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It was our eighth anniversary and we had decided to take a vacation in the Caribbean. We arrived at the airport just after noon and had spent most of the day making our way to the resort.

Our suite gave us a breathtaking view of the island; lush jungles with swaying palm trees, pristine white beaches and sparking blue water promised the romantic adventure of a life time.

The resort offered boating, scuba diving, hiking, and more. We had booked our vacation with this hotel because it catered exclusively to couples. Internet reviews claimed that this hotel was a hot spot for couples who enjoyed the swinging lifestyle and it had caught our interest.

We had never actually been a part of the scene but Darren and I were both interested in making some new 'friends' during our stay.

"It is," he agreed, kissing my neck, "but it's not nearly as beautiful as you."

Darren pulled me back into the room, wrapping his arms around my waist, and pushed me down onto the bed. My husband leaned down over me and we kissed. His soft lips fitted themselves perfectly against my mouth and opened it wide as I felt tongue sensuously slip inside.

His tongue tasted like sweet honey and I let out a soft moan as it explored the inside of my mouth, dancing with my own tongue with insistent need. I felt the wetness growing between my legs as his body pressed tightly to mine.

"Fuck me, Darren, please," I begged, becoming more aroused by the moment.

His strong hands found my body and he began stripping me; he tugged at the buttons of my blouse, tearing it off urgently, then unzipped my jeans and pushed them down to my ankles. I kicked my legs free and found myself lying beneath him in my bra and panties.

Another hard kiss and he looked down at me, his deep blue eyes studying me with intensity.

"Spread your legs," he ordered. 

A small mewling noise escaped my lips as I parted my knees and I felt his warm fingers slide along my shaven slit.  Darren gently plunged two fingers inside of my sex and pulled his powerful mouth from my lips.

"You're drenched, baby" he gasped as his lips found my neck.

My pussy flexed and clenched at his invading fingers, trying to pull them completely into my depths.  My hips began to buck as his thumb found my sensitive clit, rubbing hard circles while his fingers pushed up against my g-spot.

My eyes rolled back into my head as his expert fingers danced across my pussy, working two erogenous zones in unison, bringing me closer and closer to climax.

My hips were bucking uncontrollable and my body was trembling. I was going to cum very soon.

"I'm close, baby" I exclaimed, "I'm going to cum!"

"Do it," he told me, teeth gently biting the soft skin of my neck, "Cum for me, cum all over my fingers."

Pressure built in my pussy and radiated outwards across my body -down my thighs, into my belly, and up my spine-as I clenched my thighs tight, trapping his fingers inside me. My pleasure peaked as my orgasm his and lightning shot through my body.

I convulsed beneath my husband as he continued to gently play with my pussy, drawing out my pleasure. I was awash in a sea of ecstasy, my mind numb.

My pussy clenched Darren's fingers tightly and I let out a disappointed groan as he removed himself from me He brought the glistening digits to my mouth and gently traced my lips.

"Suck them," he ordered his voice thick with lust.


I took his fingers into my mouth; the sweet salty tang of my own juices filled my mouth. My cunt still flexed and quivered with the last remnants of my orgasm. I met my husband's eyes and saw burning lust in his beautiful blue eyes.

Lying there in the afterglow of my recent climax, I wanted him to fill me with his large cock. I needed to have my husband inside of me. I reached down ran my hands along his shirt, feeling his muscular chest and flat stomach beneath my fingers.

I gripped his belt and tugged at the thick leather as I unbuckled him. His free hand yanked his pants and underwear down to his thighs and my gaze followed their rapid movements. My pulse was pounding in anticipation as his cock sprang free of his clothing and I drank in the sight of the thick shaft standing at attention, heavy balls pulsing with excitement. 

We jumped when there was a loud thumping on the door. Darren quickly grabbed his pants, pulling them up and fastening his belt, mood spoiled by the interruption. I quickly covered myself with one of the bed sheets and watched my husband make his way to the door, clothing and hair slightly dishevelled.

"Hey there, Darren!" came a bubbly voice from the hallway.

I recognized the voice; it belonged to a young woman named Kelly. We had met her and her husband on the shuttle from the airport and had hit things off almost immediately. They were recently married, a few years younger than us, and this was their first vacation together.

"Travis and I were wondering if you guys wanted to have dinner with us tonight." Kelly said.

"Sounds like a tempting offer, Kelly," my husband said, "but we were thinking we would have a romantic dinner tonight, it being the first night of our vacation and all."

"C'mon Darren," she chided, "You guys seem like a real nice couple and we want to get to know you a bit better. It'll be a nice way to unwind after a long day getting situated."

My husband leaned around the corner, his expression questioning. He caught my eye and I nodded to him, signalling my agreement.

"You know what, Kelly," he told her, "on second thought we'd love to join you guys for dinner."

"Great!" she said excitedly, "We'll meet you guys at eight down in the dining room."


We met Kelly and Travis in the packed dining room. The large, decadent room almost took my breath away. Tile floors shone, illuminated by romantic lighting, the dark wood walls were lined with large bouquets, and large bay windows overlooked the beach. The far wall had nearly a dozen buffet tables spread with the finest selection of fine dishes.

As I studied the room with an approving gaze I found our table. Kelly and Travis were seated together, laughing and holding hands with a bottle of wine open before them.

We made our introductions and made our way to the buffet, filling our plates and heading back to the table to talk. Darren pulled out my chair and helped me to my seat, his hand sliding along the thin material of my dress, discreetly catching a quick feel of my behind.

I bit my lip in a naughty grin and smiled up at him, "Thank you honey," I told him.

We ate together, sharing polite conversation full of the usual pleasantries. Kelly and Travis had met in college, it was the first real relationship either of them had been in and the two were married after a little more than a year of dating.

The young couple had been trying to have a child for several months and had been crushed to learn that Kelly was unable to conceive. The painful revelation had brought them closer as a couple and they told us they were excited to get away and experience everything the resort had to offer.

As the evening progressed each of us had several more glasses of wine and the conversation took an interesting turn as Kelly made a revelation.

"Guys," she told us, "Travis and I have a bit of a confession to make. We didn't just ask you here for a simple 'get to know you' dinner."

Darren and I exchanged glances, our interest piqued.

"We've given it a lot of thought and we were wondering what your feelings were regarding the swinging scene."

"Excuse me?" my husband blurted out, face going red.

Travis let out a small cough, clearing his throat, "I think what Kelly is trying to say is we'd like to get your opinion on partner swapping. With us. We think you are a very good looking couple and we would like to know if you are interested."

I was flattered and, I had to admit, somewhat interested. I took a moment and really observed the couple sitting in front of us.

Kelly was a very beautiful woman -young and with curves in all the right places-and I felt a tinge of excitement when I thought of her making love to me and Darren. Travis was as handsome as his wife was beautiful.

His body was tall and athletic and I could make out the strong muscles of his shoulders and arms beneath the tight fabric of his shirt. A well groomed beard hugged his strong chiselled jaw, giving him the rugged look of a male model.

"I uh, we don't really, uh," my husband stammered, face flush. He was not sure how to respond.

I lay my hand on his arm, gripping it tight and squeezed my reassurance.

"We're not opposed to the idea," I told the couple, "we've just, well, we've never done anything like this before. It's a bit much to take in."

"That's totally understandable!" Kelly said excitedly, "You do find us attractive though, don't you?"

"Yes, you're both very good looking and the fact you are interested in us is very flattering," I explained, looking at my husband. Darren's deep blue eyes met my own and I could see a glimmer of excitement dance across them. He was interested.

"We did come here to try new things," I said hesitantly, "Ok. We're interested."

The pair was beaming as the words left my lips, "You're going to love it, I promise you!" Kelly exclaimed, excitement filling her voice.


We made our way down the hall, rushing towards our rooms, giggling and tipsy after all the wine. As we reached our door Darren spun me around, pulling me into his arms, and began to kiss me passionately. Kelly made a small cooing noise and pressed her body tight against my back, kissing my neck.

I was surprised and somewhat shocked. I had never been intimate with another woman and I found myself quickly becoming aroused as her soft, warm lips danced along my skin. Kelly move past me, rubbing her hands along my husband's chest and thighs. Darren pulled back momentarily, not sure what he should be doing.

He caught my eye and I nodded my consent. He bent down over Kelly and I watched as his mouth found hers, kissing her passionately in the middle of the hallway.

"Maybe we should take this inside," she giggled, between quick kisses. Kelly took his hand in hers and pulled him down the hallway towards our suite.

Travis pulled the room key out his pocket and handed it to me. I opened the door, turned around, took his hand, and beckoning him inside. We made our way inside the room -stopping before the bed- and he wrapped his strong arms around my waist, lowering his lips to mine.

"Do you have any condoms?" I asked, pulling back momentarily.

My husband and I hadn't used protection since our daughter was born. We had agreed that we only wanted one child and Darren had gotten a vasectomy shortly after her birth.

"I don't..." he told me, "We can't have kids because of Kelly's condition so there hasn't been any reason for us to use them."

I told Travis that I was definitely fertile right now and without a condom there was no way I could risk having sex with him.

"Darren is in the other room right now, having unprotected sex with my wife. You both agreed to let this happen and now you're backing out on us?"

"It's not that..." I said hesitantly, "I just can't risk getting pregnant, especially without Darren's consent."

Travis assured me that he would be extra careful; he told me would pull out and not cum inside of me. After a few moments I reluctantly agreed to continue.

The thought of having sex with this ruggedly handsome man was making me aroused and I felt the wetness of my sex moistening my panties. Darren and I had always been faithful to one another and I was excited and frightened by the idea of letting this man have me.

If my husband was going to fuck Kelly it was only fair that I got to have sex with Travis.

I felt a surge of excitement flow through my body as he leaned back down; soft tongue parting my eager lips and entering my mouth. The taste of wine was strong on his breath and I was hesitant at first -this was the first man I had kissed since I married Darren-but the passion behind his kisses finally made me relent.

My hands worked frantically at his clothing, unbuttoning his shirt and unbuckling his belt. He shrugged his way out of the tight silk shirt and ran a hand over his smooth, well-muscled chest. My pussy was soaking wet with my arousal as he began to peel away my tight dress. I stood before him in just a lacy bra and panties.

I was trembling as Travis continued stripping my clothing, reaching behind my back and undoing my bra. My heavy breasts hung free and his hands caressed and massaged the sensitive globes until my nipples stood erect.

Travis took his time -caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples- arousing me further. Finally he slid my panties down past my thighs and I stepped out of them. I felt a tinge of embarrassment as I felt his eyes eating up every inch of my exposed body.

I was shaking and trembling, my legs barely able to hold me up; I was so nervous and aroused that I almost collapsed right then and there. Gently, Travis grabbed my waist, lifted me up, and placed me on the bed beside Kelly and Darren.

I lay prostrate before him and watched as he began to strip the rest of his clothing. He peeled off his slacks and underwear and I let out a gasp when I saw his cock. It hung before me, half-engorged, and was already larger than my husband's; my eyes were glued to his package as it continued to harden, becoming thicker and longer and I wondered if I could take that monster inside of me.

He hurriedly joined me on the bed, caressing my breasts and sliding a hand down towards my thighs. I hesitated for a moment, my thighs held tight.

"It's ok," he whispered, "open your legs a bit."

I slowly began to relax, loosened my legs and allowed his hand to find the swollen lips of my moist pussy. I let out a small gasp and shuddered with pleasure as his soft fingers sunk into me, squeezing my tight cunt muscles as he began to rub my clitoris.

Tremors wracked my body as his hands stroked and rubbed my sensitive button. His deft fingers thrust inside my body stimulating my senses until I reached a plateau of sensual pleasure. My body responded to his expert touch as he pushed my legs further apart; there was no resistance left in me and he could sense my surrender as he lined his hips up with my own.

He positioned his large cock against the glistening lips of my pussy, the bulbous head pressing firm against my slit, trying to find its way into my depths. I felt my cunt slowly begin to open as the large head continued to push against my entrance and I let out a gasp as it pushed its way into my vagina.

My tight pussy had never been so stretched so far. I let out a small cry as the invading member pushed deeper and deeper, slowly impaling me. I had been close to orgasm from his finger-fucking and as he filled my tight cunt I began to climax.

The complete erotic nature of what we were doing -swinging with two complete strangers- was so completely overwhelming that I came immediately. I let out a moan of pleasure, my hips shaking and bucking, my legs wrapped tight around his ass, pulling him tight. I had never been so sexually excited in my life.

He watched as I writhed beneath him, my mind and body flooded with electric sensation. His cock sat deep inside my pussy, not moving until my body stopped spasming. Slowly he began to move on top of me, thrusting in and out of my fully-stretched cunt, withdrawing almost completely with each stroke before pushing deeply inside again.

I pushed my hips against Travis with each thrust, willing his cock deeper inside of me, for what felt like hours. I felt his cock begin to swell within me and he began to thrust harder and faster, with urgent need.

"Don't come in me!" I gasped, knowing he must be close.

"I won't!" he said, eyes shut tight.

Travis continued to his wild fucking, gripping my hips, lifting my petite frame higher with each thrust. I let out a mewling cry as the lightning sensation of another orgasm ripped through my body, radiating from his cock, spreading up into my pussy, into my chest, and across my body. It was the most intense orgasm of my life, my mind and body feeling like they had ascended to another plane of existence.

I moaned and bucked beneath him, clutching tightly with my arms and legs as waves of orgasmic pleasure shook my body over and over. I was overwhelmed with the sheer erotic intensity of the situation when I felt his dick pulsing and swelling inside of me.

My mind knew he was going to cum deep into me but I was unable -and unwilling- to stop it.

Travis strong hands gripped my thighs and I felt him push his cock deep into my cunt, spurting load after load of hot cum against my cervix, deep into my womb; each pulse filled me with more of his thick semen. My legs wrapped tight around his ass, holding him tight to my body as he emptied his heavy balls inside of me, coating every inch of my pussy with cum.

We lay there on the bed, his wilting cock still deeply impaled inside of me. He held my body tight, kissing my neck and caressing my breasts until he finally withdrew his spent member and rolled off of me. I lay there, gasping for breath, legs spread wide; my pussy was full of his sperm and I felt a warm sensation as our combined juices leaked down my ass and thighs.

Eventually I got up from the bed and started getting dressed. I could feel my panties getting wet with his cum as it leaked out from between my lips. I finished dressing and prepared to leave when he asked if we could do this again. I didn't answer and slipped out the door.

I passed Kelly in the hall. Her hair was dishevelled her clothing was a mess. One look at her told me she and my husband had fucked just as wildly as Travis and I had.

I made my way inside and found Darren lying in bed watching TV. His face held a look of complete satisfaction.

"So," he asked, "how was it? Did you have fun?"

"Yes," I told him, sheepishly.

"That's good. You looked nervous on the way up and I wasn't sure if you were going to go through with it," he explained, "To tell you the truth I'm glad we did this. It was so exciting!"

"Travis wants to do it again tomorrow night," I told my husband, "I told I would talk to you first."

"I'm up for it if you are, babe," he told me.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom to run a shower. I tried my best to clean myself off, to get as much of Travis's potent seed out of my body as I could but, as the warm water ran over my tired body, I knew that it might be too late.


The next night as we were preparing for dinner there was a knock at the door; I was in the bathroom in my underwear, about to get dressed. Darren -already dressed- answered the door and was greeted by Travis. He stepped out and though I could hear their deep voices reverberating from the hallway I could not make out the words.

The door closed and I called out to my husband, asking what Travis wanted. He didn't respond and I took a peek out the bathroom door. I was surprised to see my husband and Travis standing together by the bed, both looking my way.

"Where's Kelly?" I asked.

"She's uh, she's busy tonight," Travis stammered, blushing as he spoke.

My husband sat down on the bed and waved me over; I made my way to him and sat down on his lap. He looked over at Travis for a split second and then removed my bra. I quickly covered my exposed tits, embarrassed to be naked in front both men at the same time.

Darren had a wicked smile on his face and he told me to climb up onto the bed and get on my hands and knees. I hesitated at first, looking back and forth between the two men, but he insisted that I do it and I obliged, climbing up off his lap and crawling to the middle of the bed.

My husband reached towards me and began to caress and stroke my thighs with one hand, gently pulling my legs apart. At the same time Travis moved around the bed, standing by my head, and I let out a small moan of pleasure as he began to play with my swaying breasts. I resisted at first, but my husband reassured me as the two men sensually explored my body.

I let out a gasp as Darren's hand slid up the inside of my thighs, slipped beneath my panties, and found my slit. His fingers gently caressed the lips of my cunt and he slipped my panties past my hips, down to my knees, exposing my rounded ass and my moist, swollen lips.

The two men began to work together in unison -Travis at my front, my husband at my rear-. I was fully aroused as both sets of expert hands caressed and explored my entire body. Darren's fingers found my clit and began to tease the sensitive bundle of nerves; I was so aroused, imagining what these two studs would do to me that I nearly came the moment I felt his touch.

I quickly found out what their intentions were as Travis presented his large cock to me. I opened my mouth hungrily begging for a taste and he was quick to oblige. My tiny mouth engulfed the huge rod, stretching as I slowly began to work my way for the thick shaft.

I ran my tongue around the large head in a swirling motion, running along every inch, exploring the sensitive ridges. He let out a moan and took my head in his hands, wrapping his fingers in my hair, moving my head up and down his shaft.

I felt my husband spread my vulva with his hand as he directed his stiff cock towards the opening of my cunt, holding my hips tight as he pressed the head inside of me. I let out a muffled moan as he entered my sex, thick cock stretching my tight cunt as it advanced.

Holding my hips firmly, my husband began to thrust steadily. The two men rocked my body back and forth as their cocks pounded away at my body. My heavy breasts swayed as the two men fucked me into submission; taken so completely, down on my hands and knees, with one cock in my mouth and another in my pussy I had never felt so full.

My body jerked and convulsed as I felt myself getting close to climax. I closed my eyes tight, concentrating on the amazing feeling of two cocks pounding away at me. I was close to the brink; my pussy gripping my husband's cock tight as my orgasm hit.

A cry of ecstasy escaped past Travis's cock and out my mouth as I came; my body shook and Darren held my hips tight. It was too much for him and I could feel his member swell inside me as his own orgasm hit. I felt his cock pulsing inside me as it began to spurt thick ropes of semen into my womb.

"Oh god!" he grunted, "I`m cumming, baby!"

He left his penis inside of me for a long time before withdrawing the softening member and rolling onto the bed beside me. Travis pulled his throbbing cock from my mouth and made his way around the bed.

"I'm going to cum soon," Travis told me, "Your mouth was so good... I won't last long."

"I don't care; I want you inside of me!" I exclaimed.

He looked down at my glistening pussy, still dripping semen, and pressed his throbbing cock between my glistening lips. The large rod entered my pussy easily, lubricated with my own juices and my husband's cum.

I pushed my hips back hard as he thrust into me. He pounded away with an almost frantic pace and I knew he wouldn't last more than a few dozen strokes. My prediction was right and I his body jerk and stiffen as his hot cum filled my pussy; two loads in one night had me completely overflowing and I felt the cum of both men running down my thighs.

My husband watched with excitement and as Travis pulled himself free from me Darren rolled me over and placed a pillow beneath my ass, raising it up in the air. I looked at him questioningly, not sure what he was doing.

"It'll help with the insemination," he explained.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Travis and I spoke about it; he and Kelly can't have children of their own so they asked me if we could help out. Last night, after we had sex, Kelly and I spoke about their plan. I told her you were ovulating and she was determined to have Travis try and impregnate you."

I was shocked and somewhat angry at the three of them; they had set me up without asking.

As I sat on the bed, gathering my thoughts, I realized that I did enjoy the experience. I had never imagined being taken and used by two men at once and I had to admit being filled by Travis's huge cock had been an amazing experience.

Travis got dressed and made his way to the door.

He turned towards us before leaving, meeting my husband's eye, "You have our number?"

"Yes, if it takes we will be in touch with you. If not, well, we may be in touch with you anyways. We can always try this again," he said, smiling.

Once Travis left the room my husband took my hand in his and placed them on top of my stomach, gently caressing the smooth skin of my belly.

"I love you, baby," he said.

"I love you too," I told him as sleep took me.