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The name of the game I am creating is called "Unleashed" I thought this would be a great title because it's not to wordy and it gives the player an idea of what to expect. During the game your character will feel any emotions which will eventually make the player feel the same way. Hallucinations, voices in your head, even suicidal thoughts. You must keep your character as sane as possible to win this game too much stress and you will give up and wait to turn into one of them or be killed by them. Your character will try and kill himself when the sanity meter reaches the top. He could do this by running into the army patrols, killing himself with his own weapons or bare hands and anything what could kill a person. The potential IP issues are that I watched a lot of different horror movies and it is loosely based on the film "the crazies". I also got the sanity and other emotional effects from "Call of Cthulu - Dark corners of the Earth" what was released on XBOX tears ago. The genre of game I am focusing on is a horror adventure game. This is because nowadays, the only game genres what come out are first person shooters. Therefore, I think personally that now is the best time for a change. The target market I am going to hopefully attract is hardcore gamers or people aged 18 and over this is because the rating would be 18 due to the blood and gore. I will sell my game worldwide so everyone can experience it. The platform would be on PS3 and the XBOX 360. This is because games for the WII are generally party games, which you need more than 3 people at least whereas with XBOX and PS3 it's mostly for solo playing games and more strategize games. I think the choice of platform I have chosen would make me many sales whereas if I produced it on another it would not sell as good as it should.

Below is my idea of the game in detail:

You are a 27-year-old man called Hank Kingston who lives in Henderson, Nevada, United States. You are the manager of the only gas station in the town. You live with your wife of 5 years, Brenda.

At first, everything seems fine nothing out of the ordinary. When on the news you hear there has been a horrific plane accident. Supposedly, the engines had stopped and had crashed in the middle of the desert about seven miles away from Henderson. You are told that chemicals were being carried on the plane and to stay out of the area where the plane has crashed due to the heavy fumes of the chemicals. (What you don't know is that the chemical was being designed to stop people from being stressed and to keep you calm, but this chemical has the adverse effect. where it makes you stressed, angry and anything would push you to murder in any kind of way.) When you go home your wife tells you that a customer of hers has been acting weird. Not talkative or not acting like they are awake more of a zombie state. When all of a sudden Heavy-duty army troopers invade your house armed with automatic rifles and armour. You are then dragged into a coach where most of the towns people are. You have no idea what is happening or where your going all you know is that you are being evacuated for your safety. You arrive at an army base what is cornered off with bollards and razor wire. You are then pushed through the medical examination they scan you and your wife. Your tests are fine but you see close friends being torn apart from their family screaming. You are then escorted to a "safe zone" what is the high school. You are then met by your best friend Kurt. He tells you his daughter Julie has been taken and that he's not leaving without her. You decide that you will follow the army to where they are holding Julie. You follow an army truck carrying the infected to the local supermarket, which they have emptied and turned, into a mini hospital. The entire infected are tied down to the beds. You will have to use stealth and logic to sneak past the guards to rescue Julie and bring her out to safety. If you are caught you would be shot on site. After rescuing her you decide to go back to your house to get your stuff to move to another town. When returning you will be encountered with patrols and the common infected which will try to kill you due to the chemicals. Once you have been to the house your next objective will be to find a car and get the hell out of Henderson before you get killed by the infected or the patrols of the army. But all the cars and other vehicles have been clamped. So finding a car which hasn't would be hard but you remember you have an old car at the barn what you had sold your neighbour. Seen as your neighbour may now be dead you decide to go to the farm to find the car and escape in that one. However when you come to see the car you realize the tyres have been taken off so you'll have to take tyres off two other cars to get yours to work. After doing all that you decide its time to escape, whilst escaping you get an army helicopter on your tail and have to shake it off. But being in Nevada and in a small town there is nothing much to hide in to get away from the helicopter due to the open space. You decide to escape out of the car and moments later the helicopter blows up your car, given you the message that you can't escape and you won't escape alive, this builds the fear up in you. You realize you are not that far away from the main highway and decide to head towards to get to the next town, which is called Whitney. When you arrive it's heavily blockaded and you realize you will not get past alive. You have to cause some kind of distraction so you set fire to the armoury what is to the east of the base. Once you have started the fire you can sneak down onto the highway and continue to the next town. After a while, your friend's daughter Julie starts being very agitated and starts shouting at everyone. She is starting to turn into one of them, you have a decision either kill her now or let her live until she fully turns. (If you kill her now her father will turn on you at the end and kill you. However, if you let her live until she fully turns she will kill you before you finish.) You carry on the long highway, you start seeing the town in the distance. As you get closer, you hear gunshots and just presume that it is coming from the army base at Henderson. (However, it is actually coming from the Whitney.) You finally reach the town, which has also been evacuated and is crawling with the infected. You decide to continue until you find a safe point, but a nuclear strike is now heading to Nevada to try to stop the infection because no one knows it is airborne after everything you have done this will be your last stop. The End

Would you Survive?


Game cover design/ Advertising campaign.

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