Examining The Myth Of Christian Redemption English Literature Essay

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So - essay starts here! When exploring Christian Redemption in this poem it can be realised when Lizzie helps her sister. Lizzie makes a sacrifice of herself to help Laura when trying to get the fruits of the ghastly Goblins. Lizzie is risking her whole life by doing this to stop her sister from sinning by doing something avoid "bad" - it's a weak word and desperate to gain the fruits she so needs to survive. She knew that the Goblins were and avoid this one too!; "as she feared some goblin man" before she even got to them but even so she still carried on like a brave women. She would go any lengths to save her sister. Similarly this can be related to the story of Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The setting Rossetti uses in her poem in the beginning can be seen as a prelapsarian world because it links to the time before the Fall of Adam and Eve - it is pastoral and, except for the songs of the goblin men, idyllic. (See how to use the POEM rather that the story?). This place was seen as paradise. +EDon't explain!

In the same way both the poem of Goblin Market and the story of Adam and Eve they are living in paradise. Adam and Eve are living in a place where they do whatever they want except one thing. In Goblin Market Lizzie and Laura are living in a pleasant life with nothing going wrong for them at that time. Then it all goes wrong for both stories. Before Jesus redeems them they are living in a postlapsarian world. This is when the sin has been committed and they are living with the guilt and the consequences. Adam and Eve are punished and they have to leave the paradise place; the Garden of Eden. In a similar way in Laura's case she is suffering by needing the fruits so badly that if doesn't get them she would die. She is slowly getting worse and in need of been redeemed. True - your expression is rather informal, however. Use AO3 lexis to hit this descriptor.

In Goblin Market the "evil goblin" temptinged Laura to eat the fruits which would cause her to have sinned and then conclude in Lizzie having to sacrifice herself to help her dying sister who was in need. Laura is a sinner for what she has done but this was influenced by the Goblins making them create an even larger sin by taking advantage of her. The Goblins take advantage of the temptation that she has towards the fruit by making her need them or she will die. Lizzie still being aware of these spiteful Goblins and the fact that Laura actively becomes tempted, Lizzie completely ignores and moves on from this so she saves the sister that she loves. This is like the story of Adam and Eve who were tempted to eat the fruits by the devil. of Also like when the devil or serpent tempts Adam and Eve to have the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he makes it sound irresistible so they cannot resist and they have to have them. Then no matter what, Jesus knows that they have sinned but forgets it and sacrifices himself anyway to save them. QUOTE from the poem!

I'd kill this - it's confusing (and also I think wrong!) On the other hand Lizzie can be seen a brave-hearted hero. This is because Lizzie was not forced to help Laura, she knew about all the risks when buying off the Goblins and that Laura was not entirely innocent but Lizzie still helped. No matter what she heard she still went out there to risk her life to save her sisters life even though she knew what she did about the vile Goblins "things that attack".

Also when talking about Christian Redemption, after Adam and Eve had been redeemed by Jesus, although they have been redeemed they will die in the end, and they know it so they are still in a avoidway. On the other hand when Lizzie redeems Laura and Laura gets better, they can both move on as she has recovered completely and now they can try and forget about it and carrying on living life as they did before the sin was committed. This is not in the poem. It is what people might think about the Bible story - not the poem. Let the poem speak!

To conclude I think that the two perspectives of whether Christian Redemption is actually centered around the poem Goblin Market are both relevant. I think that in different eyes people see this poem in different ways which can also be based in what they believe in. Christian redemption is believed by Christians that Jesus was brought to earth for a reason to save people from their sins. However, I feel that the poem is showing that Lizzie was helping her sister no matter what because that is how much she means to her. People may believe she did it because that is what God sent for her to do but I feel that she did it because she loved her sister deeply and abided by sisterhood. The myth of Christian Redemption is there in Goblin Market but there are also reasons as to it not been included in the poem and other themes being involved.

Thank you, Louise. You have the issues, but there are a number of things to note.

First, structure. NEVER start away from the text - the essay must be focused on the text.So use the text and THEN apply the theory/symbol, not the other way around.

Second, never tell the story. Remember the MPD framework: make your point about the text, prove it by quotation, and then explain in depth why it is interesting and assess whether it is valid.

Third, expression. You need to develop a more critical formal idiom. Think about what AO1 means. Wide reading would help here!

Don't despair if this sounds negative. You are writing yourself into a good essay - it's just not here YET!