Dear Dad And Mom English Literature Essay

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It is 0:30 now. But I cannot fall asleep. I am sitting here to just want say something to you. Not only because this letter is my homework, but also I do really miss and love you. I've written four drafts. None of them sound like me. I've written seven opening hooks. None of them sound like me. I cover my eyes as I click DELETE again. Hours of writing, and I'm back at square one, staring blankly at an empty word document. At the moment, I need something clever, something to hook the reader with. But my audience isn't a fish. I put my fingers to my keyboard and type the most straightforward opening I can think of. I'm not trying to be Shakespeare; I don't throw around big words. I'm not trying to be Socrates; I have no keen philosophical insights to offer. I decide that I have to forget the homework thing, throwing it away. I just want to say something in my heart to you, dad and mom.

Do you remember the scene that you send me at the Shanghai Airport last semester, the first time that I have to leave you to foreign land for study? I do keep it in my mind as an indelible memory. On the last night before I left, it was the first and the last time I slept with my dad as an adult. Dad talked a lot to me, talking about my health, my study, my social life and you repeatedly asked me to take care myself. That night, I realized I am still your little boy, who never grown up. I met insomnia. The next day, we got up much early and I ate my last Chinese breakfast in the hotel. Then we went to the airport by magnetic suspension train. It is really fast by the way. We arrived at the airport pretty early. After the preparation of the flight, we sat there without talking. However, I knew there you ago. The love is just on your way, without voice. After 2 hours, it was time to leave. I was standing at the customs facing you. But I cannot say anything. I forced a smile on my face for letting you not so grieved. I said "goodbye, I will take care of myself" and then left. When I turned back to see you after several steps, I found tears gathered in your eyes. You were just seeing me while it showed that you miss me at that moment. At the time, I found you were suddenly getting old. I realized how much I love you, how much I love our family. I understood that you mean all for me. I regretted what I had done, quarreling with you, always hanging out, always staying out. I was getting to miss your meals, your jaw, and your care. Perhaps it was a little late, but I knew you mean everything to me, and I will never quarrel with you, and I will never always hangs out and never always stay out. I turned my head back; I dared not to see you because I know my tears could fall down fixing my eyes on you. I told myself that I will try my best to accompany with you if it is possible.

Recently, I have watched an audio showing the scene that the American Soldiers who came from the battlefield met their families. I can feel how much they miss and love their families. It is deeply heart-warming. In particular, there was a scene that does shock me. A mother rushed to hold her son to her arm when she met him. It looked like the mother will never loose her arm for fear that her son may go. I knew you must miss me very much. What is more, I knew I should go home when it is the holiday of the Christmas. "The flight is expensive". I do not care! "It is really tired to sit in the plane for 20 hours". It does not matter! "It does not have means for just staying at home for 20 days". Whatever! I just know it means anything if I can accompany with you.

I know maybe it is a little late to realize the significance of you and our family. Therefore, I will do my best to catch what I have lost. I do not get more regrets afterwards.

I love you, dad and mom.

Your boy

Hao Yu