Comparing Whites And De Brys Pictures English Literature Essay

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When I saw these two kind of pictures at first, I was questioning that would there be any difference between the picture from white and the engraving from de Bry that was drown while looking at white's picture to make a book about America. When I started to observe the picture more thoroughly, I could find that there are big differences among them. I chose the "Indian woman and young girl" and "Indian Town" as the main pictures and started to examine them more precisely. As a result, I found out that "Indian woman and young girl" had a difference in details such as facial expression, body shape while "Indian Town" had a difference on its background, the impression from the town, and the way the author look towards the town. The main reasons of the difference between the pieces are that De Bry's engravings was suppose to make Europeans have interest in America. So he put some imaginations in his engraving to make America more looks familiar and livable place to them; therefore, the De Bry's work is Europeanized and modernized then White's.

The first work that I chose to exam and analyze is 'Indian woman and young girl.' There are one women and a girl in the White's. The woman is wearing a kind of apron skirt and also wears a long necklace and thrust her right arm into it like her hand is broken. She is holding a large vessel in her left hand and the girl stands next to the women and holding a doll in her left hand. Though the images seem to have very similar features such as the dress and the tattoos and jewelries they also show significant differences. The first obvious differences that I could find in De Bry's are the physical changes of the women and a girl. The facial structure and the hair are different between the two works. The faces of them in De Bry's engravings are much rounder and have well defined face features then White's piece. Also, their bodies seem to be more muscular and big. I mean the girl is just big as half of the women and much younger than the girl in the White's. The young girl is further away from the woman in De Bry's engraving and she seems to be holding something up in the sky. In addition, there is background now such as river, fishing Indians in the boats, lots of birds, and islands. It seems more peaceful place then White's

The second Piece that I chose is 'Indian Village of Pomeiooc.' It is a picture of Indian village, viewed from the sky. The village is enclosed by a circular palisade of quite irregular light poles, with a entrance at the bottom. In this piece, the village has no surroundings like the White's 'Indian Woman and Young Girl' and it is isolated. The village has eighteen buildings in it and, all have simple rounded roofs, except one have triangular roof. There are about 19 Indians in the village. They are grouped irregularly and hanging around the village. There is a large open space kind of square in the center where a fire is burning and the Indians are sitting around it. Other groups of Native Americans stand or walk near the houses, some of them point with their hands towards to the fire. Also there are kids and dogs. The biggest change from the White's to the De Bry's for this work is huge adding of background and many details have been added to the picture. Not only inside, also outside of village such as trees, kind a plant field on the left, sunflowers, and a small pond on the right where two people drinking water. Flowering plants and grasses have been added in the foreground. There are fewer Native Americans in the engraving. The entrance to the village has two paths leading to the main entrance, while White's has only one. Most interesting difference is material of buildings and polls around the village. The roof and wall of building in the engraving looks like it is made of copper or some mind of metal while in the watercolor it looks like kind of bundles of brunch. Also the palisade poles are bigger, taller and looks stronger than White's. It seemed like just a boundary of the place, but in the De Bry's, it is more like wall and barricade protecting from wild animals or something like that.

Then why De Bry had added all this change to his engraving? These engravings were made for illustration of a book which was supposed to persuade the audiences that America is very nice place to live so please move to America. Therefore, De Bry put some his ideas and imaginations in the White's drawing so that it would be more effective to European readers. In the first engraving, I have become much sophisticated than White's and even the Indian woman and young girl do not look like Indian any more. Their faces and bodies have been Europeanize and even their skins does not seem black or yellow, and he drew more neatly and put less tattoos to make them more modernized so the readers can feel familiar. By adding rivers, islands, lots of birds and fishermen on the background, it became a peaceful and attractive place. In the second engraving, the Indian village has been also modernized and refined. Especially the bigger and stronger polls around the town give more security itself, and the village became urbanized by changing the material of the houses which look like be made of metal, which was thatch. Also, by putting the background, the all natural environment around the town such as pond, flowers, and trees could represent the well being and good life. As the result, De Bry transformed the desolated and primitive Indian Village to the peaceful and attractive place.

The reason of the difference between White's watercolor and De Bry's engraving was the purpose of the drawing. White wanted to draw the feel and experience he had been through, however, De Bry made those engravings to encourage the Europeans to immigrate to America. There was a great demand for the Europeans to move to America since they were trying to expand their nation by colonizing in America at that time. In order to do so, they needed to make a book to introduce the new colony, and they wanted to the Europeans believe there would be an easy and good life; everything is enough, no dieses and no war. So De Bry's engraving suppose to make Europeans have interest in America, and they did not fear to move. Because of this, he put lots of changes and backgrounds in his engraving with his imagination to make America more familiar, livable place, and, similar to their lives in Europe. Consequently, the De Bry's work is Europeanized and modernized then White's.