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The most important African American author Maya Angelou is one of the orators of the twentieth century. Her achievement in the early 1940s when she started in San Franciscos first female cable car conductor, is spread over seven years, and showcase a wealth of capabilities. Angelou then as a singer and dancer emerged in the 1950s and in 1960 became an editor and writer. In the 1970s, actress, director, poet, and began to explore his abilities as a screenwriter. Angelou highly acclaimed 1970 autobiography chronicled the amazing journey of a young woman over a childhood rape, the sample was African American literature is an important task as a human rights activist made a pilgrimage to Africa, I Know Why Caged Bird Sings and Self-determination was a shining example. Incredibly fun and autobiography by Maya Angelou wrote I Know Why Caged Bird Sings, about her difficult life growing up in Southern black girl. Paul Dunbars poem as a metaphor for the difficulties between the cage and be successful in life than to be everything you want to keep your things. Maya Angelous cages, some of his overbearing grandmother in 1940 and considered to be black. My life in a cage that my young age, this causes problems in adults. What Mr.Donleavy probably thought it was a friendly conversation turned out to be just another racist and stereotyped speech is supposed to be encouraging. She is, but I was trying to be nice to educate people, because maybe too Mr.Donleavy was not wrong. Racism in the Mayan cage and is probably one of the leading ideas of society and because of ignorant.

The second biggest cage of Maya Angelou, she is very religious, with strict and overbearing was the grandmother. He is strict, but this guardian of the child's guardian care and should not be too tight is important. After returning to Ms. Flowers 'Bailey brought some cookies home, Maya disciplined by the mother, she repeated, I said, meanwhile, Bailey, Ms. Flowers sent-Thats what I thought of you, he said. Go on and remove clothing. I'm just a little bit Maya using a common expression seems to be a hard day I'm going to get punished in a transition to Maya's grandmother. Maya's grandmother, but it may be what he was doing was trying to cultivate a good thing actually intended to do the opposite. getting out of her depression, and a step forward with Ms. Flowers while it is in progress , the penalty could have done is actually take a step back to the Maya. for Momma, do something else, but in fact help the Maya, he took the key, they and woke up the offender had not been clean enough for her aptly burning a few reminders of what to do with the inverse try. seems a bit excessive for a transition to dirty feet. However, very little that good, but they may be doing the opposite of being severely punished for a crime was trying to do. But, being clean is important, because a transition to clean, not a bit harsh. Prisons and punishment of crime must comply with this may not be the parents fault, but it was inherited from his time and give more harm than good. Maya is a factor that holds the realization of the Maya's grandmother, even if it means well, is very tight. Maya Angelou who meshes, and I was not the only person with them also. My "cage" a very common one, my young age. Age is an obstacle that stops me from making things work in many adults. Many a times, but to suggest things to my parents sometimes do not respect my ideas. I feel my suggestions and opinions will be dealt with more respect and have more validity if an adult.

Many people have done this with young children, sometimes even more, thinking that she does not understand, do not have to listen to a young person's ideas. A lot of people but it is not always true, sometimes true, immaturity, young people's equal. Maya is a clich to be caught in this, Mr. Donleavy is the case with the experience, not as severe, a little similar. I held back because of their age will not allow another call when the kids with a certain radio talk shows. I tried to look at the weather, but still could not get my discussion with him. This is a clich to talk show host and again as children because of immature children and puppies do not have information about things in the world. He also thinks that all young people in an adult only. Age is a big problem with stereotypes of the elderly or very young to be a "cage" may.

I always, but in the last four years I've been pretty levelheaded considerably matured and properly adapted to my identity. My priorities have shifted and changed my attitude. I actually was a different person. Decided to return to school to complete my degree this change happened. But, in fact I was holding down a full-time position of two people trying to perform the job. This was a one-man show and I had it. I became a consultant to the technician, and all rolled into one. Nor what was I rewarded for my effort felt recognized. I blatantly did not have a university degree, because I was being discriminated against. But, a controller capable of handling the senior management did not accept this position. I must admit I was resentful about the whole situation, but I know I'm better off with decision to finish my education. Since I started school, my colleagues no longer attempts to comply with drinking mass quantities of alcohol have about myself. I am sure I have the pleasure of my ability and have found good things in life. Now I have reached a certain level of comfort, I reached a turning point in my life again. After successful completion of the fall semester I will graduate. But, as a time of confusion and fear never anticipated graduation nears, I am no longer sure what to do next. I have to set new goals and face new challenges there. Now the real world and go back and get a job and work is expected for the rest of my life. These do not appeal to me at all. I want to do something extraordinary. To travel and see the world and I want to experience different people and places. On one occasion, but I want to do what I wanted to go anywhere and had a clear idea now I am uncertain what the future holds for me. Going back to work and making (more) money, but it will satisfy me, I thought now I'm having second thoughts. I have a fear of the unknown victim I hate to be a typical college senior, to serve me well, but now must rely on my experience and knowledge. It is true that now I feel old and wise. Past experience has shaped the world of my current perspective. Therefore, it is also shaping my identity and my future. In this respect, a conservative role in my memory. Remembering is a part of growing up and learning in each case. Memory consists of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves Ahmed Kotre states. This is about myself is the key to open the inner identity. I know what I am capable of doing what I am and so on, but a slightly different point of view to me that most people would guess. Friends, family, and even strangers external identity imposed on me. I had an external identity is completely alien to me. I wonder all the people think that others perceive them. I'm tall, I am a white male. What assumptions are made because of these facts which I have no control? Many character judgments based on outward appearance and the assumptions to be ignorant of a shame. I am mostly an introvert, unfortunately this is sometimes interpreted as arrogance and snobbery. This assumption could not be far from accurate. I'm sure I can yet, I am humble. I'm not perfect in any way, but I do not look down on people because of their ignorance. I think the distinction between internal and external identities Jincy Willet's personal insight into her rape was not much to read. I am the rapist, not to touch him say that this encounter did not understand how his personality, his character and a deep negative impact on his life is assumed to be like the others. He made clear that all the same great people. Machines allow an unfortunate collision Willet or rape, but not willing or hate or anger, fear becomes a part of identity. Jincy Willet deep respect for taking this stand. Most people like me, this is a non-conformist's. Everyone is born with a brain, and I think that should be implemented accordingly. My ID is clearly not static. Changes in my identity, my identity, not components that make up. My driver's license information on the identity of only a very small part of my practice is in a quiet role in my behavior. I was a victim of identity status. The color of my skin, my gender, my height, my age, my peers and my family have influenced my identity and I did that today.

Angelou also her feature film Sister, Sister acclaim and a writer-producer for 20th Century-Fox has worked as a television. In addition, the Sister to Sister series premiere of Brewster Place for the TV script and screenplay along with Georgia, Georgia and All Day Long wrote. She produced, wrote and hosted the National Educational Television series Blacks! Blues! Black! What is it, in 1995, Make an American Quilt costarred in the film. Angelou Delta (1998) Down first attempt at feature film directing with the film made. movie told the story of seventy-year-old woman and her personal journey. Angelou, because there is a very different experience to write with the director orientation was ninety-crew and cast, and sets and lights and sound. Although Angelou autobiography-a sixth volume dedicated to the art, A Song flung up to Heaven, published in 2002-her seventies she remains a force in different areas too. Reynolds Professor at Wake Forest University since the early 1980s and has been writer-in-residence. National Medal of Arts by President Clinton in 2000 and was honored by the Maya Angelou Life Mosaic Collection Hallmark in 2002, it introduced a series of greeting cards with verses. He is a cook book has plans to write and direct another feature film. Angelou had been writing poetry since before becoming popular novels. Collections include: Just Me A Cool Water 'Fore I DIII (1971) give Beverage; Oh My Wings, Pray Fit Me Well (1975)Is it to go, and it was transformed into an Off-Broadway Still I Rise (1976), production in 1979, Shaker, Why Do not You Sing (1983), and I'm Not Shall Be; Wonder (1994) Soul Looks Back: Life to the famous New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1993) as shown by the scare Me, Does not Moved (1997). Angelou poem with short lyrics and jazzy rhythms, however, short lines, and it is especially popular among young people in her heavy use simple words shut a few critics. Other commentators, the social and political issues that are important to African Americans Angelou poem of praise for the discussion. (1946 -) in the 1993 swearing in, President Bill Clinton that read "Good morning, Impact on the" Angelou poem, for instance, a new national commitment to unity and social development requires.