Fool In Love Makes No Sense English Literature Essay

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True love involves action towards others. Love involves self-sacrifice, true love is often misunderstood. Love is something that when a man saw his girl, smiles at her just because he is proud of the choice he made. Love is when a couple feels unsecured until they are comforted in the arms of each other. Love is when a girl misses his man in the rainy day when, he is for apart. Love is necessary because it is a better guideline and who will lead you to your path.

"Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a movement, and offer you more joy than any material possession could "Barbara de Angelis.

Love is when the peaceful minds understand each other and love is when an individual falls for someone every-day. Love is when the slept bodies curls up, when the fingers of both cuddles without saying a single word. Love is the passion of life. Beauty, elegance, pride attitude, belied, mood, emotion, temperament are the most beautiful philosophy of life. Yet it is undeniable that love places an enormous and unavoidable role in our several cultures, films, novels, songs and even in our practical life. Humorously and seriously it is a constant theme of maturing life and vibrant theme of youth. Near to major population love is lust. It is the time span that will end after a short period but it is the essence of the wrong anticipations that control the minds. Love is a very pure emotion. Law of heaven is believed to be the love. Love without end has no end. If selfishness is involved in loving emotions, love dies its own death. Simply love is pure or non-existent.

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies" 'Aristotle'.

Relationship is the term that abides many families of distinct standards. Behaviorism of love which stems from the theory of mind and body entails that love is a series of action and preferences which is often observable to one and other. Love is the master key that opens gates of happiness. Passion in relation-ships is very curious to many people, perfect loves!

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love "Albert Einstein.

One can die for someone, one can cross every limit to fall in the arms of someone love is the truest wisdom, joy, madness, believe and unbearable hurt that sometimes breaks a person's heart. You may only be the one person to the world, but you may also be the world to any person. This passion was found in minor number of people like the old story character of heer rangha, sasi puno, and nohni mahiwal and sahiba mirza. Other than those people, the situation is different. Attitudes, egos and self-confidence sometimes break relations. Sacrifice, pain, hurt is the alternative name of the beautiful adulation that is called "Love". Love is extraordinary pure and extremely fascinating feeling.

"Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning of flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering, as love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep burning and unquenchable" Bruce lee.

I explained above the definition of love, the feelings and everything which comes in my mind about love. But the main purpose of writing this essay is to give lesson to those teenagers, who didn't knows the exact meaning of love and they play with love relations. Our new generation didn't know how to love in true sense. They use the love relations in wrong sense and for lust. Many of the boys and girls just use the relation for fun and they just play with the feelings of each other. Truth is essential part of love which is missing in love relations. Lies and betraying is gradually becoming the part of the relations. Just after a little chat on Facebook, or any other social media, the person he or she asks for mobile number of other one and in just 4-7 days they fell in love and the relations it love? NO, not at all and I think you all agree with me. Love is not just texting and saying that I love you. Lot many feelings are hidden before this line that "I love you". It means you can't live without him/her. Lot many feelings lies before this one line, the whole chemistry. Love is not sudden, it effect's you gradually. When you feel lonely without him/her and want to spend your time in his/her company. When you get a special kind of feeling and you only think about his/her. When you think of him/her the most and care for him/her and when you feel like obeying his/her every order. There is a difference between the true relation and just relation. I choose this topic because I was so dis-heart by observing and experiencing the love relations nowadays. In true relation respect is strictly observed. If you love your parents you will respect them, like wise, if u love your partner you will respect him/her.

"As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with word "william shakespear.

Forming a couple is not all that difficult; anyone can link up with another person and declare themselves coupled. It is forming an authentic union that poses challenge. This challenge can only be met by respecting the process of its creation and its natural evolution. Thinking has been developed in our teenagers that love is nothing; relation with the girl is to just fulfill their evil desires. They just focus on making love, kissing touching and all those things what the guys do when they met with the girl. The boys and girls don't take it seriously; they just do it for fun. After sometime those weak relations broke-up and the same things are repeated with the other one who comes in relation after his/her. In my point of view this is totally wrong. When you kiss or hug someone and when you had shared your each and every thing with your partner, you should not think of separation after this. You should bind yourself in this relation after this. But nowadays kisses and hugs in opposite sex is normal thing. Most of the teenagers are not serious about their relations and they don't even try to change themselves, knowing it that they are wrong. Love is something that comes automatically, you cannot enforce love. If you see a person and you feel something for her/him that is love. Love developed in a person cannot be uprooted, it is immortal.

"A woman knows the face of man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea'' Honoree de Balzac.

Trust plays the most essential part in true relation. Love is the other name of madness, loosing sense. When someone cannot see what's happening in world. True lovers trust blindly on their partners. They don't need the reasons and clearance of their partner, they have a strong faith in it that he/she is not lying to him/her. There should be no lies in true relation. The relation should be pure and loving. The relation should not be based on falsehood. You shouldn't hide anything from your partner; everything should be clear in relation. You should tell each and everything of your past to your partner. There should be proper understanding in the couples. I think that the truth is the main key for successful relation. Without the truth you lose the trust of your partner and after sometime you also lose your partner too, because without trust the relation has no meaning.

"Love all trust a few, do wrong to none "william shakespear.

It's very difficult to find the sincere partner nowadays. We cannot trust on every-body. You have to find a partner who is fit with you and he/she is of your type. You have to find a partner who is fit with you and he/she is of your type. So you have to find your ideal lover. It's true that it is not possible to find a single person who has all of qualities you think should be in your ideal partner, but at least he/she should cover the 80 percent of it. If you know what you want in relationship but have no sense of what that partner would be like, then you will need to go through quite few people until you are able to assess what you don't want in order to figure out what you do. This is probably not the right way to find your ideal partner. First you have to know yourself that what is your choice and what qualities your partner should have. The simple way is to write on paper the list of qualities of your ideal person you are looking for. She/he should have a pure and strong character should be caring and loving and he/she should have good nature. Your choice of partner should not be based on outer beauty; it should be based on the inner beauty of that person.

There is saying "if you cannot get the person you love them, don't lose the person who loves you. It explains all.

Love is beautiful sensation; it is a combination of care, respect, sincerity, and affection. Love is life because this is what human being is about. The feeling cannot be explained in words. It is so beautiful and that no material thing in the world can b parallel to it .Love is necessary because it is just like human need. Man has thousands of people to interact with but the loved ones have all the influence on his life. There will be nothing attractive without love. Feelings or love make us human. Money is not much necessary with love, however sometimes you need money to fulfill your and yours partner everyday necessities to carry a better relationship.

"Love is life and if you miss love you miss life" Leo buscaglia.

Without love, it is all dry and some people would say dead because love is what makes human life beautiful. It gives you satisfaction and makes you feel good. The feeling of care and affection does have a strong impact. Love is something without which the bond between the human beings which connects them with each other wouldn't be there.

" I have found the paradox , that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt , only more love" mother Teresa.

So those who don't know the true meaning of love relations should understand its importance and they should stop playing with relations based on love. Mostly the boys should realize it, not to play with girls feelings. They should not broke-up on little disputes. They must understand the Importance of love and should be serious about their relations. I hope so that my essay would help all of them who are in love.