In The Mind Of A Serial Killer English Literature Essay

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"It is an urge…a strong urge, and the longer I let it go the stronger it got, to where I was taking risk to go out and kill people-risk that normally according to my rules of operation, I wouldn't take because they could lead to my arrest." said by Edmund Kemper. (Scott, 2010) The name "serial killer" has the stigma attached to it that automatically instills a sense of fear in people, but by understanding the psychological possible genetic and predatory conducts distinctive to them, then distinguishing and identifying those individuals with the "killer" potential will be easier. There are times where you may not even know that a serial killer even lives within your community. Henry lee Lucas described being a serial killer as "being like a movie-star…you're just playing the part." (Scott, 2010)

First, as with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde serial killers seem to have split personalities, living normal lives married with children appearing like ordinary people like Dr. Jekyll and in a split second behinds closed doors they perceive a different more evil self-resemblance of Mr. Hyde that has the urge to act out and kill innocent victims. (Simon, 2000) The FBI describes a serial killers as a person that kills three to four victims, with time in between killing; the killer usually does not know the people that they kill and the victims are just random individuals; the killing of the victims shows the need for the killers want to dominate over their victims. The murder is rarely is for money and has arterial motives; "The victim may have "symbolic" value for the killer; method of killing may reveal this meaning; Killers often choose victims who are vulnerable" (Scott, 2010) On average a serial killer is white male, in a low to middle class upbringing That is between 20's or 30's.Triad symptoms are usually red flag characteristics such as parents emotionally or physically abuse them, some were adopted as children and as young children show signs of disturbed behavior by setting fires, torturing animals, and wetting the bed. These individuals are very smart and are look upon to have a very successful career; brain injuries are also very common. They are captivated with the police and authority overall, they have tried to become police but were turned down have served in the military and worked as security guard. (Scott, 2010) Peer rejections for different reasons, many multiple murders are isolated as children. (Scott, 2010)

Psychologist all over the world have acknowledged the fact that serial killers extreme narcissism is the main reason and guns, games lyrics, pornography are just little key facts to why they act out in the manner that they do. (Von Drehle, 2007) "Studies show that 60% of psychopath individuals had lost a parent, child is deprived of love or nurturing; parents are detached or absent; inconsistent discipline: if father is stern and mother is soft, child learns to hate authority and manipulate mother; hypocritical parents who privately belittle the child while publicly presenting the image of a "happy family"." (Scott, 2010) Psychopathology usually recognized as "antisocial personality disorder" or "sociopathology" was once reflected to be morally insane. Present specialist considers that sociopaths are disastrous combination of relational, biological, sociocultural failures. (Scott, 2010) "But I equate mental illness with psychosis. Dr. Diets explain that, "Being psychotic means you have one or more of three and only three symptoms: hallucinations, delusions, and a disorder in the form of thinking. If a person has none of those, he is not psychotic. Its like being pregnant either you are or not." (Frank, 2000)

Do serial killers have an extra chromosome? Serial killer Bobby Joe Long had an extra X (female) chromosome, otherwise known as Klinefelter's syndrome, which meant he had high amounts of Estrogen the female hormone in his blood system. He was very self-conscious when he grew breast during puberty. (Scott, 2010) According to a study by Paul Bernhardt, another cause besides an extra chromosome is high testosterone when mixed with low levels of serotonin can be very dangerous and deadly. Testosterone is linked to the need for dominance. When Serotonin is irregularly low irritation can lead to violent behavior but serotonin keeps you level headed the need to be number one is eliminated. (Scott, 2010) In the case of Jeffery Dahmer, Lionel Dahmer his father sought out for responses for his sons abnormality, he believed that Jeffery's mother Joyce madness and psychological illness throughout pregnancy could be the one to blame. (Scott, 2010) , he also admitted to the blame of the devastating predisposition as a child he was captivated by fire and created bombs. Lionel saw it as a normal curiosity, when Jeffery as a child that he was fascinated by piles of bones, which only seemed gruesome after the horrific deeds he committed as an adult. (Scott, 2010) There was a test performed indicating that the nervous system of a psychopath is significantly different than normal people. They have very little emotions and low stimulation levels. Serial killers are "thrill seekers" they have a higher need for stimulation for dangerous circumstances an example of this is serial killer Gacy, when he heard the sounds of ambulances, he would trail it to see what kind of exhilarating tragedy was happening. Also a portion for various serial killers pursuing a career as a cop is perhaps because it has intense environment.(Scott, 2010)When Serial killers receive hereditary trait, growth related impairments, its typically a restricted development of higher functions of the brain. 30-38% of serial killers demonstrates irregular brain wave activity, but intensifies as they mature. Not with serial killers, ultimately the brain may develop as they grow older. Possibly why most serial killers are under the age of 50.The area that controls memory and emotions, the temporal lobe and the limbic system are were irregular brain activity comes from. When growth of this portion of the brain is genetically weakened and the maternal figure of the adolescent are violent, negligent or controlling, it is a mixture that is domed to work well. (Scott, 2010)

Explanation of the Predatory habits of a serial killer before, during, and after they commit the brute multiple murders. Serial killers seem to be in a different statement of mind when they are choosing their victims and are about to kill them. Many times serial killers will keep "Tokens or Prizes" of the crime, in which helps them to be able to react their fantasy. (Scott, 2010) Joel Norris said that there are six phases of a serial killers cycle 1. Where the killer is in a different world, 2. When the killer finds or chooses a victim, 3.The killer lures his victim, 4. Where the victim gets captured, 5. The Actual murder that takes place which is what the killers seeks in able to make his fantasy real 6. The depression moment that happens after the killing. When the killer is in that state of mind it is as if the world to them is a make believe place and their fantasy is the real world. (Scott, 2010) serial killers preys on random people the killers usually don't really know their victims personally (Forensics Science, 2010)

How is it possible for someone who appears to be the guy next door to commit multiple horrific murders? (Simon, 2000) In Sacramento California Dennis Rader the BTK the bind torture and kill murder that captured for more than 30 years until he got caught in 2005. He didn't fit the FBI's description of a serial killer on what the crime scene provided. Also, Aileen Wuornos didn't fit the FBI's description of a serial killer because it did not include woman. She was a prostitute from Florida that was executed in 2002 for killing seven men over a two-year period of time in the 1990's. (Ong, 2006) Geographical profiling is a certain area where a killer usually works in an area where he or she senses secure without getting caught. It possibly is close to the killer's home or likewise some distance away from their home. The exact placement is not only imperative to where the killing took place to where the victim was captured and where the corpus was taken to be dumped after the murder. Determining physical summary can be very demanding if the victim for example was a prostitute compared to a person that could be missing by a loved one or by an employer for a long period of time. (Forensic Science, 2010)

In conclusion, we should all be on the look out for potential serial killers and be very careful. But also take in to consideration that sometimes those individuals can seem like anyone ordinary people with an evil side lurking and hiding waiting to come out at any time. The name "serial killer" has the stigma attached to it that automatically instills a sense of fear in people, but by understanding the psychological possible genetic and predatory conduct distinctive to them, then distinguishing and identifying those individuals with the "killer" potential will be easier to identify.