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Only until I researched on my own is when I found out exactly what the Impeachment of Bill Clinton was and what that was all about. He was the second president in United States history that the Senate conducted a trial against to Impeach. This was in 1999.

Finding out that Monica Lewinsky was not the only woman who had some type of a sexual encounter whether it was consensual or not was shocking to me. Yes, I know sad but true. I was unaware of the all the accusations against him, nor did I know what was the truth. Finding out that Clinton's first sexual harassment lawsuit was brought in Arkansas in May, 1994, by Paula Jones was mind blowing. It was ridiculous I didn't allow myself to keep up with what was going on about our President.

Nevertheless, everything else politics had to offer. I knew nothing about Paula Jones but according to Linder (2005),

Clinton's security detail, Danny Ferguson, approached her and told her that the Governor would like to meet her in his hotel suite.  Minutes later, Jones, seeing this as an opportunity to advance her career, took the elevator to Clinton's suite.  There, according to her disputed account, Clinton made a series of increasingly aggressive moves, culminating in his dropping his pants exposing an erection--and then asking Jones to "kiss it." Jones claimed that she stood and told the Governor, "I'm not that kind of girl." As she left, Clinton stopped her by the door and said, "You're a smart girl, let's keep this between ourselves." 

This was very surprising to me because at the time all this was going on I was sure Clinton was the best president we had ever had. I was blinded about the facts and the case brought against him because of my lack of interest in politics. Fining out the facts about Clinton has really brought to sight what type of man he was.

Judge Wright dismissed Paula Jones case due to the deposition in her testimony. He was angered and seemed frustrated during the proceedings because her testimony and some of her details were inconsistent so the case never made it to trial.

I've lived in Portland for ten years now and I was not aware that Monika Lewinsky lived in Portland a short while and graduated from Lewis and Clark College. Monica eventually moved to Washington in July 1995, to work in the White House as an intern after she turned 21 years old. During this time she was assigned to the West Wing where the two would have over ten encounters that would last over the next two years. Within this time, Clinton would try to convince his self that she might pose a threat later on and end the relationship. The end of the relationship was only the start of more encounters. In April of 1996, Clinton's deputy chief staff also seen Lewinsky as a threat so she was reassigned to a position in the Department of Defense and Clinton clarified that this was best. Lewinsky was distraught.

In early 1997, Clinton made an effort to continue the relationship with Lewinsky and continued the same encounters as before and they were generally in the wee-morning hours on the weekends around the Oval Office. These encounters also included a study hall, a hallway and a bathroom. I am still amazed at all that went on between the two in the West Wing and I'm disgusted. Clinton took this risk at his own leisure as a married man, a father, and as a man of authority and power over our country. Even though Clinton tried to end his relationship with Lewinsky several times, his actions prevailed and showed a different side to him.

It was late 1997, when Clinton ended the relationship for a third time and Lewinsky did everything she could possibly to stay close to Clinton's side. She "redoubled efforts that began the previous year to enlist the President's assistance in finding employment" according to Linder (2005). It is tough to resist temptation but there is no excuse for his actions. Lewinsky needed to be held accountable for her actions also but of course the focus was not on her for punishments instead she probably enjoyed the spotlight she did eventually end up on a couple talk shows such as the Larry King show.

Things started to unravel between Clinton and Lewinsky when she appeared on the Jones deposition list. Clinton advised Lewinsky to file an affidavit with the intent of filing it for the Jones case claiming her relationship with the president was not sexual. This was a lengthy process which was finally signed early January of 1998. This would only be the beginning of the end of this deceptive relationship.

Linda Tripp was the main source which had lead to Lewinsky on the deposition list for the Jones case. Linda had been an employee during the time Bush was in the White House and her position was carried over when Clinton became president in 1993. Tripp was around during the West Wing scandals and eventually had enough of the sneaky scandalous couple and grew real bitter about the strung out relationship. After three years Tripp was determined to expose this scandalous affair.

Tripp and Lewinsky were friends at one point and Lewinski put her trust in Tripp. Lewinsky revealed her relationship with Clinton to Tripp in so many words and eventually admitted that she had a trophy in her closet to prove it. Lewinsky had a dress that had Clinton's semen on it and hadn't washed it for some strange reason. Lewinski admitted that the contact between Clinton and herself was strictly oral. Tripp convinced Lewinsky that she should just keep the dress and not to wash it because she may need that for her own protection one day. Tripp was just waiting for the proper opportunity for exposure. Small pieces of evidence came over time and eventually the truth all came out.

The Office of Independence of Council failed to produce substantial and credible evidence that would convince the wrongdoing of the President. "This was around the same time that Judge Wright dismissed the Paula Jones's sexual harassment suit", Linder (2005).

Clinton stuck to the story he had originally shared with Lewinsky but soon everything was out in the public. The public learned about these allegations on January 21, 1998, and of course Clinton denied it all. Little did Clinton know that Monica had saved her blue dress with his semen on it and by this time she had signed an immunity agreement with the Office of Independent Counsel for her protection.

Well it was all aired out, his lies, his deceitful ways and his credibility was no longer taken into consideration. According to Linder (2005), "Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy scolded Clinton:  "Bill, you're a fool!  You're a damn, damn, damn fool!"  California Senator Dianne Feinstein announced that her "trust in his credibility has been badly shattered."  New York Senator Patrick Moynihan warned that "we can be our own worst enemies if we do not hew to our best standards."  In late August 1998, the survival of the Clinton presidency seemed in real doubt". He was looked upon as a liar and fool. If this is how the Senator's felt about him you can just imagine what the whole nation thought of him.

I remember when Clinton was on ABC News live coverage in front of billion Americans apologizing to the whole nation. I had only heard the rumors about him and Lewinsky, I never knew the entire story until now. I remember thinking to myself "Why are they making such a big deal he's only human?", but at that time I never considered him a role model, or considered his rank and how important his actions have directly on the people of America. I was so blinded by the immature views I had. I have grown so much since then and I now am more aware of my surroundings. Now that I am older and more aware of the importance of politics I try to keep an ear open. Decisions we make today do have a great effect on us tomorrow. From now on it is a necessity that I stay involved and it is very important to share how important it is to our children because it does have a direct effect on them and their children's children.