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When it comes to sexual exploration, women tend to be less active than men. Generally, women tend to start masturbation late and would probably do it less than most men. Only few women would masturbate regularly. This is because that men and women have different sex drives. Most sex therapists or clinicians believe that a woman can learn a great deal about her own sexual response through masturbation. It's also the key to know how you would like your body to be loved and the best way to explore your sexuality is to actually try masturbation.

To make women masturbation more pleasurable and satisfying, you might need to plan how and when to do it. It is important that you'll have enough time and that you won't be interrupted. It is also a must that you are in the most conducive place to set your mood and entice your senses and imagination. Concentrate and rid yourself of the worries, feel and discover yourself by touching your most private parts that send multitude of sexual pleasures. Try to get familiar with exactly how touching yourself makes you feel. Ignore everything around you. Just think about what is going on inside. While touching yourself, you might like to look at something that turns you on, a film, a sexy book or for some women who are more turned on by words, an erotic novel may increase her pleasure. Some women are not contented to use just their fingers, a sex toy or a vibrator can be useful. Try experimenting with your senses and you may well find a better way to turn yourself on, explore ways on how you can experience ecstatic feeling to bring yourself to orgasms. Know what gives you pleasure, don't be afraid to explore your body and sensuality.

Like other sexual activity, women masturbation can be improved by practice.

Title: Rabbit vibrator, the most popular sex toy.

Desc: The rabbit vibrator is a vibrating and rotating sex toy with a shape of an erect penis with a clitoral stimulator. The clitoral stimulator looks like a pair of rabbit ears, thus it was named rabbit vibrator.

The rabbit vibrator came out in response to the growing demand for more pleasurable female sex toys. It became popular after Vibratex's Rabbit Pearl was featured in Season I, episode 9 of HBO's TV series "Sex and the City. " On that episode, Charlotte was so in love with her rabbit vibrator. After that episode, a thousand of American women became addicted to that vibrating rabbit. Here are a number of reasons why you would need to get your own vibrating rabbit.

It is sure to give vaginal climax. A rabbit vibrator has a dildo shaft and a small rabbit connected to it. The dildo part of the rabbit vibrator is inserted inside the vagina to give intense vaginal pleasure. The shaft of the dildo typically contains pearls inside with a rotating penis end. The pearls inside the dildo are positioned exactly to excite an orgasm of the vagina. The beads bulge out of the shaft, massaging the vaginal walls as well as the G-spot causing a vaginal orgasm. Vaginal massaging with clitoral stimulation is a surefire method to achieve explosive orgasm.

It gives strong orgasm of the clitoris. The silicone bunny rabbit ears of the rabbit vibrator massage the sensitive patch of skin of the clitoris causing a sexual climax. Women would have a very hard time achieving clitoral orgasm during intercourse because the penis has to cause friction with the top vaginal area in order to cause a climax. This fails to happen the right way most of the time which makes many women feel dissatisfied with their sex lives. The miniature rabbit affixed on the dildo part of a rabbit vibrator fixed this problem for women, allowing them to take pleasure in vaginal penetration while having clitoral stimulation at the same time. Most women find it much easier achieving a clitoral orgasm this way.

Title: Female masturbation, the health benefit.

Desc: Female masturbation is the most common form of sexuality, the best way to know yourself physically and emotionally. Female masturbation can lead to fulfilling sex life, better marriage and better health.

Healthy sex life is important to a woman's health and well-being. Female masturbation is often an uncomfortable topic to talk about. Not all women are open to discuss their sexual activities, especially self stimulation or cultivation. In one of The Ophrah Winfrey's episodes, the importance of female masturbation were discussed.

It is said that female masturbation helps prevent cervical infections and helps relieve urinary tract infections, same as masturbation in men, reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Studies show that masturbation in women provides protection against cervical infection because when women masturbate, the orgasm opens the cervix.

Female masturbation also improves cardiovascular health and lowers risk of type-2 diabetes. In a number of studies, it was concluded that women who experienced more orgasms, and overall greater frequency and satisfaction with sex - with or without a partner - were shown to have greater resistance to coronary heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

A lot of women have difficulty sleeping and female masturbation can help work against insomnia naturally through hormonal and tension release. Many women tend to masturbate to release tension after a hectic day or to fall asleep at night. Dopamine or the "feel good hormone is on the rise during the sexual climax. After the climax, the calming hormones oxytocin and endorphins are released, that lulls them to sleep.

Lastly, female masturbation helps relieve depressive emotions and improves mood. As women become aroused, the hormone levels of dopamine and epinephrine soar in their bodies. Both of these hormones are mood-boosters. Many studies show that women who report personal satisfaction with their sex lives live a better quality of life overall.

Female masturbation may be a delicate issue but as studies show that there are many health benefits from this sexual practice, it might be worthwhile to explore women's sexuality to gain better health and better sexual experiences.

Title: Rabbit vibrators, offer the most intense pleasure for women.

Desc: Rabbit vibrators are designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. These dual-acting Rabbit vibrators are among today's best selling sex toys.

Rabbit vibrators double a woman's pleasure by stimulating the G-spot with a rotating shaft while at the same time the clitoris is being stimulated. Some rabbit vibrators also offer anal stimulation, thus tripling the woman's pleasure. The built-in dynamic duo of the rabbit vibe is sure to please anyone. And there are no two rabbit vibes that are the alike, each with its' own unique combination of speeds, gyrations, pulsations and rotations. They normally offer a choice between two shaft rotation speeds and two patterns of clitoral stimulation, or allow the user to enjoy both functions at the same time. It is best to try more than one vibrating rabbits.

One of the original rabbit vibrators available in the market is the Vibratex Rabbit Habit. This rabbit vibrator has Japanese engineering, and many women consider this as the best rabbit vibrator available today. The rabbit habit is the first rabbit vibrator to feature rotating pearls in the base of the vibrator. These pearls bulge out of the base of the rabbit vibrator and create a unique and stimulating experience at the entrance of the vagina, stimulating vaginal and clitoral orgasms.

Another high quality rabbit vibrator is the Silicone Rabbit Pearl Deluxe. Silicone is one of the best materials for a rabbit vibrator. Nothing sticks to silicone, giving no place for bacteria to cling as well as it is hypo-allergenic. Silicone rabbit vibes are extremely simple to clean, it is also waterproof. This provides the obvious benefit of being usable under water, in the shower, bath tub or any under water fun.

The Beaded Dolphin vibrator is also one of the best. This rabbit vibrator is eco-friendly as it is rechargeable. It has a miniature dolphin on the base of the shaft that is able to stimulate the g-spot. The G-spot is capable of producing an orgasm from the vagina that is different from clitoral orgasm. This makes the best rabbit vibe for many women.

Title: Waterproof vibrator, the most convenient sex toy around.

Desc: Waterproof vibrator is like any vibrator however it can be used under water as its electrical parts are sealed that prevents water from seeping through. Waterproof vibrators are the most picked sex toy by women.

Mature men and women of all ages and sexual preferences are using sex toys to enhance sexual arousal by providing stimulation to the genitals or other sensitive areas of the body like the nipples and the anus. With the evolution of what we call sex gadgets or toys, sexual intercourse can now be made more enjoyable. Waterproof vibrators can be ideal for women with great sense of adventure on their mind. Solo or partner play using this gadget can now be done in places like the swimming pool, bath tub, Jacuzzi or even under the shower which will surely give erotic experience as well as reinvent their sex life.

One of the best waterproof vibrators is the Silicone Waterproof Rabbit Pearl, this model is an evolution of the original Rabbit Pearl. This is made from silicone material thus making cleanup much easier. It also has another cool feature, the rabbit attachment can be removed and used as a vibrating cock ring with bunny rabbit attachment, making your partner's penis or another dildo into a rabbit vibrator.

Another must have waterproof vibrator is the Orbital rabbit. It is fantastic because it rotates back and forth in a unique style not found in many other rabbit vibes. It is insertable up to five inches and with its unique rotating pattern, easily provides G-spot stimulation.

Here's a waterproof vibrator that has a suction cup attached to it, the Wallbangers Rabbit Vibrator. This is for girls/women who love to ride cowgirl-style by attaching the rabbit to a solid and smooth surface on the floor or doggie-style by attaching the rabbit to a firm and smooth wall surface. Hands-free penetration can be done with this gadget with an intense sexual satisfaction.

With these waterproof vibrators, you are sure to have a sure-fire sexual bliss even under water.

Title: Clitoral stimulation, the best way to do it.

Desc: Clitoral stimulation produces sexual excitement and clitoral erection. It is best to know the techniques in clitoral stimulation to achieve the best female sexual pleasure.

The most sensitive part of the female genitalia is the clitoris. The head of the clitoris is roughly the size and shape of a pea, though it can be smaller or larger. Most women can only achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation. There are varying clitoral stimulation techniques that are sure to make any woman wild with ecstasy.

The oral clitoral stimulation, it is the most used technique by men. The clitoral hood protects the clitoris and prevents over-stimulation which can be uncomfortable and painful. Begin with your best foreplay strategy and when she's fully aroused, slide between her thighs and play with her unexposed clit with your tongue until it is hard and fully erect. Gently pull back or retract the hood until the clit is slightly exposed, and thrust your tongue across it. Repeat this move gently and quickly with varying directions each time and pause between each flick. When she starts gasping and asking for more, release the hood and intensify the pressure until she reaches orgasm. Remember not to blow directly on the clitoris, this can only dry the glans and will become painful and non-lubricated.

If you want to be the one in command, try the Mouth off clitoral stimulation. It is more controlled and specific. Using your tongue, make slow, upward strokes against the delicate underside of the glans. Be sure to make her fully aroused and then retract the hood, and gently put your tongue beneath the clit. Slide it upward with soft, wet strokes. If repeated slowly and consistently, it's guaranteed to give ecstatic orgasm. It is best to maintain gentle, deliberate strokes even if she starts asking for harder and faster strokes.

Another sure-fire style is the Multiple manual stimulation, but doing it can be somewhat tricky. This is best done with her lying on her back and you lying beside her. Start with gently massaging her clit, no need to retract the hood, just work it with slow, sexy circles. Do not apply too much pressure to the clit. Continue with the massage until she's very, very wet. At this point, slide a finger or two inside her. Take your time as you work it and when she's ready for more, place your thumb on her clit and start to massage it. This is a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation that would surely double her pleasure to reach a very rare orgasm.

Title: G-spot vibrator, designed to achieve intense sexual experience.

Desc: G-spot vibrator is a penis like device with a specially curved end. The curved structure of the g-spot vibrator makes it easier to stimulate the g-spot to produce a more intense vaginal climax.

The g-spot vibrator came to resolve the issue that the normal penis was not enough for most women to reach vaginal orgasm. It is designed with a curved shaft to massage and excite the g-spot to achieve the ultimate female orgasm. The level of penetration varies from woman to woman, since the physiology is not the same for each individual. To enhance the effect of stimulating the g-spot, stimulation of other erogenous zones like the clitoris, labia, anus and etc is also done at the same time or simultaneously. The design of some g-spot vibrators includes clitoris or anus stimulators to give a more intense sexual sensation.

The Traditional g-spot vibrator features a curved end for g-spot stimulation. The shaft is smooth and straight, while the head can be designed a little bit larger than the width of the shaft. It is sure to reach the most hidden area of the vagina.

The Rabbit g-spot vibrator is a typical rabbit vibrator, but with a curved end. Rabbit vibrator includes a clitoris stimulator in the shape of bunny ears attachment and rotating beads inserted in the shaft. Rabbit g-spot vibrators provide the double stimulation: g-spot and clitoral massage. This gives the most intense sexual pleasure.

Another type is the Ribbed or waved g-spot vibrator. It has a variety of shaft shapes and textures: ribs, spikes, bumps, nubs, beads, etc. that take part in the stimulation of the vaginal walls after being penetrated. There are some bent shafts with a curved tip, but having smooth texture. This type gives varying intensity of sensations.

The best type to have is the G-spot vibrator with a clitoral and/or anal stimulator. This type is almost like the Rabbit vibrator, but in most cases it contains both stimulators on the both sides of the shaft that are intended for triple action. This one is sure to give the ultimate sexual pleasure.

There is variety of g-spot vibrators to choose from. Achieving explosive sexual experience is not that hard at all.

Title: Rabbit dildo, dual action for vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

Desc: A rabbit dildo is a combination of a dildo and a vibrator. It has bunny ears attachment thus the name rabbit dildo was derived. It is designed to give dual pleasure for women.

The rabbit dildo was popularized by the TV series "Sex and the City." After it was featured from one of its first episodes, thousands of American women have tried this vibrating rabbit. This gadget has become one of the most sought female sex toy and became the most favourite among others because of its dual pleasure feature. The dildo part stimulates the g-spot and the vagina while the vibrator stimulates the clitoris. There are different rabbit dildos out in the market that would surely match your taste.

The first and the original, the Jack rabbit dildo, the shaft does not only rotate but twirl, giving a rare kind of vaginal stimulation. The ears are also perfect for clitoral stimulation. This type of rabbit dildo is simply one of the best as it never fails to provide the perfect amount stimulation with every use.

The most popular, Pearl rabbit dildo, this is the type that was actually featured in the TV show "Sex and the City." This dual action dildo/vibe has gained popularity among women everywhere. It provides both vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. The rotating beads inside the shaft provides intense g-spot stimulation. Reaching climax can be quicker than ever with its 2 powerful speeds of vibration and its reverse mode. You'll surely climax to levels you have never ever imagined.

Another one of the best is the Jessica Rabbit style dildo, also known as the Jack Rabbit. It is one of the most versatile sex toys available. Not only does it have all the usual features of rabbit vibrators, but in addition to the usual 2 speeds of operation you can mix its numerous modes to get over 300 different patterns for hours of experimentation and maximum stimulation of the clitoris and vagina. The best selling features of this type are: 10 speed shaft rotation, 3 clitoral vibration patterns (each with 10 different speeds), 2 patterns of escalation and acceleration, non-jamming rotating pleasure beads and the tri-point stimulation for maximum pleasure.

Title: Realistic dildo, almost like the real thing.

Desc: Realistic dildo looks like a real penis as it is sculpted after anatomical parts and made of realistic materials. Some realistic dildos are actually better than the real thing.

For women and men who want uninterrupted and ultimate sexual play, the realistic dildos can be relied upon. Sex toys were manufactured to resolve the issue that actual male penis is not enough to send most women to higher level of orgasm. With the many twists and turns in the evolution of sex toys, the realistic dildo is the best replica of the male reproductive organ. Comparative to the real penis, the colour, size and shape are copied only that the realistic dildo doesn't get soft, it remains erect. There are many realistic dildos in the market that you can choose from, each with its unique feature. Here are some:

One of the best selling dildos is the Mr. Realist, now available with vibrations. This realistic vibrating dildo is supremely soft to touch and very flexible. The shaft includes a real-feel finish with veins, head and a divine set of balls. It also features multi-speed thrills for powerful stimulation. It also has a suction cup, for most versatile sexual play.

The Rampant rotating dildo vibe, this fabulous realistic dildo pleases in every way. It has variable-speed vibrations that flow up and down the real skin shaft and the head rotates giving you the deepest and most satisfying vaginal massage imaginable. This also includes a free elastic and adjustable harness to be able to use it as a strap on dildo.

Another favourite realistic dildo is the Natural dildo vibrator, with its satisfyingly thick and veined design, it is sure to give you hours of play and fun. It is a powerful dildo vibrator with multi-speed thrills controlled by a simple twist of the base. This doesn't cost much on your wallet but when you switch it on, it is sure to lift you to a high level of sexual stimulation.

Title: Remote vibrator, so powerful yet discreet.

Desc: Remote vibrator is a discreet battery operated sex toy that gives unnoticeable sexual frenzy. This remote vibrator can be controlled by your lover across the table or across the room with no one to notice.

With the many innovations in the history of sex toys, the remote vibrator is one of the best especially for adventurous men and women who want to have a little secret fun even in the most crowded places. This sex toy is small and discreet and can be controlled by your lover even in the range of 100 feet. Who would notice that you are in a sexual frenzy while pushing your cart in the supermarket or while you are simply reading a book in the coffee shop? This kind of vibrator is sure to beat.

Remote control eggs are very popular, and they can be used for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Men may use them on their balls and dicks as well. And don't neglect the anus. That very sensitive spot feels heavenly when a remote egg is used on it. There are several kinds of remote vibrator in the market, pick the one that most suit your sexual need and preference.

The 10-speed vibro remote egg, this high tech remote vibrator has 10 speeds of constant, escalating and pulsating vibrations that can definitely provide you with mammoth proportions of satisfaction. The easy to use remote activates the egg from up to 50 feet away giving you and your lover copious amount of enjoyment anywhere even under water.

Another enjoyable remote vibrator is the Remote vibrating love egg, this superb sex toy is fully safe to use underwater, you can have powerful multi-orgasmic stimulation even when you are in a bathtub, jacuzzi or swimming pool as it is completely waterproof. The remote control range over 50 feet.

Of course from the most popular rabbit dildos, comes the Ultimate remote control rabbit, this has been rated by many women as the number one rabbit vibrator on the planet. It is fully remote controlled, has pre-programmed vibration and pulsation patterns. It is IC controlled with synchronous rotating beads and includes a clit stem to drive you completely wild and frenzy. The remote control range over 100 feet.

Title: Female masturbation techniques, the key to a satisfying sex.

Desc: Female masturbation techniques include stroking or rubbing the female genitalia with the use of the hands or sex toys. Learning female masturbation techniques can lead to a higher level of orgasm.

Studies have found out that female masturbation has many health benefits. It may be an uncomfortable topic for some women but it is worthwhile to know the female masturbation techniques that can't only lead to sexual satisfaction but also to better health.

There are varied ways of female masturbation that can surely lead you to sexual bliss. Women are different so there may be techniques that won't give you much pleasure but may be enjoyable for some women. Here are some sure-fire female masturbation techniques:

The clitoral roll, this technique is sure to make you arouse. It is done by placing your thumb and forefinger on either side of your clitoris and gently rolling it with your fingers. Start this technique slow and eventually increase the motion until you get the right speed for you. To further enhance the sensations of this technique, you may use your two hands.

Circling the clit, this is done by placing two fingers onto the clitoris, then rubbing them in a circular motion around and around with varying speed and position of the fingers until you find your sweet spot. This technique will surely excite you more.

Double stimulation, this female masturbation technique is done by inserting one or two fingers in the vagina with one hand while the other hand is tapping or rubbing on the clitoris in varying speeds and positions until you get it perfectly right. This technique will surely drive you frenzy.

Another, sure-fire female masturbation technique is the triple stimulation, this is done by lubricating your anus, the anal area and your clitoris while lying naked on your back. To get your vagina wet, stick the index finger of your one hand, and then slowly slide that finger into the anus while at the same time slide the thumb of that same hand into your vagina. Use your other hand to stimulate the clitoris while wiggling your first hand into and out of your vagina and anus. The combination of these three kinds of stimulation is guaranteed to bring you great pleasure.

It is best to explore and discover different female masturbation techniques to know what suit your preference when it comes to sexual gratification.

Title: Sex toys for women, offer immense sexual pleasure.

Desc: Sex toys for women are designed to intensify sexual stimulation to surely reach orgasm. Here we discuss the various sex toys for women found in most sex shops and stores.

As years pass by, more and more women are inclined to using gadgets or sex toys to enhance their sex lives. The sex toys market has widened as the technology of sexual gadgets has improved and developed. Innovations have been made from the simple dildo and vibrator that used to be the only sex toys ever available for women. Here are some sex toys for women that will surely make sex more passionate and enjoyable.

Vibrators, these are vibrating devices specially designed to intensify stimulation of the various parts of the body especially the erogenous area. They are intended for sexual use whether for solo or partner play. They may come in various shapes and sizes though they are usually shaped like a penis. The G-spot vibrator, rabbit vibrator, vibrator wand, egg vibrator and bullet vibrator are good examples. Among these vibrators, the rabbit vibrator is the most popular as it gives dual and triple stimulating action that is sure to give mammoth orgasms.

Another sex toy for women is a dildo, this is a non-vibrating device which is also used for sexual stimulation of the vagina and or anus. This is usually made of silicone but can be also made of other materials such as metal or glass. A great example of this is the realistic dildo which is almost like a real penis in terms of shape, size and structure. There is also a double penetration dildo, it is a long flexible dildo with both ends designed for penetration. It allows mutual penetration between two people or for double penetration of a single woman, both vaginally and anally.

The Ben wa balls, these are hollow balls made from metal that are inserted vaginally which can also be worn inside the vagina for an extended periods of time. The internal rolling in the vagina is said to enhance orgasms.

There are other sex toys for women that can heighten your sex life, just don't be afraid to try new exciting things that may be pleasurable for you.

Title: G-spot vibrators, powerful and versatile for intensifying orgasms.

Desc: G-spot vibrators are designed to stimulate the area on the front wall of the vagina that is highly sensitive to stimulation. There are many G-spot vibrators in the market nowadays.

All most all female g-spot vibrators features the penis shape with a specially curved ends to reach the most hidden part of the vagina that is incredibly sensitive to stimulation. G-spot vibrators were invented in response to women's complaints that the normal penile stimulation is not enough to produce electrifying vaginal orgasms. The head of the g-spot vibrators are mostly a little bit bigger than the head of the actual penis. The curved structure of the g-spot vibrators makes it possible to stimulate the spot with ease and with no extra effort. Here are some of the best ones found in the sex stores and even in on line shops:

The rabbit g-spot vibrator, this is a typical rabbit vibe but with a little twist, it has a curved end. It also includes bunny ears attachment great for clitoral stimulation and rotating beads inside the shaft. This provides double stimulation: advanced g-spot and clitoral massaging. Surely, this one is a must have.

You can also try the ribbed or waved g-spot vibrator, this one contains a variety of shaft shapes and textures like ribs, spikes, bumps, nubs and beads. These textures shafts take part in the advanced stimulation of the vaginal walls after penetration.

Another exciting type is the G-spot vibrator with a clitoral and/or anal teaser. This one is with resemblance to the Rabbit vibrator, but in most cases it contains both stimulators on the both sides of the shaft that are intended for triple action.

Some manufacturers, came out with a style that has changeable heads for diversified sensations, the G-spot vibrator with interchangeable heads includes a number of interchangeable heads with different textures that are at the users' disposal. You can try this of want varying amount and proportion of stimulation and sensation.

Differently shaped but definitely with equal amount of pleasure, the Exotic g-spot vibrators, these differ from the other types by their special form. These are not a penile shaped, but something far from it, examples are half-ring, hand with fingers, etc. They usually contain a curved tip for easier reaching the hidden areas.

With these g-spot vibrators in the market, who says sex is not fun?

Title: Clit vibrator, girls' best toy.

Desc: Clit vibrator is designed to excite the most sensitive part of the female genitalia, the clitoris. The clit vibrator is one of the most popular and demanded sexual toy for women.

Most women can only reach climax through clitoral stimulation. Stimulating the clitoris is a bit like giving someone a massage, this may feel enjoyable at first but without varying techniques, it may also result to numbness or pain. For some men, they may find clitoral stimulation a little tiring because they'll be needing to employ several techniques and longer time of repeatedly doing the job to finally send their partners to explosive orgasm. Now, with the use of the clit vibrator, this is no longer an issue. Women can now enjoy stronger clitoral orgasms with just a push of a button.

Clit vibrators come in a wide array of sizes, colours and vibration strength. Normally clit vibrators are created for massaging the clitoris and are not intended for penetration, although the shape of some vibes allows penetration and stimulation of the inner erogenous areas. Examples of clit vibes include colourful bullets, multi-functional vibrators and discreet vibrators. The hands-free and the manual clit vibrators are the few distinct types that are exclusively designed for clitoral stimulation though most vibrators can also be used for clit stimulation.

The hands-free clit vibrators are used to stimulate the labia and the clitoris. They have straps or harness that keep them in place during play, leaving the wearer's hands free during use. Good examples of this type are the butterfly strap-ons, vibrating panties, and cock rings. The butterfly strap on is a small sex toy in the shape of a butterfly or a flower. It has adjustable straps worn on the woman's waist and hips. The vibrating panties are pieces of lingerie with vibrating device attached for intense localized vibration; usually remote controlled and can be discreetly worn under normal clothing. The cock rings are intended to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse and for couples' pleasure.

The manual clit vibrators come in a wide array of designs. Some manual vibrators are powered from wall sockets and these are somewhat less convenient compared to rechargeable or battery operated vibes but generally they offer more intense stimulation and better durability. On the other hand, there are small battery operated manual vibrators that can be worn on a finger- specially designed for couples' play.

Title: Sexual toys for women, various gadgets to achieve screaming orgasms.

Desc: Sexual toys for women are gadgets or aides that are intended to deliver the highest level of sexual pleasures. Sexual toys for women now have a growing market niche.

Men and women have varying sexual needs and preferences. Before, we think that it is only the male species that are more inclined to sexual play and self gratification but as far as history is concerned, some art subjects in the earlier times already showcased female eroticism. Early sexual devices invented are for treating female patients with hysteria by means of vaginal massage. These early sexual gadgets have evolved to a more versatile and multi-functional sex toys, not only for men but for women as well.

Among the most loved sexual toys for women are the different types of vibrators. Rabbit vibrators are on the top list of this kind. These are fantastic pleasure devices that guarantee high level of sexual satisfaction. Other examples that are sure to give intense orgasms are the g-spot vibrators, dildos, pocket rockets, realistic vibrator and the clit stimulators. Vibrating eggs and bullet vibrators are also among the first choices of some women, these provide instant orgasms and even can make you experience orgasms simultaneously with your lover.

Another sexual toy for women is the clitoral pumps. These are most commonly intended for sexual arousal, the suction on the clitoris or on the vagina creates a suckling feel that resembles oral sex. These are great during foreplay as it gets you perfectly turned on for a steaming hot sex. You'd be completely satisfied with the clitoral pump as it lets you enjoy oral sex without a partner.

Nipple toys are also enjoyable sexual toys for women. They are usually one of two products, either a suction cup or clamps. Two nipple toys with different feel, the suction cup presses and sucks, the other type squeezes and maybe even vibrates.

Grab one of these sex toys for women that perfectly fits your sexual need and you will surely experience the joy of sex you have never ever imagined.

Title: G-spot massager, great for having intense orgasms.

Desc: G-spot massager is a devise purposely created for g-spot stimulation. Online sex shops offer some of the most pleasurable g-spot massager.

Most women desire to experience multiple and powerful orgasms. Generally, women do not reach climax by just the usual intercourse or with just the usual sexual position. Aside from the clitoris, there is also another pleasure spot for women, known as the Grafenberg spot or most commonly known as the g-spot. It is located in the front vaginal wall about 2 inches from the vaginal opening and has a spongy texture. When this sensitive portion is stimulated, it can result to high level of sexual arousal or even female ejaculation. Women describe g-spot orgasms as deep, whole body experiences, they are more powerful and at most times followed by euphoric sensation. To have this kind of sexual enjoyment experienced by many women, new and exciting innovations have been created to female sex toys and one of these is the g-spot massager. Here are some you can definitely find in online shops and sex toys stores:

The Mini Wanachi massager is powered by a whisper-quiet motor, multi-speed and waterproof. Its smooth silicone head is nice and soft, not only ideal or massaging tired muscles but a great g-spot massager as well. With this, you can surely enjoy the freedom of wireless pleasure and stimulation.

From California Exotic comes the Berman Center Aphrodite, it is an infrared rechargeable massager with 3 interchangeable silicone sleeves. It is multi-purposely designed for muscle relaxation and erogenous stimulation with 2 speed vibrations and with low infrared heat that provides soothing sensation. Its massaging head has a flexible joint so it moves with you and the 3 attachment sleeves are made of high quality silicone material for personalize pleasure. This one is surely a hit g-spot massager.

Another must try g-spot massager is the Climax Twist 7x Rechargeable Vibe. It is an ultra powerful massager with motors in both tips and has seven push-4-play functions of vibration and pulsation at each end. This features 90 degrees wand twists for maximum comfort and control with soft rubber external tip and curved g-spot tip. With this g-spot massager, pleasure is just round the corner.

Title: Girls' sex toys, what to consider in buying.

Desc: Girls' sex toys are sexual aides to enhance sexual stimulation for a more intense sexual experience. The most common girls' sex toys in the market are vibrators, dildos, clit and g-spot stimulators.

Among the many girls' sex toys in the market, choosing the best one is probably the hardest. There are about hundreds of sex toys in online shops to choose from, each with their own unique style, design and functions. You would almost have a headache deciding which one to buy or which one you really want. If possible, you would want to try each in every class. Of course that is not bad, as the saying says, "the more the merrier." If your budget will permit you, it is not bad to try on several different toys that capture your attention, variation is fun anyway. For those who are on a limited budget or a beginner, here are some tips that you might consider in choosing the perfect girl sex toy for you.

First thing to take in consideration is of course, how much you want to spend on your gadget. Be sure that you have set your price range. It is important that you buy the one that is not painful in your wallet. Girls' sex toys need not be expensive to be efficient and pleasurable. Be a wise spender, check different product reviews.

Second, decide on the functionality of your gadget. Do you like it simple? Double acting or triple acting sex toys? Which sweet spot of your body do you like to be stimulated? There are girls sex toys that are designed to stimulate the clit as well as the g-spot, there are that function in 3 ways, clit, g-spot and anal stimulator. Choose the one that fits your need.

Another one to take into consideration is the type of material you would want your gadget to be made of. Are you looking for something flexible, soft and more realistic, then sex toys made of silicone is the best choice. Aside from the fact that silicone sex toys look like real, they are also easier to clean. If you prefer something that won't bend or yield that focus on g-spot pleasure, choose something made from plastic. Be sure to check the material from the description to get the girl sex toy you really prefer.

Title: Clit vibrators for ultimate sexual pleasure

Desc: Clit vibrators are intended for one ultimate purpose- fantastic orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Clit vibrators are the best sellers in female sex toys.

The clitoris is a pea or button like structure in the female sex organ. This small portion of the female genitalia which when stimulated can produce huge waves of sexual orgasm. Most couples engage in foreplay before actually getting down to real business and one that is most done to excite women is to stimulate the clitoris whether with the use of a finger or the tongue. To be successful in clitoral stimulation, one would need varying techniques and this may become a little tiring for some men, most often spoiling the fun and excitement of love making. It is a good thing that clit vibrators are now in the market to solve some couples' problem.

There are two styles of the clit vibrators: the wearable and the hand held. These two are both designed to stimulate the clitoris. The wearable type is also called a "butterfly." It resembles a harness or a pair of G-string panties. The small powerful vibrator is positioned over a woman's clitoris via straps or underwear for a more intense and localized vibration. A lot of women enjoy this hands-free clit vibrator for a number of reasons. This gives them the freedom to touch and tease other parts of their partner's body during sexual play making it more fun and enjoyable. It also gives some women the thrill of wearing a vibrator under their clothing without being noticed.

The hand-held clit vibrators are somewhat less convenient. It restricts freedom for the one holding it to touch and tease the other sensitive areas of their partner's body during intercourse. Most hand-held clit vibrators are powered from a wall socket though this type is more durable and gives more intense vibration.

With the wide range of clit vibrators in the market, you can definitely pick the one that will surely give the ultimate sexual pleasure you are wishing for.

Title: Clit stimulator, surely a best seller.

Desc: Clit stimulator is a female sex toy specifically designed to excite the clitoris. Clit stimulator is made to be used during female masturbation or partner play.

Masturbation is no longer a male thing, a lot of women now engage in exploring their own sexuality. Many studies show that female masturbation results in better sex life as well as better health. Women nowadays are as active, adventurous as men in terms of sex. They too would like to experience high level of sexual enjoyment whether with a partner, solo or with the use of a device made for their sexual need. For most women, clitoral stimulation gives them the most intense climax. Sex toys manufacturers have come out with different gadgets specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. Different kinds of clit stimulators can be found in many online sex shops.

From California exotic comes the Jesse's Vibro Pussy Sucker, this is the ultimate in personal clit stimulation. Its vibrating and suckling action exquisitely resembles oral sex. It nestles snugly over the vagina while the nodule stimulators excite every pleasure areas it touches. The perfect blend of pleasure is achieved by its powerful suction and vibration.

With Doc Johnson's full size Pussy pump, you can surely have that heavenly pleasure. Its cup is shaped to perfectly fit and enclose the labia and the clitoris. The unique release valve allows for the removal of the non-kink hose and inflation bulb while retaining the vacuum pressure in the cup. This clit stimulator will definitely sensitize you to new heights of pleasure.

Another must try clit stimulator is the Wireless Pump System for women, it features powerful suction that increases sexual arousal of the clitoris as the vibrations deliver incredible sensation for heightened pleasure. This sex toy features the following benefits: Mini, wireless, multi-speed, soft jelly stimulator with ergonomically designed suction base and sensual ticklers with the easy vacuum pump that has quick release button and non-crimping tubing. This is perfect for any erogenous zone for you or your partner.

Pick your pick from among these clit vibrators and have a fantastic sex experience.

Title: Female sex toys, exciting companion to an explosive climax.

Desc: Female sex toys are gadgets that enhance female sexual excitement. Here are some tips to enjoy sexual exploration with your favourite female sex toy.

Since studies have shown that female masturbation can actually lead to a healthier life, it is no longer an issue if a woman engages herself to explore her own body and her sexual response. Women nowadays are more open to try new things when it comes to pleasing her partner as well as to pleasing herself. A lot of female sex toys are found in many sex shops featuring different ways to please a woman, depending on how and where she wants to be pleased.

One great companion to sexual bliss is the rabbit vibrator. This female sex toy offers the most intense orgasmic pleasure for a woman by giving double stimulation. Its rotating shaft stimulates the g-spot while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris. The combination of these two sensations will surely lift you to great pleasures. However, if you are a beginner with female sex toys, it is best to start with a simple vibrator before venturing on a more expensive and sophisticated vibrator. Simply try the vibrator on your thighs and breast as well as on your sensitive organ. Start with slow motion and speed until you are hot and ready for a more intense sensation.

You can also try Bullets and Eggs, these female sex toys are small but extremely powerful. They are usually inserted into the vagina which can stimulate the nerve endings to give pleasure. Bullets and eggs are also used as anal stimulator. They are easy to use, economical and have a wide range of selections to choose from.

And of course, another better way to stimulate yourself is using a clit stimulator. This gadget is one of the best female sex toys. It is specifically made to stimulate the smallest portion of a woman's sex organ yet can deliver huge wave of sensation and pleasure. This female sex toy is so popular because most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Sending yourself to climax is just a flick of a finger, that's the wonder of female sex toys.