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With the development of society,marriage play a role our life.when you reach the age of marry,maybe you want to get marry.however,if you marriage have love in it.nowdays many people get marry in order to money.especailly in nowdays society.in order to make you life well,some women take their marriage as a measure.it is ditticulty in thinking to get marry to a men or woman without love..maybe some people can receive it,butsome people cantn't do it ..when I read the novel of 《pride and prejudice》¼ŒI learn that money play important role in marriage.in the novel there are four marriage to refer to momey. no love in marriage but have money also can get marriage. So why I write the something about paper.i think it can guide to my life in my future.i mainly analy the four marriage.all their marriage refer to money..

II Pride and prejudice and Jane Austen

1 about introduction of Pride and prejudice

At benneet's family there are 5 unmarried daughters,Mrs bennett always search the good hundred for their daughter.however,there are 4 piles of marriage refer to money. Jane and Bingley fall in love at first sight. mrs bennet are very happy.However, there have been ups and downs in the half-way , the lovers get married at last. Elizabeth Darcy's had a big pride to Darcy,but dary are infatuated with Elizabeth's beautiful, intelligent, confident, self-esteem, talked.after elizabeth refuse The Darcy marriage, Darcy began to change his arrogance.she learned the true character of him and that Darcy do everything possible to rescue her sister, her band finally Elizabeth fell in love with Darcy. Charlotte and Collins married solely to find a "long-term free meal ticket." for her later life " Charlotte is an extremely realistic and rational women, knowing who she is no such young age coupled with a pretty face. if she wants to get love, it is impossible .so she still active seeking the event, be sure to find after the rest of my life to make themselves lives. In fact, she is a wise women to some extent.Lucky she met Collins . He is a pretentious, specializes in a matter of flattery.Only because of Catherine's words, his eyes locked in the final on her, she was a 27-year-old lady, is eagerly waiting for people to him to marry her identity. 显示对应的拉丁å­-符的拼音Lydia and Wickham's marriage is distorted marriage. Although their marriage are different. But there are similarities. The basis of their marriage can not do without money. Although money is the prerequisite for marriage, marriage is unhealthy, the material security of marriage. The concept of money is always run through four of them among the couple's marriage

2 about introduction of Jane Austen

Jane Austen is a famous women writer in British.she was born at Steven in 1775. .Steven is a small town in. she lived wealthy in family .her father is a pastor in local..she has never went to normal school.her father guide to her to read most Literary works .when she was 20 years old,she start to write novel..Her work mostly focuses on women's marriage and the squire family life. However,she have never got married in her life. she uses women's meticulous observation and Subtle gimmick of the live to truly describe the world about his novel.especiallyher novel refer to love and marriage of gentman and fair maiden.by now ,more and more people are all like his novel.Austen's novel appeared in the early 19th century,it is a trend of romanticism , inherited and development of her novel made top preparement of 18th-century realist tradition in British

III marriage terms of Pride and prejudice

1 Charlotte and Collins'smarriage

Charlotte and Collins'smarriage is a typical example for the purpose of money to live life. Charlotte is smart who has rarional mind .When she komw that Elizabeth has rejected Collins's proposing, she is active with collion.in order to he did no longer purpose to Elizabeth and let him pay more attention to her.she want to get marry to Collins. This is her big scheme.however Collins is pastor who is arrogant and stupid He is the Elizabeth's father property and the manor successor . According to the novel of 《Pride and prejudice》,it describe that Mr Collins was not a sensible man,and the deficiency of nature had been little assisted byedecation or society:the greatest part of an illiterate and miserly father:and though he belonged universities,he had merely kept the necessary terms,without forming at it any useful acquaintance. The subject ion in which his father had bought him up had given him originally great humilityof manner,but it was now a good deal counteracted by selfconceit of weak head ,living in retirement ,and the consequential feeling of early and unexpected prosperity.a fortunate chancehad recommented him to Lady Catherine de bourgh when he living of Hunsford was vacant:and the rspect which he felt for her high rank and his veneration for her as his patroness,mingling with a good opinion of him self, of his authority as clergyman,and his right as rector,made him altogether a mixture of pride and obsequiousness,self-importance and humility. having now a good house and very sufficient income.he intended to marry:and in seeking a reconciliation with the Longbourn family he had a view, meant to chuse one of the daughters,if he found them as beautiful and amiable as they were represented by bought him up had given him originally great humilityof manner,but it was now a good deal counteracted by selfconceit of weak head ,living in retirement ,and the consequential feeling of early and unexpected prosperity.having now a good house and very sufficient income.he intended to marry:and in seeking a reconciliation with the Longbourn family he had a view, meant to chuse one of the daughters,if he found them as beautiful and amiable as they were represented by comcomreport.this was his plan of amends-of atonement-for inheriting their father'sestate:and he thoughti it an excessively generousa and disinterested on his owe part.¼ˆç¬¬61页¼Œã€Špride and prejudice》译æž-出版社¼‰.From this describtion of Collins,we know that He owe the house and has the property man.it become charlotte's rely. So we know that charlotte love his property.she like his property more than him.her smart show that she know she is not beautiful.in order to live well life.she should get marry with a rich man.so her goal is clear. She said frankly to Elizabeth: "you knew that I am not a romantic woman, is always not. I need just is be a comfortable family". Her marriage's goal is only the money. She's love baseg on momey.

2 Lydia and Wickham's marriage

when you read the novel.you will koow that Lydia and Wickham's marriage is unsatisfactory. ¼Œthis pile marriage can maintainis all because of money reason..not only Lydia doesn't love Wickham.but also Wickham oesn't love Wickham. Between their life it is elegant not love. It is so terrible'. Lydia is stupid, profligate, selfish . Her behavior manner makes Elizabeth feel ashamed. .she didn't know that her manager almost destroys lucky jane and bingley' marriage.she said she love a.in fact she just love his apperances.. Wickham gets marry with Lydia because he hate darcy.another reason that he just make a joke to Lydia.he do it as avengement to darcy .he still does not love Lydia.when they elope,he doesn't think that he will get marry to Lydia.his family worry about them.he did not get marry to Lydia and he use this reason as blackmail to have much money. when he also goes into much debt. darcy has repaid off the debt for him, at last darcy bought a a posion of government to him.in order to save the reputation of Bennett'family. Darcy makes a compromise. Darcymakes as we know if Darcy didn't suppose.they will not get marry.their marriage are all base on momey.so money play important role them.

3 Jane and Bingley's marriage

Jane and Bingley's marriage is a successful example in the novel.according to the novel.it write that "oh!single,my dear,to be sure!a single man of large fortune:four or five thousand what a fine thingfor our girls." ¼ˆç¬¬61页¼Œã€Špride and prejudice》译æž-出版社¼‰. From this words.we can learn that money is important for marriage.Jane is Elizabeth's sister.she is the oldest in their family.she is innocent who is without thinking too much.she thinks there are all kind people in the world.she believes people are aii kind.she is gracious and courteous to everyone and everyone all love it very much.however she is so subtle and conservative that peopele cannot understand her ider in mind. Bingley is good looking and gentlemankike:he have a pleasant countenance.and easy,unaffected manners.but not healthy and handsome .he did not think about the class difference.in the end ,he decise to get together with her .lucky they fall in love the first sight.At last they get marry.In fact . Jane and Bingley's marriage money's factor in it.Before Bingley moves into netherfield garden,people pay more attention to him.People think he will be well in the futher.Perhaps he is rich.In that case,what Jane might not know about it.lucky they fall in love the first sight because Jane is beautiful. Jane is also make hot heart to Bingley.though they get down in their love way.they get marry and live together happily. sometimes people love each other and admire each other.however,if they have on materil basis, their life does not countine

4 Elizabeth and Darcy's marriage

Their love have some troubles .at first in the dancing party elizabeth really dislike darcy because of darcy's pride.and then when he comunicate with elizabeth,he find that elizaeth is differenty from he sisterand mother. dary are infatuated with Elizabeth's beautiful, intelligent, confident, self-esteem.a few days ago.he fall in love to her.he are infatuated with Elizabeth so that he doesn't care about the backgrow of her family.in the end he propose to Elizabeth.he can't heling saying. He say that invain have I struggle,I will not do.ma feeling will not be represou must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.at that time Elizabeth is so surprised.sb descri that elizabeth'sastonishment was beyond expression.she stared,coloured,doubted,and this he condersilent sufficient encouragement,and the avowal of all that he felt and had long felt for her immediately followed.he spoken well,but there were feelings besides those of the heart to be detailed,and he was not more eloquent on the subject of tenderness than of pride.his sense of her inferiority-of its being adegradation-of the family obstacles which judement had always opposed toinclination,were dwelt on with awarmth which seem due to the consequence he was wounding,but was very unlikely to recommend his suit..in spite of Elizabeth deeply-rooted dislike,shecound not be insensible to the compliment of such a man'saffection,and though her intentions did not vary for an instant.she was at first sorry for the painhe was to receive¼štill,roused to resentment by his subsequent language,she lost allcompassion in anger.she tried,however,to compose herself to answer him with patience,when he should have done..he conclude with representing to her strength of that attachmentwhich,in spite of all his endeavours,he had found impossibleto conquer and with expressing his hope that it would now be rewarded by her acceptance of his hand. As he saidthis,he could easily see that he had no doubt of a favourableanswer.he spoke of apprehension and anxiety,but this countenance expressed and anxoety,but his countenance expressed ed and anxiety,but his countenance expressel real security.when elizabeth refuse to him,she change much..though darcy's aunt prevent from their love.,it is self-defeating .¼ˆç¬¬167页¼Œã€Špride and prejudice》译æž-出版社¼‰. at las they get marry.it seem that their marriage is not about momey..do you believe that .when you read the middle chapterof the novel,you will know that their marrage is concernded to money.when she went to visit the Manor house where is uxury with uncle,she think she should have been the hostness of the gardent.,she would enjoy the house..and she would invite them to come to home.in fact,their marriage are refer to money.however,her self-esteem are more than money.,just the money didn't play impotant roles of her life..

IV conclusion

Pride and Prejudice" depicts four types of marriage, but they have something in comment in their marriage. the basis of their marriage can not do without money. Although the money for the premise of marriage is not healthy marriage,money makes scurity for their marriage. money always keep though in four typles of marriage.

As we know,momey and marriage keep touch in our life.however,in nowdays society,money promote to people getting marry.some people get marry in order to live well.in the book of camellia's girl,there is a famous words- money is a good servant and bad servant. Do you like to be as money'slaves or slaves's money there are two different ideas.in fact,the four mattiage in the novel.their marriage all refers to money,but their life all good in the end.so to be money'slaves doesn't matter.it learn from the novel.however, I don't agree to it. Money is a necessary for happiness in our life.but it doesn't equal to happiness life without spirit life. Material life is full but spirit life is lack.the style of life will make you empty.in modern society,money all represent the wealth. Accordingly,if you have money,you will have good attitude.so to get marry with somebody,it will change your society's attitude.so we must have the value of mirriage and miarriage.

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