Compare Suskinds And Marquezs Presentations Of Emotions English Literature Essay

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Suskind and Marquez both reveal their main characters through the use of themes in the novels Perfume and Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Both of the main characters in the novels are in love, both of the main characters are hunted, However, both of the main characters tell a different story. In my essay I will be comparing and contrasting the ways both authors use the theme emotion and how it impacts the reader's understanding of the main characters; Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in Perfume and Santiago Nasar in Chronicle of a Death Foretold. If you asked me, emotion is a strong way of expressing feelings and behaviour and can be seen by the body movements of a person.

Both novels show love as one of the many emotions that I have yet to explain. In Marquez's novel Santiago falls in love with a women know as Angela Vicario, this can be related when Angela's husband, Bayardo San Roman sends her back to her mother as he had just found out the she was not a virgin at the time of marriage and that it was Santiago Nasar who broke Angela's Virginity out of love. Angela's mother hears the knocking on the door, "They were three very slow knocks," she told my mother, "but they had that strange touch of bad news about them." [1]. This line tells readers that there is foreshadow as Pura Vicario wasn't aware of Angela's deceit towards her husband and most of all towards her family. Pura only found out the truth after she opened the door and let her daughter in. Someone who has already read the novel knew about Angela's virginity however what struck me the most was when Bayardo knocked on the door and Pura could sense something wasn't right. This shows how much love and care a mother has towards her daughter and a mother can tell if something is not right just by a simple knock on a door, this bond between mother and daughter can be compared to a magnet and metal with its attraction towards each other. Furthermore, more love is shown. "... she was holding me by the hair with one hand and beating me with the other with such rage that I thought she was going to kill me." [2]. This is where Angela is beaten by her mum. I think Pura is in a state of mixed emotions; she's angry because Angela has disobeyed her family. In Colombian culture family honour is the most serious and that is why Pura badly beats her daughter. Angela's mum is also partly sad because of the shame Angela has put to her family and with sadness comes confusion.

Similarly Grenouille is also in love but with more than one women, twenty-five to be precise not because of their body features or the way they dressed, Grenouille takes a step forward and is in fact mesmerized with their unique scents that he alone can sense. This is proven when Grenouille followed a scent trail that led him to a girl. "Grenouille stood still. He recognized at once the source of the scent that he had followed from half a mile away on the other bank of the river: not this squalid courtyard, not the plums. The source was the girl" [3], "he was so confused that he had never seen anything so beautiful as this girl" [4] and "He meant, of course, he had never smelled anything so beautiful." [5]. These passages clearly show why Grenouille is intrigued with particular type of girls; virgins to be precise. It is said that the smell of someone comes from their soul, in Perfume this is agreeable as the girls who smell the freshest are all virgins and it may possibly be that they have done no bad. Again, his mission to acquire the scent of the girl and many like her commences. It is now a task for Grenouille. Grenouille is in a spell that can't be broken unless his mission succeeds. Again his emotions brighten when he catches up with the girl "That night, his closet seemed to him a palace and his plank-bed a four-poster. Never before in his life had he known what happiness was." [6] "But now he was quivering with happiness and could not sleep for pure bliss." [7] These two quotes represent his mood and he has finally realised that there is a purpose in life for him. If we look more closely at the quote "his closet seemed to him a palace..." [8] This shows imagery because Grenouille is comparing something so small into something huge, that is why he compares his tiny closet to a colossal palace, this also tells readers how 'rich' and 'pure' the scents are.

The two novels share another emotion; anger and revenge. In perfume the community are in rage because of the murders of the young girls and in Chronicle the Vicario brothers want revenge for what Santiago had done to their sister. People say hate is a very strong word, perhaps the strongest word; however, it is the only word worthy of how the Vicario brothers felt towards Santiago when they found out that he was the one who broke their sister's virginity. They wanted to kill him. Pedro Vicario clearly shows readers that he and his brother are going to kill him. "Cristobal" he shouted, "tell Santiago Nasar that we're waiting for him here to kill him." [9] If someone were to read this part of the novel they would realize that Pedro says this in a calm way like it's nothing serious or it just shows that the Vicario brothers know that killing Santiago is the right thing to do as they have justice on their side. Similarly, in Perfume the town's people want to get hold of Grenouille and kill him. "And then they rang out as if in one voice a thundering cry of rage and revenge: 'We want him!' And they set about to storm the provost court, to strangle him with their own hands, to tear him apart and scatter the pieces." [10] By comparing this with that of Chronicle you can again see that they have no second thoughts when it comes to killing Grenouille in Chronicle, or Santiago in Perfume. Both characters committed a crime that in their own ways were brutal and thus that is why the people who want to murder the main characters in both novels don't feel pity or regret for not wanting to kill them because that was the only way for them to be satisfied.

In my opinion both characters share a similar objective. In early Colombian times women were not considered equal to the men, they were treated as tools. I feel that both characters are after objects rather than people, In Chronicle Santiago sleeps with Angela who is as explained earlier an object rather than a woman and in perfume literary speaking Grenouille is after different scents to make one unique perfume which is an object. Secondly, these two novels are very convincing to the readers, maybe that was one of the authors'' objectives in both novels. For example, the more convincing of the two novels, Perfume. The readers feel pity for the town's people because of the deaths and readers would also feel angry towards Grenouille. Is there a reason as to why Suskind wanted Grenouille to kill more than 20 young girls? The answer to that is yes. Suskind wanted to get into the heads of the readers and convince us on the hatred of Grenouille. When the reader reads the novel and finds out the death of the first girl they don't feel that Grenouille is a murderer, they don't even feel pity, but as the deaths start to pile up the short word 'hate' starts rising from the back of our minds and once Grenouille kills the 25th girl, that 'hate' is so huge that any minute it will burst out of your head. In chronicle Marquez does something similar, he makes readers pick a side; Santiago or the Vicario brothers, Love or Revenge. I personally chose the side of the Vicario brothers because of the way Santiago treated Angela, the atmosphere also played a part in convincing me because, as I mentioned earlier this novel took place in Colombia and because of the setting Family honour was really important and it was one of the biggest sins to sleep with a man when you know you are going to get married the next day.