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There are a lot of things that give me energy in my life. The first source of energy for me is sleeping. Sleeping makes me more energize to face the coming day. The most relax and enjoy moment of my day is night because in that time I can put down every work on hands and have a good rest. Sleeping is important to me, without sleep, I will feel very tired and exhausted in the next coming day. Without sleep, I cannot concentrate on what lecturer and tutor are teaching in front of the class.

For me, family is main source energy of mine. My family always give me a lot of support in everything I am going to do. For example, study. When I get bad result and I am not satisfied with my result, they will comfort me and encourage me to continue study. When I face the problem in my college homework, my elder sister will teach me even she don't know what is the answer but still she will try her best to solve my problem. I love my family, I enjoy spending my every second with them, and I love my parent and sisters.

I love to dress up myself nicely. It gives me source of energy to start a new day and makes me more confident. I never feel lazy to dress up myself but study does. With the nice and beautiful outfit on my body, I feel more confidence to face the crowded and I will have a beautiful mood.

Watching movie is another source of energy of me. In the time that I am watching movie, I feel enjoy and relax. I love to watch movie in home and cinema. I always go to cinema enjoy new movie that are just release with my friend and family. I can enjoy the speaker and big screen in the cinema and I can forgot everything and stress in my life for a while.

Reading magazine is also a source of energy of me. I love to read magazine because it is not related to my studies. From reading magazine, I can get the latest news and information that are happened in this world.

Source of Energy (Leakage)

The main source that takes my energy away is study. Study makes me feel stressful and I can't even sleep early in the night. I have to rush my college's homework every day. I have to prepare all the tutorials that needed to be discussing in the tutorial class. Therefore I have to stay awake to done my tutorials until midnight. Assignment makes me sleep not well and I have to stay overnight at my friend's house to complete our group assignment.

The next source that takes my energy away is lack of time. I have not enough time to spend in a day. My timetable of college's class is quite pack. I have to wake up early to go to college in the morning but back to home in the evening. I have not enough time to do my things so that I have to sleep late every day.

The transport that I use to travel to college and back to home is also a source that takes my energy away. I have no own a car or motorbike, so I have to take college bus or public transport to reach college. Because of taking public transport or college bus, I have to wake up more early in the morning and I have to reach home very late every day after class. I feel very tired because of waiting the public transport and college bus. I need spend more time in waiting.


Gives Energy

Takes Energy



Dress up myself nicely

Watching movie

Reading magazine

Lack of time

Travel to college


I would like to spend my ideal life during 20 to 30 years old by working very hard. I will try my best to earn a lot of money and make my life more meaningful during that time. My desired life style is hope I can enjoy everything that happening in my life and I can rest more and do not need to fight so hard when I am getting older. I also wish that I can live happily and no need to be so stress for this competitive environment. I will spend my time more on earn money in that time because of after I have work hard for that time and I can enjoy my life and leave my job earlier in the time when I am getting older. My desired work style is worked what I love for my job. I like web development job. My desired work style is work in the morning and rest in the evening. I would not bring my work to home only and I will only do my office work in my office but not home. So that I can have more time to accompany my family instead of keep on do my work overtime and bring my work to home. Money is very important for daily life, that is why I will work hard try to earn as much as possible income during I am 20 to 30 years old. Friends are important in my life because human need social life. By knowing and having more friends in my life, I will not be alone and I can solve my problem by finding different friend for different problem.

Money and enjoyment lifestyle attract me for working hard. But work repels my ideal life of this.

Idea Generation Guide

Attributes - Would Energise

The first business that I would like to enter is clothing store. Since everyone now a days is very concern about their daily attire.

The next business I wanted to enter is ice cream shop. Most of the people like ice cream especially in the Malaysia, there is only summer season. We need some cold ice cream to release the heat.

Furthermore, I wanted to open an organic food store. Since everyone is care about their health condition now a days.

Other than those businesses, another business I wanted to enter is coffee shop. Since the coffee is the beverage which is popular now a days. A lot of people like to drink and enjoy coffee now a day, they not only drink it in the tea time but also before sleep or when woke up in the morning.

Other than that, business that I wanted to enter is fast food restaurant. People now are so busy in their daily life, so provide fast food in short time for them will save their daily time to take and order a meal.

In addition, the business that I wanted to enter is online shopping centre. Since now a days, people are so busy and not enough time in the daily life, the online shopping centre that provided can save their time by just viewing on the internet and make order by just few clicking motion and the things they ordered will reach their home.

Another business that I wanted to enter is toy shop or toy supplier. I have a dream to own a lot of toy in my childhood. I will sell those soft toys, comics' toys, animation story toy, and other toys to my customer. A lot of people like to collect those toys that they wanted, from this I can help them to find the toys they wanted and sell to them, so that I can help them and earn some money.

I wanted to enter the business of open a theme park. Since now a days, people love to find something fresh, excited and fun. They can spend their spare time and holiday time in my theme park.

Another business that I wanted to enter is hotel, because when people leave their house to work or travel to another place that they don't have a home then I can provide a room to them to stay overnight or have a rest. I love to provide services to other.

The next business that I wanted to enter is fitness centre because people now a day are very concern about their body shape and heath condition. They willing to spend money on the fitness centre to have a good condition and body shape look.

Attributes - Would Turn Off

I would not like to enter the business of opening a book store. The reason of why I will not enter to this business is people in Malaysia commonly unlike to read book. Most of the people prefer magazine or newspaper but not books.

I would not enter to business of opening internet café shop because internet is getting very common now, everyone home has internet and everyone has smartphone to access to internet anytime. Other than that, now a lot of public places offer the free Wi-Fi to their customer and resident.

Another business that I would not like to enter is tuition centre because a lot of parent now a days willing to pay more to hire a home tutor instead of sending their children to those tuition centre. Home tutor can teach their children 1 to 1 but not a class.

I would not like to enter the business of open a drugstore because the demand of customer is high now a day. It is very hard to provide an affordable and quality medicine or drug to customer.

I would not like to open a restaurant because Malaysia is a multi-racial country, different race has different religion. For Malay, they only can have halal food and for Indian they cannot eat the foods that contain the ingredient of the beef. It is hard to manage a restaurant which can provide food for all races in Malaysia.

Business that would give me energy

The business that would give me energy is coffee shop because now a day coffee is famous and the market of the coffee has being spread faster in nationwide. According to the research in America, the American takes up to 300 million cups of coffee in a day. In addition, coffee is a famous beverage in the world.

Business that would take away my energy

The business that would take away my energy is tuition centre because it is hard to manage a tuition centre business due to a lot of parent have high demand to their children's education. They even willing to pay higher fees than the money they have pay to tuition centre for their children to hire a home tutor.

I would like to start my own business someday because of I hope I can bring my passion and interest to the people in the world. Through this, I will enjoy in my work and I can bring the satisfaction to my customer. Another reason why I will start my own business because of I can have the flexibility and more freedom in my business. For example: off day or holiday. I can make the decision by myself too so that I can get things done faster.


Location is important for a business. Geographical area is important, it can define that a business is failure or success. If a business run in a wrong location, the business might be fail. A good location must be accessible by everyone and it must be provide the convenience for the customer. The choice of location to run a business is important because it will affect the business operating expenses. We should choose a location that less sell the similar product to our business to avoid the competition. The community size and nature is important and the commuting involvement is important too. The commuting distance that I like is 20 minutes or less than that.

I would like to spend $200 on the location.

Lifestyle and work style

The size of my business that I prefer is less than 1 million or under 20 employees because it is easier to manage as I am the entrepreneur. The rate of real growth that I wanted is fast which is over 25% per year. From this, I can earn the profits faster in short time to recover my own capital. The workload that I prefer for weekly is 40 hours or less than 40 hours so that I can still have enough time to spend on doing my personal task. Marriage is important too, I rate it for 4. Family is very important in my life as they are the big and forever supporter in my life. I prefer to travel aways from home for less than 30%.

I would like to spend $150 on lifestyle and work style.

Standard of living

The tight belt or later capital gains is important to my business.

I would like to spend $100 on standard of living.

Personal development

For the personal development, the utilisation of skill and education is important to me. I need to learn more to improve my skill to manage a business.

I would like to spend $100 on personal development.

Status and prestige

The status and prestige in my entrepreneurship journey is important too as I should have my own family.

I would like to spend $100 on status and prestige.

Impact on ecology and environment

The impact in ecology and environment is important to my entrepreneurship life too. I ranked it for 4 because now a days, every change very fast so we should prepare ourselves to face the impact that are going to happen.

I would like to spend $50 on impact on ecology and environment.

Capital required

Capital required is important in my entrepreneur journey too not only from me but also from others.

I would like to spend $300 on capital required.


Capital required


Lifestyle and Work Style

Personal Development

Status and Prestige

Standard of Living

Impact on Ecology and Environment

Examine Your Personal History.

The activity that has provided me financial support in the past is part time job. The only part time job I have worked in the past is restaurant waitress. The restaurant that I work is the restaurant that prepare the wedding dinner for the guest. I serve them by take the food and put it on the guest's table to serve them. I go to work for this job is because of I want to earn some pocket money to decrease my parent's burden. I got the experience about hoe to serve the guest and communicate with them.

I involved in this activity is because I want to earn some pocket money and my friends encourage me to work together with them and we can have more time to spend together.

I have learned about how to serve people and how to communicate with the guest. The guest that came from different place is using different language to chat with me, from this I have learn some specified words from different language. I also have learned how to work together with other even we do not know each other. I also learn how to work in a team because we have to work together to serve our guest's tables. Before start work, we will communicate properly and arrange properly by assigning who do which task and what task should be perform. I learned how to perform work together but not individually. Other than that, I also learned how to solve the problem by myself. After done the work, we share the story of our work together and enjoy our supper together.

The activity such as sports that I have participated is badminton. I was played it in a team.

The lesson that I have learned from this sport is how to manage the time. I learned how to manage the time for the practice of playing badminton and also arrange my time properly for my daily activities. I also learned how to work in a team. In a team we should communicate properly every time before the game. Other than that, I also learned a team must share information together. This can help in make the work succeed.

I have quit for my part time job because in that coming year, I have my PMR examination so that my parent encourage me to stop my part time job and focus on my study.

The thing I liked the most in the small company is flexible and easy to manage. Small company have lesser rules than the big company so it is more flexible and the employee is lesser than large company so that the company is easier to manage and assign the job. The thing that I liked the least in the small company is the small company have no enough capital to do the advertising.

The thing that I liked the most in the large company is there has more opportunities available. You will have more opportunities to be promoted or more job choices and the opportunity of the company to grow is larger. The thing that I liked the least in the large company is difficult to manage. Because of the company size is big so it is very difficult to manage and allocate the resources of the company.


The summary of my entrepreneurial strengths are time management, communicating skill, how to work in a team and how to provide service to reach customer satisfaction.


The summary of my entrepreneurial weakness is no confident. I always have no confident to talk in front of many people. When talking or presenting something in front of many people I will feel very nervous and cannot talk smoothly.

Your "Business Hero".

The entrepreneur that I have admired him and refer this person as a source of inspiration or a role model in my life is Howard Schultz. He is a chairman and CEO of the Starbucks.

Howard Schultz was born in 1952. He was graduated with a degree in communication from the Northern Michigan University in 1975 with the football scholarship. He is interest in sports. He spent most of his high school and college time in sport. He never thinks that he will become a CEO of a billion dollar company.

The characteristic that Howard Schultz has is he has the passion for coffee. He is hard working. He says that to be a successful entrepreneur have to think like an athlete. Which means that someone have to tolerance for all the challenges in his or her business life.

Part II: Profile of the Present:

Where You Are

Examine Your "Entrepreneurial Mind"

Commitment and Determination

My entrepreneurial strengths are tenacity, discipline, persistence in solving problems and willingness to sacrifice. I am discipline because I am a responsible person. I will follow all the rules and regulation that is stated. I have self-discipline which I have good attitude to do everything in my business life. I am a tenacity person as when I met the problems, I will try my best to solve the problem but not do nothing and feel not good. I am the person that willing to sacrifice. I will try my best achieve my success, I willing to sacrifice myself to solve the problem and find out solution for the problem by myself but not sacrifice or hurts other.

My entrepreneurial weaknesses are decisiveness and. I always cannot make decision by myself. When there is an unexpected matter happens, I will feel no confidence to do a decision, I have a lot of worries and I need a lot of time to solve the problem by my own self.

Opportunity Obsession

My entrepreneurial strengths are having the knowledge of customers' needs. As I worked as a waitress a restaurant in my past, I have a little knowledge about what customer need and I will try my best to make my customer to be satisfy to my business.

My entrepreneurial weaknesses are being market driven. I am weak in market driven. I not so clear about the market that I am not understand and interested.

Tolerance of Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty

My entrepreneurial strengths are calculated risk taker, risk minimiser, risk sharer and tolerance of stress and conflict. Before start a business, I will do everything about that business. I will also do a planner for my business to follow, including analysing the risk of the business. From that, I can try to minimize the risk. I will also discuss and have a meeting with my partners to share the information about our business so that we can solve problem together and can get more ideas from my partners instead of do this all by my own. I have the tolerance of stress and conflict. I have the tolerance to face the problem that will happen and conflict in my business. When conflict happen, I will investigate the problem properly and will not be impetuous.

My entrepreneurial weaknesses are ability to solve the problems and integrate solution. I weak in solve the problem by myself, I need more time to overcome the problem that happened.

Creativity, Self Reliance and Ability to Adapt

My entrepreneurial strengths are nonconventional, open minded, lateral thinking, restlessness with status quo, ability to adapt, ability to conceptualise and to "sweat details" because I can accept changes in my business or life. I am willing to do some changes if there is better idea to make my business to achieve my business goal and I will make sure the change will bring the e to succeed more than failure only I will do the changes.

My entrepreneurial weaknesses are lack of fear of failure. I scare to meet the failure and the problem that happen unexpected and out of my plan. Before I start a plan, I will try my best to analysis the risk of doing something before I start.

Motivation to Excel

My entrepreneurial strengths are awareness of weaknesses. I know what my weakness very well.

My entrepreneurial weaknesses are having perspective and sense of humour and the ability to be interpersonally supporting. I will take my business very serious.


My entrepreneurial strengths are being self-starter and having patience. I can build up my business by myself without the help of other and I have patience because work slowly can produce more quality work.

My entrepreneurial weaknesses are having internal locus control.

Examine Entrepreneurial Role Requirements

My entrepreneurial strengths are ethics and integrity and extent to which conventional values are held. I have good attitude and behaviour in all the things that I do. I will do what I have promised. The accommodation to venture is important in my life so I will put it in the first priority.

My entrepreneurial weaknesses are stress that influence in the cost of accommodation.

Examine Your Management Competencies.

My strengths are marketing, interpersonal or team and administration. I am strong in market research and evaluation and product pricing in the area that I focus on. I also strong in helping and coaching my partners when there is a problem happened. I can communicate well with other person with my communication skills that I learned from my past.

My weaknesses are operation or production, finance and law. I am weak in operation or production. I am not so clear about how to control the inventory and how a product will be produce. I am weak in finance since I am not study in that field and no experience in finance. I have lesser knowledge about law and I didn't learn clearer in law before this.

After done these 3 steps analysis, I found that I still have to improve myself. I will try my best to improve my weaknesses in order to be a successful entrepreneur. I will figure out these problems I am weak and learn them.

Part IV: Putting It All Together

From the feedback that I received, I found that I have a lot of weaknesses. I have to improve all my weaknesses to make myself more skilful and get more knowledge. I will try to get a consultant and buy more books to read in order to gain knowledge to make myself more skilful and have more knowledge.

Part V: Thinking Ahead

I want to be a successful entrepreneur in the time when I am 70. I want to have my own business and will not worry about my income. I will have my own business and few chains in different location.

I want I have a stable and desire income over the seven years of mine. After get the stable and desire income, I will start my business with a small segment first.

I wanted to spend my 1 year time by enjoy my life happily and live without stressful. I want live peaceful and have a good rest in that time. I will spend more my time with my family. I will go travel with them and I will pass my business to my next generation.

The real goals and the goals that I would like to accomplish over life time are to give my parent a good living standard. I wish I can become a successful entrepreneur and a rich guy own a lot of money.

I will try my best to find out the way to be success no matter how hard. I wish I can give my parent a good living standard because my parent always gives me the better thing in my life.

First, I will fight for my work and work hard to get my stable and desire income. Second, I will give my parent a good living standard. Third, I will make my dream come true that I want to achieve which is to be a successful business man. I will start my business in a small segment. Forth, I want have chain of my business.

There will be a lot of problem when I am trying to reach these goals. The first problem I will face is finding a good job that offers high pays to me. In order to request for high salary for my job, I should have a qualify ability and knowledge to accept the job that offer me high pays. There will be a lot of unexpected problem happen when I am try to reach my goals and I will find the solution to solve those problem to achieve my goals.

I will solve the problems by finding a consultant or ask for advice from the people who have the experiences. I also have to build up my self-confidence to make the decision.

The action step and task that for the every goal of mine is I should be brave to try. I should learn how to overcome and solve the problem when there is problem happened. I should read and communicate with other always to gain my knowledge. I also have to learn to solve all my weaknesses that I am weak and change them became strengthens. After learned and gained knowledge that I don't have, I can overcome the problem and find the solution by myself in the shortest time and I can make a good decision by my own self.

Rank: stable and desire income- 5, Good living standard - 5,

Start my own business - 5

The most important thing in the list that the activity or task cannot be completed in next 7 days is become a successful business man. It is difficult to me as I have no enough know and skill to manage and run my business in such short days and make it success. The single most important goal is I can have my own car and house in the latest time.

The first task which is according to my first priority is to find a high pay job. To get a good job, I have to gain my knowledge and skill so that I am qualifying for a good pays job. I will gain the knowledge that I am weak in and learn them. I will find the person who has experience to teach me or give my advice about how to manage to reach my goals and also read books.

The problem I will be face to reach my goals will be a lot of unexpected problem. I am weak in financial and investment. I will face the problem of financial and how to invest my money when I am trying to achieve my goals.

I should learn how to receive failure and problem. I should learn how to solve the problem and make a good decision in short time. I also need to gain the knowledge about the business. I am not so good in manage a business, so I will ask other to give me advice and find the consultant. I will also borrow or buy the books that are related to read in order to gain my knowledge and skills.

Every task also contains risk. I will evaluate well is it worth for the risk before I try to start and I will be brave in face the failure. I will achieve all my goals to become a successful business man after I overcome and find the solution for the problems that I face.