Identifying Dreams In Death Of Salesman English Literature Essay

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Arthur Miller rises up in his drama play "Death of a Salesman" the sense of American dream, what it is and what consequences it leads to, whether it is a wrong dream to have and live by it American dream was defined by the American writer Stephen Glazier as a popular belief that perseverance and hard work will bring forth America's bounty in the form of material well-being. Well-being is one of the fundamental values of American citizens and his play Arthur Miller shows the fakeness of this dream, shows through one man, Willy Loman, an ordinary salesman who goes from one state to another so that to make more and more money, to create a future to his family and to his own oldness, that American dream kills people inside their souls and mind. Willy Loman's dream has failure in the sense of what dream should be so that to live, but not pretend to be happy.

Things that make Willy's dream wrong are money and desire of respect from other people. Money make Willy dependant, he feels he is the only one who can make his family happy. Throughout his life he is trying to incept this idea into his children, the idea of being rich and successful, and the idea of being better than others. And now he is around his sixties, trying to understand why his life has become the trace of living, without wealthy, but only with the battle for surviving. He considers his sons being the one who change the situation in his family, he denies seeing drawbacks while they were young, even if others said Biff had problems with studies and probably would not enter the university (page 1567). Willy just rejected the thoughts about it; he cannot accept the idea of their sons being those who do not success in life, success by his standards, by the standards which are stated by the society. Through his blindness he forgets about what is really important, something that is more than money and respect of people whom he almost does not know and who does not care about his life, being a good husband and father, showing the real interest towards what his sons want to do in life, not being a tyrant to the people who love him with all his drawbacks and complications. Willy forgets about the right way thinking of his life which consists of love, harmony and friendship, which cost much more than the representing of the American dream.

The right dream for Willy could be the dream of his sons, Biff and Happy, being those whom they choose. From their childhood they were taught that achieving all the best in material world is the main thing, Willy is the example for them and he is showing them that being someone in this world is everything "Someday I'll have my own business and be bigger than uncle Charley" (page 1566). Willy's mistake is that he denies receiving what his son, Biff wants from his life, when he tells him he fails math and will not receive a graduation degree he does not hear him, refusal to even accept the idea of ​​failure presents the idea that he and his son started to have the lack of understanding which is not the indicator of failure in life and just trial that Biff must go through and as an adult he can create his own destiny without further accusing of those who destroyed his life. Because of not achieving the goal of him, Willy accuses Biff for the same thing. The worst thing he thinks that he does right and only he knows what is better for his boy without even asking and hearing what Biff is telling him. Willy can have the right dream only if he can hear someone except himself.

Willy has the only success in his life which does not refer to the material part of his being. He was really successful in having the loving wife. It is his best achievement in life which he probably does not deserve. Throughout the play it is seen how he treats Linda, he abuse her with swear words and not listen her at all. In her turn she shows herself as a loving mother and wife who gives all her love and attention to the family, to those without whom she cannot realize her life. Linda is such kind of women for whom family is on the first place, even if it is just an illusion of happy family, she wants to think that after some time passed everything should be okay. Linda is the representative of "the class of mothers". She has kind heart and the whole sense of life for her is to love her husband and children. We can see how she receives her husband with all his drawbacks. She never tells the word against since she knows how it returns to her, may be not only because of this, maybe she loves him too much and just cannot tell anything. Not having his dream achieved, Willy is still successful in his chance having such a wonderful woman behind him.

Willy's fakeness of being is stated by his wrong dreams. Willy has an illusion that everything in his life has meaning, but in the reality his life is the chain of unhappy moments and routine. The biggest mistake is to think, that it means to be happy, means to achieve goals and make dreams come true.