Fear Of Witchcraft In The Crucible English Literature Essay

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Whilst having similarities, they have their differences. Selfishness is one of the ways they are different. Abigail is selfish while Elizabeth is selfless. Abigail accuses innocent people of witchcraft just so she can be with John Proctor. Elizabeth is selfless because she did not try to stop John from being hanged. She knew that he was happy with himself. She knew that he would either live with himself as a liar or die knowing he told the truth. Selfishness is the first way that Abigail and Elizabeth were very different women at. Religion is another way they are different. Abigail does several things in the play that were against her religion. She dances in the forest, she lies in court and she could be considered a murderer. She also gets countless people killed by breaking her religion. On the other hand, Elizabeth was a good Puritan. She was conservative and would not lie. The only time she lied was to protect her husband's reputation. She could have lied and said she was a witch but she did not, this would've saved her from getting hanged. Elizabeth's morals were much higher than Abigail's. Finally, Abigail was revengeful and Elizabeth was forgiving. Abigail took revenge on Elizabeth for because John was denying her. Elizabeth was a very forgiving woman. It would be hard to forgive any man that cheated. She could have easily ruined his reputation by telling the whole town about what he had done with Abigail Williams. Another important characteristic of Elizabeth is that her decent character proves to be an important factor all through the play. She gives people in the play and people today the example on how to treat others when she said, "I have sins of my own to count". People can't go around judging others and not check themselves and be rightly so to judge. Before she knew of this she said, "I have read my heart". She was angry at John, but she had to examine herself first to see if she even has the right to do so.

To sum things up, Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor were very different characters. They had some similar qualities, but with different motives. They both loved John Proctor and they lied to maintain their reputations. On the other hand, Abigail was selfish, not very religious, and revengeful, while Elizabeth was selfless, religious, and forgiving.