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It is the first time since Rosa's father died she can hear her mother singing. But her mom doesn't fill the barely heated apartment with sweet lullabies; she is marching in the streets singing union song with the strikers. Rosa is extremely worried about her mother and sister, Anna, when they are marching against the mill owners. Rosa is caught between her family's enthusiasm and the teacher's warnings against these violent mobs, the ones who never went to school at all. Rosa gets confused and scared, and she wonders what will happen to her mom and Anna. What if the police and the military jail them, or even worse kill them? What is she supposed to do then? The girl is getting more and more worried when she and many of the children are sent to Vermont, to live with strangers until the strike is over. But she is lucky; she is not leaving alone... She is leaving with Jake Beale, a troubled boy. He begs her to pretend that they are siblings. Rosa feels that she doesn't have any other choice, so she agrees to say he is her brother. But she believes that the boy carries a dreadful secret.

I really liked this book, because the author makes the book even more interesting by putting some relevant facts from the topic in the novel. You learn history without knowing it. It also makes you believe in the story. I truly loved the book, the story is so catching. It is very interesting to "meet" this girl and the time she is living in. The book is sincerely a page turner, I couldn't stop reading it.

I would recommend this book for those who are between 10 and 15 years.

Different ways of working with texts

Translate parts of it:

Well, what could he do? He couldn't stay in bed forever. He got up and put on his new clothes, including the double pair of stockings. Or should he have put on his own clothes? After all, he was going to work with the old man. But it was too late to change. He opened the door and walked into the kitchen. The others were already at the table eating. "Sit down, Salvatore. Eat up good."Mrs. Gerbati was smiling all over here round face, but Mr. Gerbati was bent over his coffee cup, slurping noisily. He didn't even glance in Jake's direction.

The Norwegian translation:

Vel, hva kunne han gjøre? Han kunne ikke bli værende i sengen for alltid. Han stod opp og tok på seg de nye klærne, inkludert to par sokker. Eller skulle han ha tatt på seg sine egne klær? Alt i alt, han skulle arbeide sammen med den gamle mannen. Men det var for sent å bytte. Han åpnet døren og gikk inn på kjøkkenet. De andre satt allerede ved bordet og spiste. "Salvatore, sett deg. Spis godt." Fru Gerbati smilte over hele det runde fjeset sitt, men herr Gerbati var bøyd over kaffekoppen sin, og slurpet høylytt. Han så ikke en gang i Jakes retning.

Write the diary of a person in the text

Dear diary;

Today I traveled to Barre, Vermont. It all started at the train station in Lawrence, when I kissed mommy, Anna and little Ricci goodbye. Then I jumped on the train, it was actually the first time I went by train. It was really amazing and a bit strange too! I couldn't stop thinking about how much I would miss my family. It felt like I was never going to see them again. But just after the train left the station, a boy begged me to pretend that he was my brother. I didn't know what to do, but after a short while I said yes. When we finally reached Barre, I had to lie to the committee about him. So he is officially my brother for a while… He told me that he would only stay in Barre for a couple of days before he left. I am not sure about what he is hiding, but something is wrong! I think perhaps he is a criminal or has a terrible secret, but time will show who he is. Anyway, we are going to live with a very nice and wealthy couple. Mrs. Gerbati is one of the nicest persons in the world and she gives us delicious food all the time. Mr. Gerbati is a very quiet man, but he seems nice too. Tomorrow Mrs. Gerbati is taking us with her for buying new clothes. I can't wait!

See you!


Write the text as a newspaper article:

One of the female strikers, Anna LoPizzo, dies while the strikers are marching.

Lawrence Times

Striker killed during the parade

The female striker Anna LoPizzo (34 years) was killed yesterday. She was shot trough her heart when the police broke up the picket line. The police of Lawrence refuse to have anything to do with the death of LoPizzo, and say that they never touched their guns that day. The police condolence to LoPizzo's family and have already arrested Joe Ettor, the IWW organizer, and the newspaper editor and poet Arturo Giovannitti. They are charged for accessories to murder. Their motive is apparently unclear. Yesterday, Ettor and Giovannitti were at a meeting far away for Lawrence. After this arrest all public meetings will be illegal.

English Diary

October 5th

Today I chose the book "Bread and roses, too". I read the first pages and I found the book interesting. I didn't have any trouble by understanding the text. At the moment I am reading about a girl how tries to hide her shoes, because she needs a new pair. But her mom decides that her sister needs new shoes more than her, so she has to find her worn out shoes. She meets a boy, who helps her finding them.

October 6th

Today I read some chapters at school and read even more when I came home. When I read I got to know the main character Rosa very well. The strike of Lawrence is about to start and Rosa doesn't like it at all. I feel my reading is good.

October 7th

I read at school today. The book is so exciting. The strike has started and poor little Rosa is very confused. Her teacher Miss Finch tells the class that the strike is rather stupid, but her mom is singing and she is happy. Rosa tries to make her own strike, which is called "I am not going to school!!!", and her mom just laughs and says it is ok. Rosa also let the boy sleep in their kitchen, she feels sorry for him. My reading is great.

October 12th

It's still strike and her family is floating over in happiness, except Rosa. When she comes home from school she helps her mother and her striker friends to write their sign. Rosa's mom decides that they write: "We want bread and roses, too." Rosa is very proud of her masterpiece, but a little bit ashamed of it too. What would her teacher say? I really love reading this book, because it is so interesting and catching. I feel reading English is very fun.

October 13th

When I read today, I met the boy who helped Rosa finding her shoes. I've read a little bit about him before, but not much. He is working at a mill, but now its strike. All the money he makes goes to his dad, who uses them on buying alcohol. Jake often has to sleep in churches during the strike, because his dad hits him so badly for not making any money for him. Jake actually starts to like the strike when he sees a very beautiful woman, Mrs. Gurley Flynn. Rosa also tells us about the death of one strikeer, Anna LoPizzo. I like the book better and better for every word and sentence in it. To read a book in English is not complicated at all, and I have learned a lot of new words.

October 14th

Rosa thinks that the strike will last forever. Now the strike committee has decided that the children of the strikers can by promotion be send to other towns until the end of the strike. There they will live with strangers, go to school and get four meals a day. Rosa's mom decides to send her daughter to Barre, Vermont. At the train Jake begs her to pretend that they are siblings. I still enjoy the book and I feel reading an English book helps a lot for improving my English.

October 18th-24th

Rosa and Jake live with an old and kind couple, the Gerbatis. They get four meals every day, new clothes, Rosa goes to school every day and enjoy doing her homework. Jake works with Mr. Gerbati, since he never went to school and the couple treats them like their own kids. Jake makes Rosa lie for him every now and then, and she suspects that he is hiding something huge, even enormous. Finally the strike ends and Rosa travels back to Lawrence. Jake is so lucky who can stay with the Gerbatis and he feels relived after telling about the secret. It was Mr. Gerbati who figured it more or less out and Jake told him the rest. Poor Jake, his dad died of alcohol poisoning and Jake thought it was his fault. A very nice ending for the both of them, I'm so glad Jake told the truth. I liked the book, it was very fascinating and pleasure to read. I feel that after reading this book I've learn very much, both history and English. I also think by reading English books they help me to improve my English.


English - Norwegian - Synonyms- Antonyms

Rodents- Gnagere-Rats

Ache- Verk- Pain-Healthy

Blizzard - Snøstorm- Snow storm

Soothe- Berolige- Calm-Excite

Glum-Nedtrykt- Depressed- Joyful

Shed-Skur- Shack

Wretched-Elendige- Miserable- Happy

Harshly-Hard-Solid- Soft

In sentences

She felt a huge ache in her head after she fell down from the three.

They lived quite wretched in a small shed.

He trains harshly every day.

She is very glum after she lost her dog in the park.

Her mom tried to soothe her and gave her a chocolate.

The rodents like to eat trash.

After the blizzard, the whole town was covered by a white blanket of snow.