacle rammed into her needy cunt like a piston. Her entire body shook as each thrust rocked her to her core. The tentacles squeezing her breasts began to suck on her nipples with renewed vigor, escalating the pleasure.

She was on the verge of another explosive orgasm when she felt the tentacle begin to pulse and swell within. She felt the tentacle bulge to almost unimaginable size as it began to pump hot semen inside of her. Cum coated the inside of her womb and spilled from her overflowing cunt. There was far too much precious seed for her tiny body to hold and it ran down her ass and thighs in rivulets.

The tentacle jerked inside her dozens of times as it continued to cum. Keri had never let anyone cum inside of her, the feeling was so amazing that it quickly pushed the young girl over the edge. Another orgasm exploded through her, wracking her body. The creature's cum continued to leak from her stretched vagina as she climaxed.

It was too much for her tiny body to take: the poison, the amazing orgasms, the strange tentacles. As she came down from her orgasm, Keri's body and mind both gave out on her and she faded into unconsciousness.


The creature slowly withdrew its tentacle from Keri's pussy and released her wrists and ankles. It gently stroked her belly as its white semen continued to leak out of her well-used pussy. It had succeeded in mating with this one and she would sleep for many hours as her body became the vessel for its child.

It left the naked girl in the middle bed and crawled towards the window. There was still a second set of pheromones coming from the house, belonging to the first female, the one it had encountered in the lake.

It would bide its time, regain its strength, and wait until she was vulnerable. The second female would also serve as a fine host for the creatures young.