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One of the important best disciplines in our time is medicine field and the most important valuable branch of medicine is surgery field. It is very rare to find a Saudi female Doctor with in surgical discipline since complicated and difficult, proceeded and chosen by few. This research will talk about one of the people who inspire me and one of the great successful female leader in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Huwaida Qathami has became the first Saudi female heart surgeon in Middle East. Her dream had been to become a surgeon since childhood. Her hard effort, her interest on the subject and family supports which helps to make her dream come true (AlZahrani, 2010).

Dr. Huwaida is a woman and she decided to go on a challenging path which was difficult for other Arab woman. At the start, she specialised in the surgery, and then children's heart surgery, which is the complex and complicated ones. She is the first Arab-heart surgeon and one of the 50 famous heart surgeon in the world (AlZahrani, 2010).

Dr. Huwaida was born in AlTaif city west the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .At the beginning she started her studies in her hometown AlTaif city. Then she studied medicine at King Abdeleziz University in Jeddah city. And after that, she traveled to complete her studies and specialise in children's heart surgery at the University of Toronto Hospital in the city of Canada. At the end, she completed the medical examination that was "surgery specialisation ", and then she returned to Saudi Arabia to serve her own country (AlMadallah, 2010).

Everyone faces challenges and difficulty in their life but who accept their responsibility and overcome it will succeed. Starting of her medical career Dr. Huwaida he joins with Prince Sultan center. She conducted several heart operations successfully and treatment of heart diseases. She successfully had done the cultivation of valve pulmonary of heart without place the patient on heart or lung machine even though she was a new medical professional in cardiac surgery at world level. The medical team had achieved the first heart surgery at the centre and head of cardiac surgery that led by Dr. Huwaida. Moreover, the other challenge for Dr. Huwaida was the dealing with the premature babies' heart surgery those are fully formed of growth and it is very difficult because of size and weight. In this stage doctors must take special care and be very careful while conducting operations for a child heart. Taking those challenges, she had successfully done a heart surgery of a baby of weight of less than 460 grams in a Toronto hospital at the city of Canada (AlHazazi, 2010).

Dr. Huwaida realizing world is in silence without media around her. Neither celebrates nor honors for her, as it was a dry period for woman in Kingdom due to lack of development and lack in progress in education. At that time women roll was unappreciated and there was no support from our society, even traditions they were against women education and progress because they think women's roll in life only to raise her children and stay home.

Dr. Huwaida had accomplished and achieved many several successful good hearts surgeries. She is being familiar and known within heart surgery and preterm infants which are extremely complicated and extremely difficult specialisation. Furthermore, she developed a new surgical approach, that helps to connect the pulmonary artery with the congenital heart defects for infants and children. This kind of operations were first in the world was conducted for six different patients, within only fifteen minutes. With those successful achievements she becomes the first advisor for the heart surgery in the Middle East and the second advisor for heart surgery in the world. Also, she discovered a pulmonary artery ligation for the children with congenital defects first time, after several similar operations were finally done. Moreover, internationally Dr.Huwaida led a medical team to Yemen where she conducted 111 processes. She faced a challenge for the premature infants those were suffering from congenital defects complex since birth to be alive and had done successfully. Hard work brings the success and it rewards to a person. For the hard work and superiority in the medical field of Dr. Huwaida was awarded several prizes, medals and several Certificates. The most valuable medal was the King Faisal Medal that was presented by the King Abdullah the King of KSA. She was appointed as a Senior Consultant in the year 2004 as well.

Once Dr. Huwaida was invited to an event was hosted by the Humanitarian colleges for the undergraduate student. Its objective was to distinguish the personalities from both locally as well as globally in various different fields. Dr.Huwaida presents with her noticeable experiences in front of the students and that provided the benefit and motivate the students about academic excellence and administrative.

Dr. Huwaida received supports and encouragement from her parents and her family. They were for all time support her to pursue her dreamt medical career. She confirmed that the veil has never held back during her study, work or to get to the world but it is the source of the respect (AlMulla, 2011)

I consider this person as a leader because with a full of challenges and difficulties that she faced during her carrier as a Saudi women showed her greatness. She chooses to study medicine at the time when the Kingdom's culture and the tradition densest allow a woman to study in any medical field and the traditions were against it. She traveled to several countries in order to achieve her dream and to get the best education. Due to her braveness and greatness, determination and the support of her both parents in this complex hard medical field, she came out with a very successful personality.

She inspired me in several ways and made me have passion to achieve what I want even if it was impossible, I was inspired by how she insisted to reach her goal and make her dream come true although of the difficulties and complex. She showed me that there is nothing impossible therefore ,I consider her as a role model and I'm proud to have a Saudi female leader such as her.

At the beginning of her professional carrier, Dr.Huwaida leadership style was the participative (democratic) leadership style. Because she was a student who wanted to work and study hard and to get much information worked in a group. She tries she listens to the ideas and not force her team on a any decision and make them part of a decision making. She studies the idea before making it and make the last decision. Moreover, she gives her team the freedom to share the ideas between them. All her group post their the thoughts and the ideas to get a effective good teamwork in an environment that is filled with intimacy and filled with love. This style achieves the leader great respect. Also, it maintains the team's spirit and ethical morals. After graduation she achieved top positions and received a Senior Consultant in the year of 2004. Now she works at Prince Sultan as the head of the cardiac surgery. Dr.Huwaida's leadership style has been changed to another style that is Authorization. She allows the employees to discuss and make their decisions together, but at the end she's the leader who's in charge for the last decision that her team make. She decides who should do the work and how the work has to be done. This type of leadership provides the finest conclusion and optimum results. This method can use with the owners for the staff that full of confidence but it's depended on the leader. Also, they had full expertise about what to do and able to make a precise decisions aside from any mistakes. However if there was an inaccuracy, the leader can't blame the staff as he is the final decisions maker that we already discussed.

In conclusion, Dr. Huwaida Qathami has work hard and faced all the obstacles successfully which comes on her carrier path that made her dream comes true. From a male dominating culture, she choose the challenging carrier path that rarely prefer by other Arab woman. At First, she decided to be trained in surgery and she specialized in it, after that children's heart surgery. Those achievements bring her to the top 50 famous heart surgeon in world and became the first Arab-heart surgeon as well. She found and faced a lot of obstacles but she had the courage what help her to overcome the barriers. In addition of this, she received full encouragement and full support from her parents at every stage of her life. They were supported every step of her dreamt career. For her hard work and commitment towards the profession that awarded her with many medals and several prizes by different Superior level. The most valuable award for her is the King Faisal Medal which was recognized and given by King Abdullah the King of KSA. Her braveness, greatness, leadership quality, and courage helped to break all the barriers that came on her carrier path. Those quality and style of leadership tells that nothing is impossible if you keep facing like what Dr.Huwaida Qathami faced. One of the impressive and ever truth message which was given by Dr. Huwaida Qathami to Arab News is "Since nothing is easy in life, we should learn how to manage with whatever we have." (WAHAB, S., 2010)