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This scene takes place in the couples bedroom a place of deep intimacy and the scene of love central to any marriage, hence this gives the readers the impression that they will be hearing topics of deep significance being discussed between Willy and Linda it also suggests that insight will be given to the couple's relationship and their relationship with their children. The scene opens with Linda addressing Willy; while she does this she makes the bed in order for him to have an immaculate bed to rest his head. This is symbolic of their home, relationship and Linda's role in the family. We get the impression that she is always seeking to smooth over problems in her family, trying to make everything seem immaculate and orderly. She constantly makes excuses for Willy's pitfalls and her loyalty is to him first and her children after, her role is one where she is always submissive to him and tries to please his every whim.

Willy's statement that "all of a sudden everything falls to pieces" may not only apply to the leaking shower but to the daily deterioration of his job, family life, plus his mental and physical state of being. In Willy's eyes change is bad and is the equivalent to the apocalypse, hence when faced with this dilemma he tends to block his problems out instead of dealing with them and wonder off into the land of the naïve, broken and weak.


Certain themes presented in this scene are:


The relationship between Linda and Willy is one of great interest. Willy is portrayed as the uncaring husband whilst his wife is the contrast of him. Willy fights to be the domineering husband and father in the play and in doing so he stifles his wife's attempts to care for him and love him. In a conversation involving the entire family Willy cuts Linda off sharply and disrespectfully "Linda: I think everything---…. Willy: (going right through her speech) And don't undersell yourself." This shows the blatant disregard he has for his wife's opinions and feelings and how low he views her. The frequency with which he 'shuts Linda up' is alarming and heart shattering, again in an intimate conversation between himself and his wife Willy cuts Linda off "Linda: (timidly) Willy dear, what has he got against you? - Willy: I'm tired. Don't talk anymore." The mention of the word 'timidly' suggests that Linda might be scared of her husband because of his aggressive stance towards her and because of how he constantly rebuffs her.

The theme of love can also be tagged in the relationship between Willy and his wife. It can be assumed that it is the unending, unconditional love that Linda has for Willy that makes her unmoved by his sharp disrespect towards her. It is this same love that makes her willing and enthused to do whatever it takes to make him happy. "Linda: Just rest. Should I sing to you?" even this simple gesture is testifies of her undying love for Willy and her compliance to do anything for him.


As established before Willy is a chronic dreamer that in itself is horrible however insult Is added to injury when he involves his sons into believing lies he feeds them. This intertwines with yet another theme deception. Deception is evident in the pep talk Willy gave Biff; "Because you got a greatness in you Biff, remember that." It is not wrong for a parent to encourage and motivate their children to seek a better life and this is all that Wily is trying to accomplish ,however it is wrong to instill values which stipulates that if you are well liked or was well liked in high school your life will be one of insurmountable success in the future. Despite him misleading his family Willy seems to love his sons specifically Biff who is his pride and joy and his wife seems to share the same feelings. On the other hand Happy the other son seems to be more or less ignored by his parents and he yearns for the love of his father even in his adult years. "Happy: Im going to get married, Mom. I wanted to tell you. - Linda: Go to sleep dear" Linda dismisses Happy's statement without at least a congratulatory hug to show her enthusiasm for him or to express her maternal side to love and care for her children.


Simile- "Willy: Like a god. Hercules…" This comparison emphasizes how highly Willy sees his son (Biff) he compares him to gods who we idols and heroes in their subjects minds.

Symbolism- "And the sun, the sun all around him." The sun is symbolic of hope and prosperity, the way the sun swaddled Biff in its magnificent glow like an halo could be foreshadowing the bright and flourishing future Willy had in mind for him.