Gender And Spirituality Loving All Things English Literature Essay

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She Who Loves All Things I can feel resonating in me with a lesson to teach. I know that when she was mentioned in class, I felt my intuition perk up and tell me to write it down for a later reference. It was only later on did I realize her importance and why she called out to me.

Her medicine is Unconditional Love, Self-Love, Sexuality, and Forgiveness. Her medicine blends into the Western system of astrology with the sign of Cancer, which I both believe in very strongly and is the sign I am born under.

Often times, I find that I am able to accept myself but that I rarely love myself. I have also been sexually assaulted in my past by an ex-boyfriend and I had been emotionally running away from all males because of that one experience. I had seriously considered staying single rather than trust another male in a sexual way. I also had been verbally abused by my father and

I can feel Loves All Things through my current lover, whom very much resembles Loves All Things's mate, Feathered Dog. I am often reminded of her through my mate and my feeling a need to love others.

She is teaching me not just about love, but also about respect, trust, patience, and sexual wisdom. During the sexual assault, love, respect, and trust were all violated. I felt my sexuality was partly taken away from me and there was nothing left but sadness and anger left behind. I felt closed off to feeling the joys I had once had in my life. Once I was able to start picking myself back from it, did I begin to begin to start my healing path.

I have begun to realize that Patience is also a part of Loves All Things' medicine through my mate. Only with patience can one even begin to start the healing process, especially since the healing path is long and is not without its challenges. Patience helps to learn the lessons that need to be mastered. With Patience, I can see that my mate is holding back because he is worried about how I am feeling. I can see him go slowly during coupling times and events because he is willing to wait for me to fully undergo my own healing path.

In time, I have begun to show him the love towards all things. I can feel him begin to learn compassion from being shown compassion during a lesson that my mother's spirit had him undergo within the last month. I can feel him begin to keep his healing path going in the direction it needs to be in. He has had the patience to accept that the sexual assault he had experienced a year ago would heal when it was time. Only recently have I begun to pick up the love within that I had been able to give to others freely without worry. I am beginning to show the happier side of me that had hidden herself when I was assaulted.

I can see my mate begin to accept that no matter what happens that I will be able to love him for what he truly is and will be. I can see him start to forgive himself and learn to love himself again. I am also beginning to start to re-develop the patience that I had once had years ago. The patience necessary not just to love another but to heal yourself and others is starting to come back within me.

I relate to Love All Things as a wounded healer archetype in a way, but I have begun to realize her true form. She is able to truly love without boundaries and is truly able to love in its purest form. It does not matter what you have done nor what you are, She Who Loves All Things loves regardless of circumstance. She transcends the boundaries that we set up in our pains and in our sorrows. She gives those that are grieving hope and a way to self-heal. She lights up the world with her compassion. She is able to forgive even in cases where forgiveness should not be possible. Her love helps us realize that our compassion, empathy, and love affect all of those whom we love in addition to all of the other lives that we touch in our lifetimes.

She Who Loves All Things shows us how to accept and love ourselves. She also shows us how to accept our sexuality for what it is. She shows us how to live our lives without fear, without regret, and without guilt. She has been showing herself in Inanna for me in the past when I was accepting my bisexuality and with time, patience, and work, I was able to start to truly love being bisexual. She also has helped me accept myself fully, beyond the bisexuality. Love All Things helped me reach for the sexual knowledge that is often manifested with Two-Spirited and Omnisexual. She has helped me go beyond the surface and learn to truly, fully love my mate for what he is.

She guides us and helps us face the darker parts within ourselves. With her, we learn to accept responsibility. We learn that our loving actions help and that non-loving actions hurt us even more. Her wisdom allows us to transcend the boundaries that seem unreachable.

With her guidance, we are able to fully love and to fully heal ourselves. In the end, the journey is ongoing but eventually with time we will get there successfully.