How To Overcome Lifes Issues English Literature Essay

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Life has away of pushing you to the edge; life has away of pushing to your limits, life has away of making want to throw in the towel or even wave the white flag. Especially in the life's of believers, I've discover that every situation and every circumstance just doesn't make sense. But because of who God is, and what he is, anything he decides to do in my life is alright with me. But who is? He's God, and what is he? He's sovereignty, so that means he can do what he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it, to whom ever he wants to do it to. So I can take joy in the words that the apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:28, "and we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, and to those who are call according to his purpose. I've discovered that God will allow situations, circumstances, issues and problems to happen for a purpose, and because he allows it I've discovered that God is not interested in breaking us, but rather blessing us, God is not interested in destroying us, but rather delivering, God does not want to make us a victim, but rather he want to make us a victor. My brothers and sisters God is interest in increasing our faith, because the closer we are to him, the close he is to us, so no matter what life may throw your keep the faith. But what do I do when I'm in a situation, what do I do when it feels like my problems and issues are getting the best of me? Well the text introduces to us a woman who had every right and reason to give up. The text opens by showing us a woman who is suffering from an issue of blood, now this issue wasn't anything new to her but rather old, because in verse 25 of our text it says that she had been dealing with this issue for 12 long years of her life, she had been dealing with this issue 4,380 days of her life. So just imagine if you will what type of life this woman lived, she was dealing with an issue within an issue. Because of this woman issue of blood she lived alone, she lived alone because according to Old Testament law she was what you would call traditionally unclean due to her issue of blood. And according to Old Testament law she couldn't have physical contact with anyone, because if she were to touch someone or something they or it would become unclean. So just imagine if you will the lonely life this woman lived, not able to experience the touch of another person, or if by chance she was married she would have to get a divorce, if she had children she would have to put them up for adoption. But I've discovered that sometimes God will give us some issues and put us in some situations then remove family and friends to cause us to solely depend on him, and brothers and sisters I've come learn that when you get to your weakest point, you're really at your strongest, because you're able to fully depend on God. And much like this woman with this issue of blood he allows us to go through situation to show us who he really is, he allowed somebody in here to be down to the very last dime to show them that he's a supply, he allowed somebody in here to get sick to show them that he's a healer, he allowed somebody in here to get there breaking point to show them he's a sustainer, there is nothing to hard for God, as a matter of fact the song writer put it best when he pen to paper and said God specializes (anybody in know that God specializes in the impossible), there may be somebody here today that has a void that's needs to be filled, allow me to say to you that there is no void that God can not fill, all you have to do is have the faith. But not only was this woman alone, but the text say she was abused and taken advantage of, verse 26 say "and she had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worst". Brothers and sisters allow me to say to you be careful of who and what you put your faith in. I've discovered that people will let you down, family and friends will let you down, family can tell you that I'm with you through the storm and the rain, but as soon as it gets a little cloud, as soon as it gets windy in your life there nowhere to be found, friends can tell you that I'm with you through thick and thin, but when things get thick they get thin, be careful in who you put your faith, but also be careful in what you put your faith, because this woman put her faith in her money and her money ran funny, and her change was strange, and to make matters worse her medicines left her worse than what she was from the beginning. Look at this woman with her misdirected faith; she put her faith in her money, doctors, and medicines, only to be left bankrupt and worse off than she was from the start. Brothers and sisters we cannot afford to put our faith and our trust in people or things, because people and things will let you down, but the bible tells us in Psalm 55 that we can "cast our cares onto the Lord for he cares for us", and because he cares for us he can handle our issues. So now this woman has been used and abuse, and left for dead, but she still has faith.

So how do we overcome life's issues? This woman shows us first how to put our faith into action. Verse 27& 28 says "when she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment. For she said if I may only touch his clothes, I shall be made well". So look at this woman, she's broke, bused, and disgusted, but she keeps her faith. And that may be a word for somebody in here today that is going through a situation; this woman wants to show us despite our problems and situations we have to keep our faith in God. Verse 27 says when she heard about Jesus; listen, I'm not sure what exactly she heard about Jesus, but it does show his reputation proceeded himself; maybe she heard about Jesus being a psychologist to the demon possess man they called Legion, maybe she witness the ruler of the synagogue felling down to his knees and begging Jesus to come heal his dying daughter, or maybe she heard about Jesus awaking up out of his sleep, to telling the wind and the waves to be quite. I'm not sure what she heard, but I am sure that the Apostle Paul tells us in Romans that "faith comes by hear, and hearing by the word of God". But not only does her hearing suggest that Jesus reputation preceded him, but it also suggest that there wasn't a relationship between Jesus and this woman. Listen, God doesn't work in coincidence, that suggest to me that it was schedule before time that this woman would have an encounter with Jesus the Christ; I would even go as far as to say the God allowed her to suffer for 12 years just to bless her, and to form a relationship with her. I'm sure that there is somebody here today that the Lord has allowed to go through some addictions, some abuse, some pain, just long enough to bless them and form a relationship. You do know that he chose us? For the bible says he chose us before the foundation of the world and because he chose, sometime God has to drag us through some mess, you do remember when Jesus prophesied, when he said and "if I be lifted up I'll draw all men unto me", the word draw in the Greek is translated to drag and sometimes the Lord has to drag us through and out of some situation in order to save us, but there is a blessing in being drag, because it's through the dragging that the Lord gives us a testimony, which can suggest to the unbeliever, that if he can save me in my mess, then he can surly save you in your mess. So look at this woman's determination, and how she put her faith into action. The text says she pressed her way through the crowd, but it was against the law for her to be there, but her faith says to her that nothing is going to stand between her and her blessing, nothing is going to stand between her and her deliverance, and like this woman that should be our attitude when dealing with our issues, that I'm not going to allow anything or anybody to come between me and what God has for me, so if that means I have to lose some friends, or I have to separate myself from some family members nothing is going to keep me from my blessing. This woman was full of faith, but it was misdirected faith, because this woman didn't have faith in Jesus as God, but rather her faith was full of superstition, because it was thought during that time that Rabbis had power in their clothes. But I've discovered that God has a way of redirecting our faith, because he's jealous and he won't allow anything or anybody to take his credit.

So look at what Jesus does, the text shows us secondly the affect of her faith. If you ever wanted to know how long it takes God to handle your issues, it's in the text, verse 29 says "Immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction". The text says immediately, faster than fast, sooner than soon, quicker than quick. God knows exactly what we can handle, and because he knows what we can handle him won't put more on us than we can bare, so it's safe to say that in our issues God is showing us just how much we can handle. Now the text says she was healed immediately, but God wanted to give this woman more than a healing, he wanted to make her whole; he wanted to form a relationship with her. So Jesus initiates the relationship in verse 30, the text says "And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that power has gone out of Him, turned around in the crowd and said who touched my clothes". Listen, he didn't ask this question because he didn't know that answer, but rather he was giving this woman the opportunity confess what had happen to her. But instead of the woman responding, the disciple spoke for her, the disciple spoke to Jesus as if he were ignorant. Verse 31 says "But the disciple said to him, you see the multitude thronging you, and you ask you touch me?" But the shows us that Jesus ignored the ignorant response from the disciple, because the text say he continued to search for the woman, Jesus was giving this woman the opportunity to give her praise report. And I've discovered after a encounter with Jesus things are destine to change, because verse 33 tells us she just couldn't keep it to herself, the text say she was scared, shaking, and aware of the healing that just took place, so she fell down before Jesus and told him the whole truth. And allow me to say you that whenever the Lord does something for you, you ought to stop and tell the Lord thank you, whenever the Lord does something for you; you ought to stop and give God praise, because contrary to what you may believe, God doesn't owe us anything and neither does he have to do anything for us. But his goodness and mercy blesses me when I don't deserve it, his goodness and mercy keeps me when I don't want to be kept, and I'm so thankful that his goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life!

The text has shown us how this woman put her faith into action, the affects of her faith and lastly the shows us the assurance of her deliverance. Verse 34 says "And he said to her, daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your affliction." Brother and sisters this woman's issue took everything away from her, but after an encounter with Jesus this woman is healed, but not that she also has a relationship with the master. And we know there's a relationship, because the text says Jesus called her daughter, the word daughter was used in the sense of a child, but we know this woman wasn't a child because the text says she's had an issue of blood for 12 years. Listen, I've discovered what Jesus was showing this woman is that whatever your issue takes from you God can restore. That's word for somebody in here today. Now let's remember because of this woman's issue she lived an abuses lonely life, but after this encounter with Jesus she's healed of her affliction, she has a relationship with Jesus, and because of her relationship with Jesus she now has salvation, because the text says her faith has made her whole, and when we look at that word whole in the Greek its translated as saved; so now she healed, she has a relationship, and she saved, but here's where the assurance comes in to play, part b of verse 34 of our text Jesus tells the woman to go in peace. And the word peace is in the present tense which suggests that it is a continuous action. So what Jesus is telling this woman is that I've supplied all of your needs, but before you leave me I want to give you my peace. And brothers and sisters I'm closing with this thought, like this woman with this issue of blood, God wants to give us his peace. But God's peace is not the absent of war, problems or issues, but rather it is the knowledge of knowing that what ever I'm going through God is there. And I just want to encourage someone today that may be dealing with an issue, by saying whatever you're dealing with, it's not too hard for God and you're not dealing with it alone, but know through your issues your faithfulness will be tested, but with a test of your faithfulness comes a greater faith and a stronger relationship with God.