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Only the mind can get you far in life. Malcolm X a self-sufficient powerful speaker was the only man of his kind. In all contrast, a person with such persuasive words deserves the best attention. At the time of civil rights, he was a man without fear a man with a dream. This dream would change society forever.

In 1929, they moved to Lansing Michigan. A white supremacists group burned down their house. This taught Malcolm a lesson about being black in the U.S. He said that black people are mostly poor and jobless and are expected to wait tables and shine shoes. He realized that the odds for blacks were vast after a white boy cheated him out of a hard earned dollar. He also learned some positive lessons. After he made an argument at home that got him extra biscuits he comes to the conclusion that if you want something you should ask for it.

When he turned six a white man killed his father. The insurance refused to pay what it owed the family and claimed that his father committed suicide. The great depression happened at this time, and the family was forced to live on welfare. When Malcolm stole food from stores they blamed it on the mother. The welfare people called her crazy because she didn't eat pork due too seventh day Adventist diet which prohibited the eating of pork on a certain day. They sent her mother to a mental hospital and broke him and his brothers and sisters up. The youngest were put in different foster homes the eldest had to fend for themselves. Malcolm blamed the welfare people for everything including the downfall of his mother and family.

In 1937 Malcolm moved in with a family called the Swerlins, a white foster family, who was generous to him but made him feel more like a pet. He attended Mason Junior High also in 1937. The student body of his class elected him class president. During history class Malcolm read a paragraph out of a black history book, his teacher and class laughed at him when he read," even though freed, black people are still lazy and dumb." Malcolm little better known as Malcolm X was very smart and stayed focused in school. He told his teacher Mr. Ostrowski that he wanted to become a lawyer instead he tried to inspire Malcolm to become a carpenter. Malcolm X's favorite teacher told him that his dream to become a lawyer was "non realistic for a nigger," afterwards Malcolm wasn't focused on school anymore his grades started to slip and he didn't pay any attention in school. From the experience with his teacher he inquired that white people would never see Afro-Americans as equals. Soon after he dropped out of school.

He spent a little time in Boston, Massachusetts. Her he grew up to hate racism and racist names not only that but also people. He started off in Boston washing dishes. He sometimes visited his mother in the mental home, also his brothers and his brothers and sisters. During the summer of 1940 he visited his half-sister Ella. He then started visiting her more and left the foster home to live with his sister in the upstairs or her house, in a wealthy black neighborhood. He dated a girl named Sophia to escape the racial views of his youth. He also dated a black girl named Laura to escape the relationships in the foster home, being treated like a pet. They were very serious and he was in love with her. He left Laura for Sophia, who was a white women who he didn't have any feelings for so he could feel in good for his friends from the swing joints where he witnessed white and black relationships that couldn't happen outside the walls due to racism. Also sexual wishes were displayed here for the white relationships to accommodate for the love or feelings the felt. He disrespected Sophia in front of his friends for all the wrongs a white person did to him or to someone else.

Afterwards he moved to a room in a prostitution house where he became friends with the prostitutes. Sophia visited from time to time even though she was now married to a white man. She didn't like where he stayed but soon befriended the prostitutes also. People came to know Malcolm as "Detroit red" because of his red hair. After he referred an undercover military agent to a prostitute he was fired and tension came more increasingly for him in the streets.

He then started to sell marijuana and narcotics. Officers started to hassle him and he started to lose money. He moved frequently to avoid being arrested. After while he got addicted to the drugs he was selling. In 1946 he moved back to Boston. Here he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years. Her he met a man named Bimbi a prison inmate that showed him how to gain respect by speeches also how to use persuasive speech and his mind or thoughts to sway others in his favor. After seven years Malcolm was paroled.

Once he got out of jail on parole he went back school. At this time his brother Reginald visited him and told him about his conversion to Islam. Malcolm liked what he was hearing so much he started to study the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, who was the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI). Muhammad's teachings taught that white society worked to keep blacks from reaching political, social, and economic equality and advances. The NOI battled for a state of their own, without white people. He was paroled in 1952, and became a devoted follower with the name "x". He also said the name "little" which was his last name was his slave name. The name "x" he said symbolized his lost tribal name. His good intelligence and speaking traits made him a great spokesperson. He was also made a minister of the NOI. He was also credited with the increasing of the members of the NOI from 500 in 1952 to 30,000 in 1963. The Fame and media hype he had developed made him a media magnet. He was a star of a show for a whole week long special in 1959, called "The hate that hate produced." It talked about his rise into one of the most important leaders of the NOI.

In 1960, racial tension was high and Malcolm's personality caught the governments' attention. FBI agents infiltrated the NOI one as one of Malcolm's personal bodyguard, who planned on planting bugs, wire taps, cameras and other stuff to keep a close eye on the groups' activities. In 1963, he found out his mentor Elijah Muhammad, was having relations with six women from the organization. That wasn't even it he also found out most of those relations had resulted in children. Malcolm always followed the teachings of the NOI and Muhammad. They taught no sex until marriage. He married a girl named Betty Shabazz in 1958. She had five kids for Malcolm. Muhammad asked Malcolm to help him cover up the affairs' and subsequent children. The actions of Muhammad hit Malcolm hard, because he looked up to Muhammad and he led so many to join the NOI which he thought was now built on lies and deceptions.

Malcolm couldn't ignore any of this he was criticized about the assassination for John F. Kennedy's assassination. He responded with this,"[Kennedy] never foresaw that the chickens would come home to roost so soon." After he made this statement Muhammad silenced Malcolm for 90 days. Afterwards Malcolm figured he was silenced for something else. On March 1946 he terminated his relationship with the NOI. For his first days Cassius Clay (Ali) provided him with a place to stay. Malcolm was so hurt and betrayed by Muhammad that he started and founded his own religious organization and named it, the Muslim Mosque Inc.

After a year of resigning from the NOI, he went on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. The trip altered his life forever. He went to Mecca, Saudi Arabia where he met Muslims who changed his beliefs. At that time he expressed his thought and beliefs with different cultures, and the results of it was wonderful and was very beneficial. When he returned to the U.S. he returned with the name el, Hajj Malik el- Shabazz and worked for integration. He found his own organization called it the AFRO -American unity. He then emphasized self-sufficiency and armed defense. Also when he returned he met "blonde haired, blue eyed men that he called his brothers."

After this Malcolm made a speech that wasn't just preaching to African-Americans, but all races and cultures. After he denounced all claims to the NOI and all ties too the NOI Elijah Muhammad, the relationship between the two of them grew aggressive and violent. Some of the FBI undercover agents warned the FBI that Malcolm X had been a target for a assassination. One undercover officer was offered to plant a bomb in Malcolm X's car. There were numerous attempts on his life so Malcolm X didn't travel at all he stayed home. When he did travel he didn't go anywhere without his bodyguards.

On Feb 14, 1945 the place where Malcolm X and his family lived was fire bombed. The family escaped with their lives. A week after the fire bombing of his family home. His enemies were successful at killing him at a speaking at the Manhattan Audubon Ballroom on Feb 21, 1965 three men armed with guns rushed Malcolm on stage and shot him fifteen times at point blank range. He was 39 years old and died. His assassins names were Talmadge Hayer, Norman 3x Butler, and Thomas 15x Johnson were convicted of first degree murder on March 1966. Every last one of them was members of the nation of Islam.

Over fifteen hundred people attended his funeral in Harlem on Feb 27, 1965 at the Faith temple church of god in Christ ( is now child's memorial temple church of god and in Christ) After the ceremony Malcolm's friends instead of letting the grave diggers bury there Malcolm they took there shelves and buried him themselves.

Eulogy delivered by Ossie Davis at the funeral of Malcolm X

Faith temple church of god

February 27, 1965

"Here at the final hour, in the quiet place- Harlem has come to bid farewell to one of its brightest hopes- extinguished now, and gone from us forever. For Harlem is where he worked and where he struggled and fought his home of homes, where his heart was and where his people are at is, therefore, most fitting that we meet once again-in Harlem- to share these last moments with him. For Harlem has ever been gracious to those who have loved her, have fought her, and have defended her honor even to death.

It is not in the memory of man that this beleaguered, unfortunate, but nonetheless proud community has found a braver, more gallant young champion than this Afro- American who lies before us-unconquered still. I say the word again, as he would want me to: Afro-American-Afro-American Malcolm, who was a master, was most meticulous in his use of words. Nobody knew better than he the power words have over minds of men. Malcolm had stopped being'Negro' years ago. It had become too small, too puny; too weak a word for him Malcolm was bigger than that. Malcolm had become an Afro- American and he wanted desperately-that we, that all his people would become Afro- American and he wanted desperately- that we, that all his people would become Afro-Americans too.

There are those who will consider it their, duty as friends of the Negro people, to tell us to revile him, to flee, even from the presence of his memory, to save ourselves by writing him out of the history of our turbulent times. Many will ask what Harlem finds to honor in this stormy, controversial and bold young captain-and we will smile. Many will say turn away- away from this man for he is not a man but a demon, a monster, a subverted and an enemy of the black man- and we smile. They will say that he is of hate- a fanatic, a racist- who can only bring evil to the cause for which you struggle! And we will answer and say to them! Did you ever talk to Brother Malcolm? Did you ever touch him or have him smile at you? Did you ever really listen to him? Did he ever do a mean thing? Was he ever himself associated with violence or any public disturbance? For if you did you would know him. And if you knew him you would know why we must honor him.

Malcolm was our manhood our living, black manhood. This was his meaning to his people. And in honoring him, we honor the best in ourselves. Last year, from Africa, he wrote these words to a friend: 'My journey,' he says,' is almost ended, and I have a much broader scope than when I started out, which I believe will add new life and dimension to our struggle for freedom and

honor and dignity in the states. I am writing these things so that you will know for a fact the tremendous sympathy and support we have among the African states for our human right struggle.

The main thing is that we keep a united front wherein our most valuable time and energy will not be wasted fighting each other.' However we may have differed with him-or with each other about him and his value as a man- let his going from us serve only to bring us together, now.

Consigning these mortal remains to earth, the common mother of all, secure in the knowledge that we place in the ground is no more now a man- but a seed- which, after the winter of our discontent, will come forth again to meet us. And we will know him then for what he was and is- a Prince- our own black shining Prince! - Who didn't hesitate to die, because he loved us so.

Although Martin Luther King had a very outgoing against Jim Crow laws, young activist felt nonviolent protest could with every injustice. Most black segregation would have ended but didn't. They believed social change would come from revolution not nonviolent protest. Most Afro- Americans believed in Black Pride operating a number of stores and seta rants.

Muhammad preached important facts of Afro- Americans believed white people as "blue eyed devil. Malcolm X also believed in the same thing but after he departed he changed that view to some white people were blue eyed devils because he embraced some of the white men with blue eyes as his brothers. Even though Malcolm died his emphasis on black power was still promoted through a book called "black power" by Stokely Carmichael who was the leader of the SNCC who took it a step further than Malcolm X by campaigning to split the U.S into two parts one black one white. The term black power begins to stand for militancy and independence within the civil rights movement. People from Oakland, California were inspired by Malcolm X's philosophies and for med the Black Panthers which stood for defense and they demanded equal employment opportunities, healthcare, and educational services. Instead of listening to Malcolm X who spoke of revolution, they were actually preparing and training for war against the white domination. They were a clan of only Afro- Americans equipped with handguns walked around urban neighborhoods in cities looking for racist activities. They also maintained education and health clinics.

Now you can see not only from what I have talked about but from others how inspirational smart and against the odds Malcolm X was. This teaches me the lesson of pride and too never gives up. Through his life he showed me that you shouldn't let anyone put you down or suppress you. As a African American you must defeat the odds and the stereotypes that we have on us in the world and should be prepared for success and do it without any problem and be an over achiever.