Eveline Is A Main Character English Literature Essay

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Eveline is a main character for this story. She likes staring and remembering her childhood story. In the opening scene, she sat at the window and reviewing all its familiar objects which she had dusted once a week for so many years. She likes to dream and wants to get happy life. It is shown in paragraph 5, but in her new home, she would be married and people treat her with respect not as her mother had been. Then, Eveline was affraid of his father, he always voiced fierce and make her fears. In paragraph 5(line 5) she sometimes felt herself in danger of her father's violence and agiven her the palpitations. Other than that, Eveline's brave to get affair with deck boy, Frank. She also wants to be free and leave the house with Frank without permission of her father. In paragraph 7, Frank falling in love with Eveline, of course her father had found out the affair and forbidden her to have anything to say to him. More than that, Eveline said " she must escape! Frank would save her and give her life".

Evelin's father

He is a good father and also a great husband. He like to create jokes to make their childrens laughing. It is shown in paragraph 8 (line 5), "...they had all gone for a picnic to the Hill of Howth. Her father putting on her mothers bonnet to make the children laugh". However, Eveline father's change when her mother passed away. He turn to moody and sensitive person, it shown in his character in paragraph 5(line 15), he said " she (Eveline) used to squander the money that she had no head, that he wasn't going to give his hard-earned money to throw about the street and much more".


He is Eveline's lover. He is a deck boy on ship the Allan Line. He is a kind and open-hearted guy. It is shown in paragraph 6, "Frank was a very kind, manly and open hearted". He also have talent in singing. "He was awfully fond music and sang a little" in line 11. Frank wants to make Eveline's happy and run from her dark life. - he would give her life, perhaps love too. She had a right to happiness. Frank would take her in his arms, fold her in his arms.

Miss Gavin

She is Eveline's Store supervisor. Miss Gavan gives an advice for Eveline to more concentrate when she' working. It shown at paragraph 4(line 7), " she had always had an edge on her, especially whenever there were people listening".


Textually Implicit

In this story, Eveline had a dark life because of her mother passed away for a few years ago. She was afraid and felt herself in danger of her father behavior and violence. However, her father actually not to bad. Eveline's really missed her father's nature when her mother was alive. He is a caring and had sense of humor with his chilhood. Eveline's missed that momment so much. Eveline's also did not know the grief suffered by his father due to his mother's death. Her father feels so empty without his wife and he wants to maintain all the things in his house likes his wife alive. In this story, both of them really missed a happy life together. They always flash back the sweet moment before her mother death. This text is textually implicit because we have to use the information in the story to make inferences about the characters and the real feeling of th

Textually Explicit

In this story, Eveline is a lonely person. She likes to dreamy and talk with herself her conditions. She did not share her problems especially with her father;s,friends and her siblings. She try to find out the ways to get a better life without thinking her father's conditions. All the Eveline's characters are explicit and it is stated in the story.


In the story, Eveline did not have friends and also her brother had his own career. She is always alone and think about her fate. Although, she was approching 20 years old, she really felt danger with her father violence. So, the consequence from the part Eveline try to go out from the problems with easy way. She wants to follow her boyfriend to runaway from her house. She always dream to be happy with Frank and make her colorful life together. But, before she steeped up to the ship, she felt her cheek pale and cold then, her distress a nausea in her body. Eveline gave no sign when Frank was shouted and called her.

Eveline's father also make a bad consequence for the story. He cannot accept his wife was dead and change hiself to be fierce. He did not try to close and understand his daughter desire and needs. He was selfish and did not shown the good atittude or role model for his chilhood. So, that's his daughter's Eveline will to leave him alone witout get permission.