Exploring The Humanity In Gullivers Travels English Literature Essay

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The wars which is portrayed between the Lilliputians and the Blefuscians seems to be interesting and well mentioned since the Lilliputians and the Blefuscians were only 1/12 in height or 1/1728 in volume when compared to Gulliver. Gulliver confronted to his first war which was more like a dispute over the manner of eating an egg.  Swift mentions in the book about a former king who seemed to take the personal right from his people by telling them to eat the egg from the small end instead of the large end. Swift through this tried to portray the nature of dictatorship where a dominant ruler oppresses his subjects, which even continues in present day scenario. He also tried to portray how a ridiculous act like this can cause a war which continued  through generations, when the people actually continued to fight without realizing the reason, a trend  which reflects even in today's society where a mere fight/war causes so much of loss but still people fail to understand why they are actually fighting.

Swift seemed to mock at the nature of contemporary wars or conflicts which are fought by the people in order to win control over some trifling matters, like to win more wealth or property as well as to get access to more power. Swift also uses the family to explain the extent of war by pointing out that not only war can destroy nations but it can also destroy the strong bonds of family.

 Swift expresses a satire on war with the incident that Gulliver visits a man who can bring to life important figures or war heroes from the past. This is another example to point out that war is really very influential on society. Later on in the land of the horses, it is observed that there is no conflict or war, but rather it reveals a disintegration of societies in the form of separation to avoid those conflicts. The land is split into two societies of the barbaric Yahoos and that of the peaceful and logical horses. However, Gulliver understood that life seems to look beautiful without any war or conflict. He desires to live in this peaceful society of horses, but his nature of conflict seems to have got deep roots. He is unable to live up to the expectations of the horses. Swift is trying to point out that people want to live their lives in peaceful manner but it is also true that some form of conflict exists within the society. People constantly fight with one another since they never feel satisfied with what they posses. Therefore, they hold grudges against one another which cause constant turmoil.

In the book it is shown that war often seem to create the social classes, which is evident most highly when Gulliver encounters the giants. He comes from a world that considers him a giant and therefore, he offers little more entertainment to the giants, but that is in order to get him to the queen's palace. Swift argues upon the fact that upper class always tend to look down upon the poor people in society. Similarly, it is noticed that the Queen can afford to hire new people who can render better service to her by bringing her more entertainment, therefore replacing others who were previously in the service. This is a common fact which is evident even in a modern society. Swift therefore, trying to point us that society seems to be divided into two strata- the rich and the poor. The upper greedy rich people tend to exercise their control over the poor people in the society, thus this seems to be the basic human instinct which drives the upper classes not to treat the lower strata people equally.


Gulliver's views on certain issues started changing as the story goes on. He encounters the real world when he visits the horse society, where he found life is without violence or oppression. He understood the fact that man as superior species is not true. He finds that power can be gained not through the means of domination but through tolerance. The horse society can at any moment destroy or cause harm to the Yahoos but that would never happen since they know that would make no difference between them and their enemy. When Gulliver witnesses the destruction of all his belongings his true nature is portrayed. Swift claims that human beings tend to find the violent means and methods easier to win over a situation rather than resolving an issue through peaceful means.

The story of Gulliver's Travels pushes the aspect of imagination, which reflects a strong example of the use of satire to make society see things from a different point of view. The lessons that Gulliver learns throughout his entire journey focuses on the different nature of human beings. It creates the structure of a modern society and reveals that all kinds of wrong methods are used to control it. The story of Gulliver focuses not only into human culture but also explores the true nature of the human beings living in that society. It also points out to what extent potential lies in patience, determination, as well as in perception. Swift applied his satiric technique to offer an important message to the readers by pointing to the fact when Gulliver came back to his own home, he realized that his attitude towards looking at surrounding things have changed completely, since he no longer desire to be a part of the human race which only reflects their greedy attitude rather than treating each other with respect and love. He started disrespecting his leaders whom he looked at once with a feeling of proud. Gulliver developed a positive attitude towards his own family and learnt to respect it and preserve it. He in fact, recognized the true meaning of life and tried to analyse things from a rational point of view. He understood his true identity and realized that one should take a sense of pride of where they are from, and treat everyone with love and upheld the ideals of brotherhood to promote peace everywhere.