Dilemmas In A Country Doctor English Literature Essay

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Frank Kafka's A Country Doctor is a story challenges and dilemmas facing a village doctor. The doctor has to attend to a sick man in another village. On getting to the village he is given a rare warm welcome but later locked up with the patient. The doctor finally manages to escape from the house. The doctor is set for the ten mile journey to see his patient but then we do we realize his first challenge. His horse died the night before due to overexertion in the winter ice. His servant girl, Rosa whom he has sent around the village to borrow a horse comes back empty handed. He stands in the courtyard frustrated and feeling helpless. The doctor then faces his second challenge with the groom who comes to his rescue with two horses. The groom insists on remaining at the house with Rosa. The doctor clearly knows the grooms intent and is torn between proceeding with the journey and staying around to protect Rosa from the stranger who is so determined to rape her.

When the doctor gets to the patients house, he realizes he is not in a position to help the young boy. This brings forth his third challenge. The family strips him of his clothes and locks him up with the patient. The family then leaves with the rest of the villagers singing a song. The doctor however manages to grab his clothes and escape into the night but then does he face his fourth challenge. He has no idea of his next move - his house is ruined and the Rosa he knows is no more. He as well feels betrayed by the young patient's villagers.

The doctor faces a lot of frustrations in each of his challenges. When the doctor sends his maid to borrow a horse from around the neighborhood, she comes back empty handed. None of the neighbours is willing to lend a horse for such a long journey. Secondly when the groom comes to the doctor's rescue with the two horses, the groom insists on remaining with Rosa. The doctor opposes the idea but to no success. The doctor leaves for the journey his mind is full of the thoughts of Rosa and what she was going through in the hands of the groom. He feels he's let Rosa down at the very moment she really needs her help. The doctor on getting to the patient home gets frustrated by the condition of the house. He complains he can hardly breathe but has no otherwise but to go ahead with his duty. The family further frustrates the doctor by striping him and locking him up naked with the dying boy. Lastly, when the doctor manages to escape from the patient's house, he is frustrated by the horses that seem to be in no hurry to get home. The very horses were fast in bringing the doctor to his patient's village.

The story might be called a nightmare because of the unusual events witnessed in the reading. The doctor experiences events that make the story comparable to a dream. The doctor states that the groom appeared from the pig sty that had not been used for years. This equally surprises the doctor. When the doctor insists on the groom accompanying him to the journey, the groom claps and the carriage is torn away into the journey and the doctor has no control of the horses. The behaviour of the groom as well is weird and out of the usual. The groom put his arms around Rosa and pushes his face against hers in the very presence of the doctor leaving two red marks on Rosa's cheek. The story might finally be called a nightmare because the doctor seems to be warned by the horses of the forthcoming trouble and he is indeed stripped of his clothes and locked up with the dying patient.

Frank Kafka's A Country Doctor brings out several themes in the course of reading. The theme of frustration is clearly depicted in each and every of the doctor's actions. He is frustrated at home by the grooms actions and behavior. At the patient's home, his very hosts strip him of his clothes and toss him to bed with the sick boy. The story also presents the theme of love. The doctor is not willing to leave his maid, Rosa with the groom and is perturbed all through the journey by this very thought. The villagers as well called the doctor to heal their son. They did this for the love they had for the son and went to the extent of locking the doctor up with the son so that their son might recover.

In conclusion, Franz Kafka clearly portrays the themes and the nightmares in the story. A Country Doctor is a great story on the doctor's determination and endeavors. The story is intriguing and keeps the reader glued to the very end.