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The Ides of March has come, and Julius Caesar was so close to becoming king. Going back a couple of weeks, A soothsayer warns Caesar "Beware the Ides of March!" Caesar thought he was a fool. How wrong he was! Also Earlier that day Calpurnia, Caesars wife, three times in her sleep, called out "Help Ho! They Murder Caesar!" She also had dreams of his murder. In Calpurnia's dream Caesar was murdered, blood poured from his statue, and people bathed in his blood. Almost convince to not go to the Capitol that day, Decius, also a conspirator, had talked Caesar out of it. Decius says "This dream is amiss interpreted;/ it was a vision fair and fortunate"(Act2,2,83&84) Decius continues to say that people will beg for badges to show they are Caesar's servants; to the audience, that people will seek remembrances of his death. He also frightens Caesar by telling him that the senate might change their minds if he does not come today. Caesar, being easily deceived takes Decius' advice and goes to the capitol where his murderers await for him.

Caesar approaches the capitol, accompanied by the conspirators. People cry out for Caesar to read their desires, and petitions. Metellus, also a conspirator distracted Caesar by begging for the ending of the banishment of his brother. Cassius and Brutus are now talking to Caesar, also distracting him. Caesar gives a mini speech, and then Casca says "Speak hands for me!" (Act3,1,76) The conspirators violently stab Caesar and watch him slowly die, screaming and panting. Caesar's last words were "Et tu Brute?"(Act3,1,77) Caesar lay dead under Pompey's statue. The conspirators continue to bathe themselves in Caesar's blood, and decide to run across the streets yelling "Peace, freedom, and liberty!". As soon as Antony see's Caesar's dead body he cries out in sorrow. He is furious at the conspirators, but is willing to pretend to give in to them to keep his life. Antony asks for a public funeral for Caesar, and that Brutus Granted him. At the funeral Brutus speaks of how honorable and ambitious he was. When Antony speaks after him he uses sarcasm and double meanings to what he says. Antony contradicts everything Brutus just said, in a way that Brutus would not realize. 

The citizens of Rome have heard from both sides, and it is up to them to chose who shall next rule Rome. It is now a battle between Cassius and Brutus, and Antony and Octavius. The adopted son of Caesar, Octavius says he is the rightful king, and Antony is willing to help him attain his spot. As each side gets ready for war they each have their own problems. Brutus and Cassius are in bitter argument, which is not going to help them defeat anyone. Also Brutus gets a visit from Cassius' ghost. The ghost says he will see him at Phillipi, where the war will begin! We have yet to see what will happen next.

Valerie Fuentes


A Walk to Remember

 Dear Nicholas Sparks,

A Walk to Remember was a touching romance that surprised me throughout the whole story. The things that I liked about it were how you showed how much Landon changed from the beginning of the novel to the end. Another thing that I liked is that Landon decides to marry Jamie even though he knows she is going to die. Lastly the one thing I did not like so much is that Jamie Sullivan dies of Lukemia. The story was too perfect for her to end up dying. The story seemed like a normal love story, yet I continued to be surprised as I kept reading.

In the beginning of the novel Landon tells about his childhood and people he grew up with. Landon talks about how he used to hide behind a tree and call Mr.Sullivan a "fornicator". Also Landon and his friends always teased Mr.Sullivan for looking so old, and being such an old father. Not caring about his grades or college, most people would think that Landon would not be so successful in life. Then Jamie Sullivan comes along. Although he has known her all her life I found it interesting that they have never gotten close even as young children. Landon started off as being a popular kid that only cared about his ego. One thing that surprised me was that Landon actually asked Jamie to go to the dance. I liked that Landon was fighting with himself because he knew that he liked her inside, but he just did not want to admit it to himself. Finally, when Landon gave up his old life to be with Jamie Sullivan he had completely changed. He no longer cared what people thought about him. Landon now went to the orphanage with Jamie, and helped her collect money. Landon also spent Christmas Eve. with Jamie at the orphanage, which I never thought he would do. Lastly Landon began to read the bible and believe in god, and by the end of the novel he says "I now believe, by the way, that miracles happen." I think that was a perfect ending.

Another thing that caught me off guard was that Landon asks Jamie to marry him before she died. I thought that was very touching . I liked that because with all the sadness going on, one can still find peace. Landon marrying Jamie showed how powerful his love for her was, and even though she is going to die, his love for her will always still be in his heart, and never die. Also I liked that Landon followed his heart. Jamie's one and only goal in life was to get married in the same church as her parents, and Landon made her dream come true. 

Lastly, The thing i did not like very much about this novel was that after all that Jamie and Landon have been through Jamie has to leave. After all these years that Landon and Jamie have known each other, they never really knew each other's true personality. Right when Jamie is on the verge of dying she finds her true love. That is one thing that I disliked because for such a sweet girl with so much ahead of her, she deserved so much more. Jamie was usually made fun of by her peers mostly all of her life. Only when people find out that she has Lukemia is when they begin to respect her. I would have enjoyed the story more if she had not died at the end. 

In conclusion, A Walk to Remember threw some curve balls at me, but it just made the story even more interesting. I love how you showed that two completely different people, like Jamie and Landon can be so alike. The amount that Landon changed was amazing. It shows how much of a difference one kind person can do. Secondly, the fact that Landon asks Jamie to marry him was one of my favorite parts. He was so in love with Jamie that nothing mattered to him but to make her and himself happy. I enjoyed reading, and seeing how much he has changed. Lastly, the saddest part of the story is when Jamie announces she has Lukemia, and she is slowly dying. One thing I do not like doing during a book is crying at the end after such a happy story. Despite the sadness, A Walk to Remember was astonishing, emotional, which I overall enjoyed reading.


                                         Valerie Joel Fuentes